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  1. Not sure if these might help but Leaderboard golf has some .385 tip shafts available. 41" TRUE TEMPER MULTISTEP 0.385 TIP R/S 41″ – Memphis Golf LLC The Multi-Step is designed with a low kick point for players seeking higher launch angles from a steel shaft. Features a unique step patterns that creates tip flexibility for higher trajectory. Ext… Who knows. Might help?!?
  2. Take some 0000 steel wool and rub the sole. It should take care of the problem without affecting the lettering.
  3. Wow! Good luck with that. I don't envy you that job. But,,,,,have fun though.
  4. IF you are not playing by the rules of golf then you are just hitting balls on a golf course. Not playing golf.
  5. Wood - UJWC = 1" steps. .600 butt dia. .335 tip. 47". 131 grams. Irons - UJIC(.370) UJCIO (.395) = 1" steps. .600 butt dia. 41". 129 grams irons - JTIS/JTISR = 1" steps. .580 butt dia. .355 tip dia. 35"-39" 120 grams All I could find on trimming is pretty much the standard. 0" for 1 iron/1/2" for 2 iron/1" for 3 iron, etc. HTH
  6. Guys. This isn't re-forging or re-casting a club or using a sledge hammer to do the work. The steel used (forged or cast) is not a very hard steel to begin with. lightly tapping will do the trick. You can hold the head in one hand. Rest the shaft on the wall and tap and then turn over and hold the head from the crown and tap the sole. Easy peasy.
  7. Place the club head on a piece of wood like the above poster said. Then take a ball peen hammer and lightly tap on the deformed part of the face. It should go back somewhat flat. If needed you can also tap on the sole part. Do one then the other to get it as flat as you can. Forget about sanding/scraping/filing. Those will do more harm than good. I garnered a set of Ping I200s of eBay a while back and the 7 iron had a nick on the sole. No one would bid because of that. Got em for a steel. Hammered the nick flat on the sole and then hammered from the sole. Now you can't even notice where the nick was. HTH
  8. Uniflex is a proprietary shaft made by True Temper for Callaway. The closest aftermarket shaft match is the True Temper TT Lite XL.
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