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  1. Hmm well the algorithm worked fine for me yesterday. After uploading the round via the PC last night the 'Sign Round' button was grayed out as I had a detected shot that needed to be removed or have the club selected. Maybe the line you got from customer support is what they are supposed to say when people complain about it not working... I am hoping to get in another round on Sunday- if I do I'll try it again and screenshot the 'detected shot' (assuming it works again)
  2. The GameGolf folks gave me a full refund on the Pro version I had purchased (but not taken out of the box since reading the reviews here on TST). I bought a used Live device off of eBay for $50 and used it yesterday. I failed to tag two shots: a drive on a par 3 that the device detected for me, and the second was a 40 yard pitch shot that wasn't detected. I hit those pitch shots with a quiet lower body so I wouldn't have expected it to pick up anyways. I was really pleased with the round, and since I pace off my putts moving the flag to the proper spot post round was a breeze (using the PC). I know most of us are posting when we have trouble with these devices, but I wanted to leave a positive review in case anyone is on the fence about adding GameGolf Live for their 2019 season.
  3. Looked back through my rounds on GHIN and found a few no-six rounds. Here is the most recent one:
  4. Has anyone here ever participated in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur? Or better yet participating this year? I am considering making it my 'summer' vacation and was looking for feedback from anyone who has experience. Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  5. Hole in One (August 7th, 2008) Eagle (many more since the ace) Broke 80 (most recently September of last year) Lowest Score Wins owner
  6. My (silenced) phone stays in my bag. I have my GameGolf on my belt, repair tool / ball marker in left front pocket, two tees in right front pocket, and scorecard holder / pencil in back left pocket. My smart watch stays on as I track my activity level each day and the 5+ miles of walking each round is a nice boost.
  7. 1969 Buick Skylark hardtop coupe. 350 auto with factory A/C. I bought it when I was 15- I had saved up from mowing lawns and driving tractors starting back when I was 12 or 13.
  8. I also vote for the 60 degree wedge. I can't imagine playing without mine. Considering how many of your shots happen from 125 yards and in I don't feel as though you can have too many wedges.
  9. Groove Brush White belt My regular weekend group plays $2/hole, $4/birdie, $10/eagle Stock/hard 7i Alignment sticks ...although every round I play is competitive as I'm trying to beat my previous best Iron covers are taken off after I put my bag on the pull cart, and put back on after the round is over.
  10. Exactly. I don't do any in-round editing or looking at what is happening with Game Golf as I play. I just need a way to upload the information after the round. I enjoy looking back through the data, setting the pin location, and seeing what I could've improved upon.
  11. I had purchased Game Golf Pro before coming across this website. After reading the reviews (and while still in the return grace period) I have sent the following email to Game Golf Support: I would like a refund for order number XXXXXXXX. I have not used the device yet, but the box has been opened. I would prefer to purchase the Game Golf Live system, as I want to manually tag my shots. I have read too many reviews of the Pro system not automatically picking up shots. Thanks, Cody I will update this thread with the response time as well as what the response is.
  12. I couldn't agree more. Game Golf Live is a fantastic product (the ability to play without pairing to a phone, lightweight tags sans battery) with a ton of potential. They are one decent software coder away from being able to really give the consumer data that can be used to make their games better. The data is all there, we just need a clean intuitive way of organizing and manipulating it.
  13. I work in Research and Development at a chemical plant. I love my job and the flexibility it affords me when it comes to finding time to play/practice golf.
  14. During my last two rounds I putted with the flag stick in on every putt and it did improve my confidence. I will need a larger sample size before I can say definitively if it helps me save strokes, but based on many studies that have been done it appears it should save strokes. The confidence gain came from being more confident about the speed of the putt when I could see the flag stick using my peripheral vision when my aim point was well outside of the hole (for instance on a downhill/side-hill breaking putt.
  15. Have any of you played The Golf Club 2019? The game play is challenging, and the course creator feature is really cool. I have been working on building a replica of the small course in my hometown.
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