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  1. Why not just get one club regripped? Say your 7 iron. Try it out and see if you like it.
  2. Ha! Good one, @boogielicious. Mine hang in the air so long I had to register my ball on the FAA drone website! 😄
  3. Paul Casey gave a nice interview with Amanda. Classy guy. Way to go Morikawa! Well played.
  4. I'm betting he doesn't use the word "verbose" to describe your explanations! 😁
  5. I even enjoyed Bryson's 95 foot putt although I kind of feel about Bryson like @Vinskfeels about Koepka! I think it's set up to be an interesting day tomorrow.
  6. I'm enjoying listening to Phil as an announcer. He's got some interesting insights, I think. And, he can be pretty funny.
  7. You must have really hated the 2019 Masters. Nothing but Tiger, Tiger, Tiger...
  8. After reading your last few posts I'd recommend you find another sport to watch on TV. Maybe curling? 😀
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