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  1. Strange. I wonder how sandals with spikes would protect the feet from chemicals better than spikeless sandals?
  2. I was initially bummed that Rick Shiels had given money to an obvious counterfeiter but then I figured if it would keep others from also giving them cash it's probably a good thing. It still doesn't compute, though, how anyone could figure that paying less than $200 for a $500 new name brand, recently released driver was gonna work out well.
  3. When I took up golfing again late last year I hit one so fat with a wedge I think I came close to striking oil. Hurt my right wrist (rightie) badly. For several months after that my swing thought was, "Ouch, ouch, ouch!". I recommend listening to @Vinsk. I think he knows whereof he speaks.
  4. Slow play bugs most all of us, I think. But I was amazed at how long Tiger had to stand around between shots at the ZOZO recently (and the other players, too, I'm sure). I think it would have made me more than a bit nuts. I like the idea of pulling the lob wedge out of the bag and practicing a bit while waiting in the fairway, though.
  5. When you get serious about golf you'll keep your driver and putter warm in your pocket, too...
  6. I like to use the impact bag drill. Similar to the video posted in #4 above but rather than just taking a pose I can lightly whack the club into the bag while "feeling" the slightly open impact position in wrists, arms, hips and shoulders.
  7. I think I know what you're saying. For me, when I do that, I have to be careful that I don't get so "loose" that the grip "separates" or "pries" my fingers open a bit during the swing. Need a reasonably firm grip with somewhat loose wrists. Easy to say...
  8. It's not just the Tour giving to charities but many of the pro golfers (and manufacturers) are also donating hefty amounts of support, time, and money. I'm glad they, and the PGA, do. Even the little things like Rory and other players stopping by the gallery on the way to the scoring tent to sign balls and caps for kids is a great thing, in my opinion.
  9. I don't know if this will help @Slowcelica or not... How to Watch History Channel LIVE Without Cable (2019 Update) Learn how to use a Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV or Fire Stick to...
  10. Well, I'm pleased for Tiger - he earned it - but not looking forward to month(s) of blather about #83...
  11. Missed the putt but still holding the lead by three.
  12. Who was it that said that Tiger couldn't play anymore? My my my...
  13. Wow! Talk about your basic thread drift... Sounds to me like Matt got suspended rightfully, has owned up to it and is moving on. Good for you, Matt!
  14. The coldest I've played in was 22*. Had to use a leather punch to make a hole for the tee. Tons of carry on the frozen ground but almost impossible to hold the green with a wedge. I'll probably pass this year when it gets that cold and wait for it to warm up a bit...
  15. No offense intended but it might be that the one losing their mind is the one who is unwilling to admit, in the face of data to the contrary, that the above approach is not the best one for the majority of amateur players.
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