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  1. Zippo

    2021 Masters

    Here's the video:
  2. Zippo

    2021 Masters

    Did Si Woo Kim toss his putter? Looks like he’s playing without one. Yep. Looks like he broke it during a fit. Putting with a 3 wood.
  3. I'll give it a try but it doesn't make sense to me. I think I see you saying: Putter 3 long clubs across the next 3 holes 2 irons then the last long club 8, 7, 6 irons across the next 3 holes wedges next to cart. It seems like it would be more difficult to pull irons if the long clubs are hanging over them. But, maybe not. I give things a shuffle.
  4. Good grief! Now I have to ask, "What's a putter well"?
  5. Thanks, @iacasfor merging this for me. I should have checked for an existing thread first. There are 14 pockets. I went out and looked at it again and I think the problem is partly operator error and partly bag design. I've noticed that, at times, a club can be difficult to remove from the bag. It's like it gets jammed at the bottom with nearby clubs. And, sometimes, when I return a club to the bag, it also can be difficult to get the club all the way back into the bag. Leaving a club up may be allowing a club head to rub against a nearby shaft.
  6. Sorry. Now I'm confused. When your bag is on the riding cart aren't your longer clubs closest to you? When my bag is on a riding cart the Driver and long clubs are closest to the cart and the putter is closest to me when I go to pull a club. That is how I have mine set up, currently. But the heads on my shorter clubs tend to rub on the shafts of the irons. Hence the club covers.
  7. Dang! Thank you. I'll give that a go and see how it works for me. Gonna look weird to me as I'm so used to it the other way around!
  8. Thank you. Are the club pockets in your bag longer or shorter opposite your cart?
  9. I use an electric "trolley" to haul my bag of clubs. The bag sits in the cart at an angle with the bottom of the bag forward of the top of the bag. The bag is also constructed such that the pockets are on the front and sides of the bag but not on the back portion which leans against the cart so turning the bag around in the cart is not an option. The forward portion of the bag has shorter club "pockets" than the part of the bag nearest the cart so I place my putter (shortest club) in the most forward pocket (the shortest) and spread the clubs in decreasing loft towards the back of the back wit
  10. Well, shoot. Now I need to start a thread on how to load my clubs in my bag 'cause I don't think that will work very well.
  11. Zippo

    2021 Masters

    I notice that my pick of DeChambeau at -11 to win is looking a bit squeaky (he's +4 today) but I wanted to let you all know that he's an almost virtually nearly completely a shoe in to win so, since I'm clearly a rather nice guy with only your best interest at heart, I'm offering to sell my pretty much mostly guaranteed winning pick (and the resulting awesome TST towel and forum accolades that will surely accrue) for an astoundingly low price that includes the option for monthly payments. Checks not accepted and please read the fine print.
  12. I went without covers on my irons for a while this year but noticed that at least one of my irons was rubbing on the graphite shaft of one of the other clubs and appeared to be causing a mark on the shaft so I'm back to covers. I also notice it's a much quieter walk now without the clubs rattling away in the bag. I don't have covers on my hybrids or fairway metal but do have a cover on the new driver. I think if I were riding in a cart I'd probably remove the covers.
  13. Hah! Nice thing about golf in the Pacific Northwest - no gators. https://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article250510219.html
  14. I don't know the best way but have you checked ebay?
  15. Zippo

    2021 Masters

    I based mine on astrological influences, palmistry and phrenology, plus a bit of channeling. And, contrary to what you might suspect, alcohol played only a minor part.
  16. You're right. It can be extremely painful. I don't want to misdirect the OP's thread too far from the original question so I sent you a message.
  17. I can't answer your club question but I'm wondering about your condition. Is it indeed "tennis elbow", (lateral epicondylitis), or is it "golfer's elbow", (medial epicondylitis)? There is a difference. On the chance it's golfer's elbow, which I have had, I can recommend this unit: Amazon.com: TheraBand FlexBar, Tennis Elbow Therapy Bar, Relieve Tendonitis Pain & Improve Grip Strength, Resistance Bar for Golfers Elbow & Tendinitis, Green, Medium, Intermediate: Sports & Outdoors I have no affiliation at all with this but exercising my wrists and forearms with this regularly
  18. Zippo

    2021 Masters

    I'm wild arse guessing Bryson DeChambeau -11.
  19. Keeping hating old people like you do and one of them may facilitate that for you! 😁
  20. Zippo

    Pick Three

    You need a new cardiologist! Mine prescribed a drink a day. I choose the lifetime beer - I think that would sure make me a hit with the rest of my foursome no matter how badly I played! I'd also take the round at Augusta and the clubs, thank you.
  21. Zippo

    2021 Masters

    Skunk Cabbage? Carrion Flower? Pitcher Plant? Prickly Pear?
  22. Looks like a decent cart. Can I ask why you don't like a foot brake? I had one on my push cart and it seemed to work fine. The hand brake looks to me like it has lots of parts making it more prone to failure. But, I've never used one so can't say.
  23. If its a Molitor it must be from an ex tour pro!
  24. The advertisement says: Spalding Molitor is designed for ultimate distance. The all-new Super Reactive Titanium Core produces high energy and superior distance, while an Ionomer Cover enhances initial velocity and flight. Spalding Molitor Golf Balls [15-Ball] | RockBottomGolf.com
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