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  1. There should be an option for, "I don't know".
  2. As I recall, back in the late 80's Bob Mann used to also teach a forward press of the club as a swing trigger. My friend forward presses the club so far that his 4 iron basically has zero loft, or possibly negative loft, and he also shifts his left hand grip to a stronger position while the club is pressed forward. What Mr. Wolff does, in my opinion, exceeds a "normal" forward press as it includes both knees and his head and there's a pause between the knee dip and head movement and the beginning of the backswing. Again, it clearly works for him so kudos but I would like to learn how he came to have such a move. I've given it a try for fun but it's the quick head turn towards the target and back that throws me off. Actually, the whole thing throws me off. Of course, I'm no longer twenty years old, either. As a side note, if I were to actually play a round with Mr. Wolff I would not be able to watch while he does that preswing thing. Long ago I joined a threesome and one of the fellows picked his club straight up over his head, then turned his body and began his downswing. It was sooo strange and unusual to me that I simply could not watch while he swung. I've since learned that others do that move - as does George Gankas - but it was just too weird for me to watch. Almost like I was afraid of "catching it".
  3. From what I've seen, lots of folk do some sort of preswing waggle. I wiggle the club around a few times before finally addressing the ball and beginning my backswing. A friend that I golf with addresses the ball and then freezes for 8 to 10 seconds before beginning his backswing. The waggle's not something I really thought too much about until I saw Matthew Wolff's preswing double dip and quick head turn before address and backswing. I see now that there's a couple others with a similar weird waggle but I can't fathom who might have taught them such a thing or where they might have picked up something like that. I get that it seems to work for him and I'm certainly not knocking his golfing ability but, oh my. Have you seen any other folk that do strange and different movements before final address and backswing?
  4. Thanks, @Double Mocha Man. I putted pretty well today. Not that there still isn't plenty of room for improvement, of course, but I'm not feeling as lost as I was and not feeling like the toe of the putter is gonna drag on the ground with the new lie.
  5. 92 at Grandview today. New low score for me. 48 on the front and 44 on the back. Had several GIRs with legitimate birdie putts though I missed them all. Only one 3 putt. Beautiful day today and slowly improving.
  6. Good idea. I'll probably just run over to Grandview and practice for a while. Lots of work needed on my chipping, too. Ahhh, who am I kidding. Lots of work needed on my whole game!
  7. So, for a final update - I went in and had them change the lie on my putter so that the sole is more parallel or flat with the ground when I'm standing over it to putt. I also now remove my glove to putt. Between the two changes my putting has much improved. I still 3 putt occasionally but much less often and my stroke "feels" much better. Thanks again for all the info.
  8. Well, dang! And I was just about to offer you a million bucks to stay with these grips! Seriously, I mistakenly said I use "CP2" grips but I actually have the "CP2 Pro" grips with 3 wraps. Sorry for the mistake.
  9. I haven't tried a lot of grips but, so far, I really like the Golf Pride CP2 grip with 3 wraps of tape. I get a good grip on the club and they seem to perform fairly well when wet, too.
  10. That is interesting. I've never thought of doing that way. I usually tee the ball so that about 1/2 the ball's diameter is above the top of my M1 driver head resting on the ground. I'll have to check to see where the top of the tee is in relation to the lines sometime.
  11. How about posting a swing video in the member swing section to show us how you're using your legs into and through impact, please.
  12. I think the ones I have are called "No Sweat Golf Hat Liner" but they do work very well. The band on my golf hat is not adjustable but the liner doesn't seem to make the hat too snug. Great product.
  13. I'm one of those guys who sweats in the heat. I sweat so hard it was running off the brim of my hat in an almost steady stream onto the inside of my glasses and onto the ball when I was trying to putt. I found an adhesive absorbent insert to put in the brim of my hat that helps with that issue. I wear shorts with suspenders when the weather permits but today was 70 and raining for the first four or five holes so it was long pants and a polo shirt.
  14. I was of the old school "poke and lift" pitch mark repairer but have reformed my ways having seen the OP video and learning to do it correctly. It is easy and quick and makes the ball mark virtually disappear. I also passed a link to the video on to my friend who also now uses it to repair ball marks. One of the golf courses I played recently had the same instruction on a sticker in their carts. I always try to leave the course in better shape than I found it and I'm glad to have learned this tip. Thanks.
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