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  1. Ha! I can hit my ball 3-4 times before you can even get to your ball! 😁
  2. I'm a big fan of the mute button for golf and football. Sometimes the announcers can get soooo stupid. Last Sunday's Seahawks game was a case in point. As for distance, if there's a problem with length off the tee and scores being too low (and I'm not one who thinks there is) then my solution would be to eliminate the caddies and make the players carry their own clubs, figure out their own landing spots/distances, and line up their own putts without assistance. I'm quite sure that scores would go up.
  3. You can get tested 99% pure CBD oil here: Medterra - Our CBD. Your Health | Buy CBD Oil | 99% Pure CBD Medterra takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality pure CBD, grown and processed in the USA. We tried it for a couple of months (somewhat expensive) but did not notice any real benefits. No relationship to the company.
  4. Curious if any of you have purchased and received your Arccos Caddie Link yet. I placed my order on July 15th and recently inquired when it might ship. Received this reply: "Thank you for reaching out to the Arccos Golf Team.We have now completed shipping out all 2019 pre-orders, and have begun fulfilling purchases from July 15, 2020 onward - these are being shipped in date order.We are still ramping up production to meet the overwhelmingly positive demand. Manufacturing during a global pandemic has been challenging but we are making progress and you will be receiving your shipment notification shortly.Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are excited to get your Arccos Caddie Link to you soon." I'm looking forward to getting it and trying it out though I have mostly gotten used to the phone in my front pocket.
  5. My question would be - how long have you used them since getting back and how well are they working for you?
  6. $40 a yard? Not for me. Now, if I were Ricky Fowler or Dennis Johnson or Phil Mickelson (OK. Maybe not Phil - he'd be two fairways over)...
  7. I'm not a swing coach and my handicap is my proof. I do think grip changes can be one of the hardest changes to make. I played with an interlock grip in my misspent youth and, after I came back to golf after a 25 year hiatus, I found that an interlock grip hurt too much and I couldn't get used to the overlap so I went to a ten finger grip. Now, after a year of golf, I'm back with the interlock and it's working pretty well for me. You say that you did better with the overlap grip compared to the interlock but I bet you would have felt even better if you'd gone back to the ten finger grip instead of the overlap as that's what you say you used to use. I'd suggest (as we always do) posting a video in the Member Swings section to ensure there isn't also something else in your grip or swing that might be causing an open face with the interlock grip. Perhaps it's too weak or perhaps you're not getting enough rotation or....
  8. I guess I can relate more to Danny Lee than BDC:
  9. @Adam C could probably answer your question but I'm curious - did you buy it somewhere that you can take it back and try it with different shafts? Or, I took my M1 driver into a local golf discount store and I was able to try out a few other shafts and ended up purchasing a new one. Might be something to try.
  10. Three days and the leader is only 5 under? I think Winged Foot is definitely doing something right.
  11. What does Peacock cost? Curiosity as I see it's also not available to us Roku users.
  12. You know you're a golf lunatic when you're in the pro shop on a course you've never played before and are admiring a $13,000.00 set of Honma Beres clubs that you just know would improve your scores and are wondering how to get the wife convinced, too.... 😉
  13. I didn't answer the poll as neither option applies for me. I brought enough beer onto the local courses, and consumed in my youth, to float a good size naval expedition. Currently, here under Washington state law, where a course is licensed to sell alcohol the whole course is considered a "licensed premises" - making it illegal to bring your outside purchased alcohol onto the course. That's OK with me. I'm just as happy purchasing the beer or two I might have after a round from the golf course and if they charge me a few bucks more I'm just glad they're still open.
  14. I bought a box of the Trust Bison Soft golf balls thinking it would be fun to try out today but was disappointed in the way they worked for my swing (though it was fun trying them). I lost distance over the Srixion Soft Feel that I usually play - never a good thing. It also seemed like I had to hit them harder with the putter to make them go the same distance. The sound they made coming off the clubs and putter was very "hard" sounding. Kind of a loud click sound. And, to make matters worse, they cost 50% more than my usual ball. They probably would work well for someone else but I think I'll delegate them to my range.
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