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  1. No offense intended but it might be that the one losing their mind is the one who is unwilling to admit, in the face of data to the contrary, that the above approach is not the best one for the majority of amateur players.
  2. 1. Laziness - been too lazy to set up the video when practicing with the result that my backswing now feels as graceful as an octopus mating with a sea urchin. 2. Laziness - I practice by hitting balls off the ground into a mowed field in my back pasture. But, since I then have to go pick them up before I can hit them again I am loathe to practice chipping as I should. It just feels like a waste to only go 50 yards or so and pick up all them chipped balls. 3. Laziness - I haven't been using my launch monitor and now I find that (as another posted) I'm airmailing a green that I used to be regularly short on. 4. Laziness - I asked my wife to get me a beer. Oh, wait. That's just good energy conservation practice!
  3. Personally I don't much enjoy the "Preferred Holes" type of broadcast. I find it boring to watch the pro after pro play through the same hole. For me the "Preferred Groups" is a bit better but my preference is the third choice. I like it when they skip around the course and I get to watch most all of the pros play most all of the course. If you watch golf on TV which broadcast type do you prefer?
  4. That's kind of what I thought, too. Also, when I did swing a hammer, there was a reason my nickname was "lightning"...
  5. I now have three hybrid's and like them a lot. Seem to hit the 4 hybrid the best for some reason.
  6. I think, when it comes to golf - among other things - it ain't the meat, it's the motion...
  7. I feel your pain, brother. I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn, once, so I am going to prescribe to you very large doses of tequila!
  8. I would never laugh at someone who is holding a golf club in their hands. Seriously, though, maybe it's time to laugh with them and then move on to your next shot. If they see that their laughter doesn't bother you it may take away some of their enjoyment of your response. Or find a better group of people to play golf with.
  9. Zippo

    Shrinking Misses

    I also miss both ways - though you can see my HC is much higher than yours. What I am working on, and I don't know if the idea will help you at your skill level (and I am as far from a golf instructor as one can be and still know which end of the club to grab), is trying to hit a small draw instead of trying to hit it straight. I'm trying to get a consistent miss left instead of a spray left and right. I stick an alignment rod vertically in the ground about 8 feet out in front of me and try to get the ball started just right of the stick with a small draw back on line. Lots of folk here with more knowledge than me so hopefully one of them can give you a more effective idea.
  10. Sorry, I'm not trying to go off topic but could you explain what you mean by "CP, CF and Inline", please, so that I can learn?
  11. I'm old but I'm getting better swing speeds and distance with the hybrids. I'll get to try the new one on the course on Wednesday.
  12. I love my 60* lob wedge. It's a tough club for me to hit successfully but the options it gives from around the green and out of the bunkers are great.
  13. Yeah. The hybrids look like some kind of oddly misshapen pregnant club. They also looked like they would be very difficult for me to get a good center strike with and I figured a slightly off center strike would have the ball looking for fairways other than the one we were on. Fortunately, that has not been the case and they are giving me the length I've been lacking with my irons. I'm glad I gave them a try and I guess you can teach a new trick to an old dog...
  14. I've posted here a few times about how I used to play golf 30 years ago. Back then we didn't have hybrids and when I returned to the game I had a difficult time accepting how a hybrid looked sitting behind the ball at address and consequently, wasn't able to hit them very well. I have a 2016 TaylorMade M2 22 degree Rescue hybrid with a Reax 55G in senior flex in my bag and a month or so ago I decided to bear down and try to learn to hit it. Man, am I glad I did! I'm hitting the thing so well that I started looking for another 2016 M2 Rescue in 19 degree and 25 degree. I found a 25 brand new with the same shaft at a terrific price so I bought it and received it today. Wow! Another great club. This one will probably replace my 5 iron which I have difficulty swinging fast enough to get a good strike and distance. Now, if I could just find the 19 degree with the same shaft I'd be a very happy camper (Oops! I mean golfer!).
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