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  1. I quit for 10 years maybe more. I had back surgery in 2005, started a business, so between the two really did not have time to golf. My GF decided back in February she wanted to take up golf so I got back into it. I only hit 60 or 70 balls at practice sessions and I use a Teeter Hangups almost everyday. I have shortened my swing and have less twisting going on. My driver swing speed is the same as 20 years ago but I never could control a fast driver swing I'm still about 95 mph. I hit the range about 3 to 4 times a week and if I get sore I just take a day or two off. We manage to get out twice a week to play. Good luck with your return to golf. I'm 55 next week and heading to the mountains to play for a few days.
  2. I did notice Dustin Johnson does spit a lot. I figured he must chew tobacco. It's big in the South.
  3. I use golf shot and it does a good job with the GPS distances if you change the setting to refresh the gps signal more often. I don't have any battery issue using that app. It's nice for keeping score too.
  4. NORTH CAROLINA Best Courses You Can Play 1. Pinehurst No. 2, Pinehurst (No. 14 c) 2. Pinehurst No. 4, Pinehurst (No. 85 m) 3. Mid Pines, Southern Pines (c) 4. Dormie Club, Pinehurst (m) 5. Pine Needles, Southern Pines (c) 6. Linville GC, Linville (c) 7. Tobacco Road, Sanford (m) 8. Pinehurst No. 8, Pinehurst (m) 9. Bald Head Island Club, Bald Head Island (m) 10. The Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville (c) 11. Ocean Ridge (Leopard’s Chase), Sunset Beach (m) 12. Mount Mitchell GC, Burnsville (m) 13. Duke University GC, Durham (c) 14. Southern Pines GC, Southern Pines (c) 15. Cape Fear National GC, Wilmington (m) (m): modern (c): classic I'll be staying & playing at Mount Mitchell GC in about 2 weeks. I opted to go there because the weather would be cooler than the Pinehurst area and I have been to the Pinehurst area before. Pinehurst is awesome, saw it, never played it. Probably play some nice courses in that area in the fall.
  5. Honestly there are so many semi-private clubs around here in nice condition I would not join a private club. The only time they are crowded is Saturday or Sunday morning. Compared to when I lived in NY they are never crowded and in so much better shape. I don't live in a city and never will so the access to nice courses is great and they are not expensive either. $30 or $40 gets you a lot around here to play golf. To put it in perspective, I make Tee times at 10 or 11 am on the weekend for a twosome and we never have been paired up with another. Played this past Sunday at 11am for $34 each with a cart and we had gaps with no players on some holes. I am not a club person, the only reason I would join one of these clubs if I made out better at the end of the year with the cost to golf.
  6. I watched some of Jim's videos and tried to incorporate keeping most of my weight on the left side as well as being closed and still. It makes coming from the inside much easier and makes a straight shot or a slight draw happen pretty quickly. My ball striking has become much more predictable. I have had back surgery and limited mobility, I'm 55 now so all that twisting from the traditional swing would cause me back pain. I cut and split a full cord of oak firewood every week so I am in descent physical shape, I just know my limits. I have no delusions of becoming a pro or scratch golfer, I just want to get around the course with some consistency and see how good I can score. I was an arm wrestler years back so my arms and shoulders are strong, I incorporate a bit more shoulder turn than Jim perhaps. I'm no long hitter off the tee with my 3 wood but I'll take 220 off the tee straight down the fairway rather than 260 into the woods. Guys that can pull off the PGA style swing are amazing and I respect that, but for me, it's not happening. Maybe some will say it's limiting my potential to use Jim's swing but I know it's not because I could not practice as much or be as consistent with a traditional swing. Jim's swing will help you stop duffing quicker, I'll tell you that !!
  7. Good going on breaking 90 !!
  8. North Carolina weather is really nice right now. We had a lot of wet weather in February and March. I'm tired of playing in the mud, luckily it's great conditions at the moment but the heat is starting to kick in, so it's mornings or evenings for now.
  9. This is just a suggestion, at your age the first thing you need to do is become financially independent. If that means the online business, get it going today. At the same time find a coach and get started with your lessons so you can pursue both objectives in parallel. If the pro golf career doesn't pan out at least you will be great at playing golf and have money to keep moving forward in your life. If the online business doesn't provide the money for the lifestyle you would like to live get a job that you can tolerate until you can do better. Just don't have kids and stay focused.
  10. Five feet is pretty small. Check out a different place.
  11. How about an update on this Journey To The Mackenzie Tour? Also the online business, how is that coming together? What area is it in?
  12. This is the Perfect Scenario, I'm going to jail anyway in a month for 6 years, does time served count ?
  13. Ok sounds good, $10K/month. How is the progress on this, summer is almost here !!
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