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  1. I also don't believe the swing speed , the strange thing is that I think the simulator most be using the swing speed to calculate the distance and i find the distances to be correct or a little bit short.
  2. Do you keep weight mostly on your left foot ? Do you keep weight mostly on your left foot ?
  3. I am using the Rmotion app . I am sure it is not perfect but here in Mexico City i used to hit my 6 iron 200 yards so its not that far at least in distance. How do i calibrate it ? Thank a lot mate 🙂 At sea level i usually played the 6 iron at 190 yards
  4. Hi Benito. I remembered this drill that in my opinion is good for both weight transfer and balance . It also helps a lot to get good timing. I suggest you give it a try. Nice day 🙂
  5. Thank you very much. When i was a child i used to live just yards away from the golf club and i played all day(did terrible in school). Life changed and i became a mathematician and right now work as a teacher in university. and it became very costly to play golf regularly. I will try to play at least once a month because i really like the game but for the time being i bought a golf net and rmotion golf simulator to practice my swing. This are some videos i took today and i was hitting the ball pretty well.
  6. I always had confusion with that. I think the most intuitive guess is that if its pointing towards the sky the its open . I always played with a very strong grip and that caused my to close the face quite a bit. Since changing to standard grip from interlock i don't have such a strong grip anymore(I think) and I'm hitting the ball quite straight. I saw your swing and i am no expert but the club face does not seem that closed to me. Work on your balance and in transferring the weight smoothly from right lo left foot during the down swing. Again I'm no expert but i think you are cutting the b
  7. HI Benito. I think that if the face is pointing towards the sky the the club-face is closed but i might be completely wrong. Take a look at this 2016-06 : Face Angle, Survey of Major Winners Clubface Angle at the top of backswing Kelvin Miyahira's Articles, in their original form. 🙂
  8. Not a single comment, Did i do something wrong ?.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: ?? My typical ball flight is: Medium trajectory and very light draw. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I used to play as a kid (9,14) i was a decent golfer then. I got bored easily but i could hit the ball pretty well. From 14 to 30(My current age) i played 1 round of golf until the other day a friend that is learning to play invited my to play with him. I felt that i hit the ball pretty well and scored an 81. I was pretty happy about it and i have been driving to the driving ran
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