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  1. If it's your hands that are aching you may want to consider larger grips - if you haven't already. I found that the Golf Pride CP2 Pro in midsize really helped to alleviate most of the pain in my hands when swinging the club. Between that and ibuprofen I'm golfing almost pain free. A great thing for an old geezer like me!
  2. 103 on Friday and 104 today. Did have my 1st birdie since returning to golf nine months ago so that was fun.
  3. Young punk! I'm 30 years your senior but I'm here to tell you you've got a lot of good golf ahead of you. Enjoy!
  4. I would imagine there would also be some sort of tax write off for TaylorMade in the event Rory wins. I sent in my paperwork so "Go Rory!".
  5. I've been working at the grip change for over a month now and it's finally starting to feel more "normal". I am still very conscious of it every time I grip the club just to ensure I don't lose it. I appreciated Vinsk pointing out that my reverse finger overlap is not unknown - it was just unknown to me but it seems to be working OK.
  6. Zippo

    Pace of Play Video

    Part of the problem, in my opinion, is that too many people watch PGA Tour golf and think everyone plays at that pace and, if they do it on TV, then it must be OK. I also think they could have improved their pace of play in the video if they'd used GPS instead of the lasers. When I get to my ball I already know how many yards are left. By the time she finds her laser, gets the yardage, returns the laser to the bag and takes her practice swings my ball is already on its way. I also think it would have been faster if they'd left the pin in the hole but maybe the video was made before the rule change. I like a fast pace of play but I try not to get too miffed when the pace slows down. Being retired helps keep me cool!
  7. I don't have a good answer for you but I know what you're talking about. My home course fairways are clay based and dry to concrete in the summer. The good thing, though, is that the ball runs a mile on a good strike. Makes even a geezer like me look like a long hitter!
  8. My friend carries a driver he seldom hits. Once every two or three rounds he'll pull it out, take a wild swing, mutter nope and back into the bag it goes. Same with both of his fairway woods. Basically, out of the 14 clubs he carries, he's down to hitting with a 5 iron, 7 iron and chipper. I accept that I'm going to hit bad shots with my driver and my woods but I feel I'll never improve hitting them if I don't keep working with them. And, when I do manage to connect (which happens more frequently than it used to), it is really a superb feeling.
  9. Zippo

    Score Tracking

    I use GolfLogix to track my round. It can get pretty granular, if you wish, including club distances (via GPS). Unfortunately, it does not have a way to transfer the data into a spreadsheet (other than manually) though I have suggested it as a feature request. I can enter the details that I wish to track as I move from the green to the next tee so it doesn't slow me up much (we did a 2 1/2 hour round today).
  10. 97 today. 2 of 18 GIR. 3 one putts - 13 two putts and 2 three putts. Beautiful day in the sun.
  11. For me, there's several reasons (or excuses). First, moving up to the red tees will only gain me 15 yards or so - still not enough to reach a long par 4 given my current lack of skill. Second, while I understand that lowest score wins, for me, moving forward isn't much different, conceptually, than taking an extra stroke when I fail to get up and down. On the other hand, when I do get up and down, I feel like I have really accomplished something and I can accept the times that I just don't make it. And, at my age, the struggle to improve is more fun than admitting that I'm a cr*ppy golfer and just moving forward as far as I can. Lastly, I have fun out on the course with the fresh air, grass and critters. While it would be great to score a scratch round I wouldn't feel like I'd really accomplished much if I just moved closer to the green. I am scoring the best that I am currently able to score. As my lessons get me farther along my scores will lower but I'll never be a scratch golfer and I'm really fine with that. If I were just looking to win I'd take up something easy like marathoning or kettle weight lifting or some such.
  12. Nothing to lose so I would recommend contacting FootJoy - Contact FootJoy | FootJoy Reach out to FootJoy by calling or sending a message. Whether you're looking for product support or have a general questions, contact us today!
  13. Like you, it would take me 3 to reach that green. But, I'd try to make that 3rd shot close to the pin for an up and down. Obviously, with my handicap, I'm not successful very often. But there's always the next time...
  14. I use the app every time I'm on the course. I do have the putt break feature but don't use it as I found it slows up my play too much. The rest of the app is perfect for me. If you're having problems with it I would recommend completely uninstalling it, rebooting your phone and then doing a clean install of the app again. Also, when I first started using the app, I noticed some errors on the map for my local course. I emailed support and they got right back to me with a reply and they had the errors corrected in just a day or two. I've found their support to be superb for such an inexpensive app.
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