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  1. 99 Wednesday and 105 today. I still blow at golf. Wish I could hate the game...
  2. Wow! So close. I would be really bummed - in a good way - if this happened to me. Sorry, @RustUKUnfortunately, from the images I see, I'd also have to say not holed. In any event, I leave the flag in when putting but now I will make sure the flag is straight before I putt.
  3. Yaaay! New record for me today - 93. A bit of a bummer when I entered the score into GHIN and it said something like "WARNING - this score is lower than the golfer's usual score". Sheesh! I had fewer blowup holes and quite a few up and downs. 6 one putts, 10 2 putts and only 2 3 putts. Hit all but a couple of the fairways. It was a good day for an old geezer like me!
  4. I finally broke 100 today - carded a 98 for 18 holes on a par 72 course. Five pars and all of them up and downs. I guess there's still some room for improvement...
  5. Zippo

    Practice Clubs

    Thank you. Exactly the kind of opinion I was hoping for. Much appreciated.
  6. Zippo

    Practice Clubs

    Thanks. I do wipe them off but I can see the faces getting a bit beat up on them. I'm working on curing my inability to get my weight/pressure forward and stop my OTT move. Do you think there's enough difference in the two club sets that I should only practice with my "good" clubs?
  7. Great idea. I'll have to search some out. Thanks.
  8. Zippo

    Practice Clubs

    The way the weather's been around here lately I usually hit somewhat dirty balls off of a dirty mat into a net. The ground under the mat and net is wet and somewhat muddy. The loft, lie and shafts are very similar between my practice and playing clubs. The practice clubs can get beat up without me worrying about them and save my "better" clubs for the course - is my thinking. But I'm a new returnee to the game, an old geezer, and carry a high HC - hence my question here.
  9. Mine is official and as current as possible. The course I play is on winter rules and GHIN won't accept new scores from me on that course. Fortunately (or unfortunately ) I haven't shot better than my abysmal handicap since the course went winter so new scores wouldn't change it.
  10. Ha! Trying to stick a frozen green is definitely not fun. The thing you didn't mention was trying to get a tee into the frozen ground. We played in 28 degree weather and had to use a steel awl to punch a hole for the tee.
  11. Zippo

    Practice Clubs

    Thanks, Patch.
  12. Thanks for the welcome, folks!
  13. Zippo

    Practice Clubs

    I practice with a set of TaylorMade Speedblade irons that I bought off the bay. I play with a set of TaylorMade M1 irons that I also bought new off the bay. Does anyone else practice with a different set of clubs than they use to play with? See any big problems doing this? I'm a high HCer and it seems to me that these clubs aren't so different in performance that I would, yet., notice a difference.
  14. Hello Everyone! Returning to golf after a 30 year hiatus. Played a lot with a friend back then but I'm pretty sure it was more about the beer than the golf! I remember that we golfed at one course that didn't allow beer and we decided that we didn't even like golf! Now I'm 67 years old and the swing isn't quite as fluid as it used to be (might be a lack of beer!). I restarted and have been playing golf with the same friend for a couple of months up until the snow started a week or so ago. My handicap is 31 but I hope to bring that down as the weather and my swing improves. I am a member at the Grandview Golf Course in Custer, Wa.
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