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  1. I'm fortunate enough to have a range out my back door so I practice anytime I feel like it. I have plenty of golf balls, some I've bought in lots from ebay and many, many more I've found out on the course. I'm also extremely fortunate to have a wife who walks out and helps pick up the balls so I can hit them out there again! Ha! Eat your heart out! 😁
  2. The final piece is in place and golf is (almost) back to normal. Outhouses have been installed again on the course. Not such a big deal now that everything is leafing out again, but still. 😉 The only thing missing is to have the Canadian border open again and have those golfers back on the course but, in the meanwhile, it's golf when you want no tee time required so that's good.
  3. I agree. I don't wear a mask while golfing alone or with vaccinated golfers. I also don't wear a condom when playing... Ahhh, never mind....
  4. I agree. I think the Rules should be such that no portion of the grip extends above (above being towards the elbow) the player's wrist. that would allow longer putters for beanstalk golfers and shorter putters for squirt golfers - and all of us tweeners. Exceptions would be made for golfers who putt with their feet, of course. Fortunately, the Rules folk aren't listening to me...
  5. HawHawHaw! Of course, you made sure they were masked! Lower COVID Rates in States That Mandated Masks States that required people to mask up last year had lower rates of COVID-19 than those with no mask requirements, a new study finds.
  6. Oh, I bet there's somebody who's said to wear seatbelts in a parked car! OK. "When I’m alone, nobody around me for at least 100’...in left field outside the fence watching a game." Oh, sure. You got 360 degree vision? How do you know some cute little girl with kittens hasn't snuck up down wind of you and is inhaling your virii, huh? Maybe a parachutist is just about to drop in next to you. Ever think of that, huh? I see that otters in Georgia have been diagnosed with Covid. Maybe there's a prairie dog near you outside the fence by you getting infected? 😁
  7. Hear, hear! I personally can't see the big deal complaining about mask wearing. If an event (like an outdoor sport) requires a mask to attend and one wants to attend then either wear the mask or don't attend. Is it really such a big deal in long term? I doubt that, at the end of my life, I'll be complaining that I lost a couple of hours wearing a mask that I maybe didn't really need to wear any more than I'll complain about the seatbelts I've worn for so many years - needlessly.
  8. Great answers. Thanks for taking the time!
  9. Just to be clear - it was the ball hanging over the lip that caused the timer to start? Instead of standing around and watching, could he have marked his ball and lifted it before it fell in, without penalty? Then replaced it and made the tap in? Or does having it over the lip preclude the marking and lifting? If the ball had not been hanging over the lip and, while he was walking to mark it, a gust of wind or earth tremor had rolled the ball in I'm guessing no penalty, just remove the ball and replace it? Then mark or putt it? And then, lastly and a bit off topic - does the mark nee
  10. @cooke119I am very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how bad that must feel. I'm not a doctor of any sort and I'm sure you know this but it's going to really important to find any small positive thing about each day that you can while you heal from your loss and your surgery. I was close to depression from my implant and subsequent angioplasty procedure and other issues and while I was extremely lucky to have the full support of my wife, she was not able to reach into my head and make things better for me. I had to do the work for myself in my own mind and try to find a way to realize
  11. I think my wife may have requested an On/Off switch...
  12. I was the surprised recipient of a pacemaker last summer. I got the same advice about not playing golf for at least 8 weeks and I highly recommend that you stick to that schedule, at least. If you're anything like me, it feels right now as if you may never play golf again, but I can assure you, assuming no other contraindicating factors, you will. It's really important to be patient and let those wires get scarred (locked) into place before you start swinging a golf club around. It's also going to take a while before the implant site starts feeling closer to "normal". I know how tough it is bu
  13. Found this video showing how to remove and replace the battery in the Arccos Caddie sensor. This is part 1. This is part 2:
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