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  1. Lol thats funny...i said the exact same thing to my dad...since they made this weird putter witch could help read the break..and a stupid hat that had lines to help you ain to the hole. lol stupid.. '' Ball, Club, You, Tees, Course..and thats you go play'' is what i say
  2. so..bigger the better ... Kind of..thanks anyways
  3. Ok... I dont understand what the cc of a driver is..aka a 450cc driver to a 500cc. Whats the diffenrnce and what does it mean..could you tell me. ( Ive heard of Eletrical Scooters and Quads having a cc...its about speed..but on a driver ?? )
  4. i hit 230-260 now depending on the weather in scotland
  5. Well im 13 and i can hit the ball on average about ( 220-260 ) Depending on the weather in scotland.
  6. Practise Swings..Waggles your feets...try to relax....wave the club about (make sure your still square tio the ball though
  7. I wish my school fell down..and got 30 days off and got a membership for my local course
  8. Ive got that book..not tried it yet but thanks anyways :D
  9. Ive been working on my swing and its cool sungho im getting tips. But now ive been working on my swing the more natural it feels..and i noticed the swaying too much of my lower body and ive fixed that..also the weight shifting. and so far its going pretty well..hitting then slightly straight or straight all the time..im just not getting enough height..but if it was sunny in scotland it would go pretty far i quess :D
  10. I tried that Prasant, BUT it went like 30-40 feet high and only went like 4 yards, but i think i done it wrong, if not ill use a lower tee, i think i may have been swaying too much.
  11. Well ive always told i have a good tempo..but ill try wideneing my stance thanks :D
  12. Well for me goto the course. When im on the ranges i cant hit my driver the same..but when im on the course for me its all average..drivers good irons good etc but on driving range driver not so good and irons good . So what im saying is do what you feel....or whatevers cheaper :P
  13. I would answer the poll but i dont understand it..anyone say it in non techincal terms ?
  14. Ok i was at the driving range today and im doing reall well with my irons and woods..but my driving isnt as good at it used to be..its either Far and striaght a small pull or push and a small hook or slice. I can use my old swing and get it about 220 yards straight or i can use the ( left arm straight, wieght shifting ) swing to get about 220-260 max not so straight. So has anyone got advice for a good straight pretty far driver swing.
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