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  1. Coincidentally, I golfed with a couple today that had one of those propane hand warmers in the cup holder in their cart. I was rather envious as I was walking. It looked similar to this one: Amazon.com: Portable Gas Catalytic Heater, Camping Heating, Foldable Legs, CSA Certified: Home & Kitchen
  2. I voted no. If that's true about Patrick Reed's background I can relate but there comes a time when one has to stand up and take responsibility for their own life and quit blaming others for their own issues - in my opinion.
  3. Along with what DaveP043 indicated I would suggest checking your email if you were a previous GHIN member as they did send out an email with a link to login and set up your password. It may be in your SPAM or JUNK folder.
  4. I bow to your advanced skill. There's no way I could swing well enough to hit the ball with the hosel consistently! Seriously, I would think a hard toe strike would stress the clubhead more than a hosel hit. But then, what I know about it wouldn't fill a shot glass...
  5. To me, as I watched and listened to it, his apology sounded sincere. He's the only who knows whether or not that's true. Personally, I'm OK with allowing him a mistake - I know I've certainly made my share. Time will tell if it happens again. Kudos to Harris English for his win today.
  6. Dang! If I'm one of the smartest people in the golf world it must be a really tiny world! I sincerely doubt that I strike a golf ball hard enough to affect the loft or lie and, in any event, I'm not sure I'd know the difference if I did...
  7. Thumbs down to Justin Thomas for this incident and thumbs up for what sounds like a sincere apology from him: PGA Tour: Justin Thomas uses homophobic slur after missing putt (nypost.com)
  8. Wow, Shuksan! Brave man. Did they charge extra for the scuba gear? Chicken that I am I played Raspberry. Last time I played Shuksan in the monsoons I had trouble finding the balls plugging in the fairways!
  9. I play as frequently as I can given life's other duties and the weather - at least 4 times a week.
  10. Dang! I'm glad I saw that BEFORE I had a glass of wine!
  11. No kidding. I'm expecting them to replace the golf carts with boats if it doesn't let up soon...
  12. Normally, I don't mind a bit but this year has been anything but normal. There are still too many folk who think social distancing doesn't apply to them. Fortunately (for me - not the golf course), the course I usually play is a favorite of many Canadians, being close to the border. But, since the border's been closed, the course has frequently been nearly empty rendering the question moot.
  13. There was a driving range in Bellingham a few years ago where the balls had been pounded for so long the dimples were nearly gone. There I used to frequently see the knuckleball flight you describe. The ball would look like it was starting to head out nicely then, suddenly, it would dive for the mat like a paid off boxer. I think, for me, it was a combination of dead golf balls and a very poor swing causing a lack of adequate ball spin as @SEMI_Dufferdescribed.
  14. My suggestions - spend less time looking back and more time looking forward. Regrets, in my opinion, are mostly a waste of time. Everything you've done in your past has made you what you are today. If you don't like what you are today then NOW is the time to make changes. Your username assumes that you know how long your life will last. You don't. So now is the time to be looking forward and doing what you need to get to where you want to go. Sign up for Evolvr - relatively inexpensive online golf lessons that will help you focus on one or two priority items. Post a member swing.
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