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  1. How do you like it so far? Played any rounds with it yet? I have been in the market for a new smartwatch and am considering going with a golf specific one like Garmin, among others.
  2. I was fit at Club Champion for the Apex irons back in January and couldn't be happier with their performance. If the Apex fit your swing / game I highly recommend them.
  3. I had right shoulder pain mid last year (didn't hurt swinging a golf club oddly enough). I waited and waited before seeing a doctor (two months worth of pain) who found I had a torn labrum and biceps tendon. Surgery was last Oct and I'm back to playing golf now. Definitely get it looked at sooner rather than later; you may be able to prevent further damage.
  4. That's exactly why I'd like to try something like this. It's laughable the number of guys who play me shot for shot as 15+ handicaps while I am in the 4-6 handicap range in our men's league. Plus, travelling and playing some new courses is something I'm always up for.
  5. Can you explain a little more how the gapping was done? Did you swing one club until you had all data or did you alternate clubs every few swings? If the wedge swings were all back to back at either the beginning or end of your session you may have either been not loose yet or too tired and impacted the results. I really like this data- you are selling me on having a gapping done too!
  6. Hitting a good drive on a par 4 and then not being able to reach the green with your second shot sounds to me as if you should move up a tee box. It would give you a better chance of shooting a good score and you'd be driving the ball into the areas of the fairways the course designer intended (rather than being so far back you can't reach the fairway bunkers, doglegs, etc.).
  7. I use the Shot Tracer app. It will (as the name implies) trace the ball's flight if you enter that setting, or you can have it take a frame by frame and overlay them. I'll see if I can post a video of each type here.
  8. Are you playing/practicing more than usual? Maybe you aren't in 'golf' shape? I experienced something similar after starting back up following shoulder surgery.
  9. I've always played with a heavier shaft in my driver than anyone else I've known, for the very reason of 'feeling; the club. When I did a full club fitting at Club Champion earlier this year they tried getting me into a lighter shaft but ended up sticking with my current weight as I was much more erratic with the lighter shafts we tried. From the way the fitter talked there is definitely a balance between light enough for speed and heavy enough to control (within your skill set). Let us know how the lead tape works!
  10. I voted for strike it well, but I would add that if I'm competing give me the lower score every time. Yes I enjoy my round more if I'm striking it well when playing alone, but in competition I just want to add up fewer strokes at the end of round than the other guy(s).
  11. Dang I found of these balls last week but gave it to my dad as he plays the Chromesoft and I have been playing the Srixon Z-Star. I may have to try them out now...
  12. Hooking a shot 20 yards is much easier than slicing one 20 yards, as shutting the face helps. I have heard many people say that the shot Bubba played on #10 to win the Masters playoff was only possible as a left handed golfer and that any right handed player could only cut the ball that far right if hitting a 200 yard shot. Maybe the guy you were playing with hit that shot left handed for the same reason?
  13. I have not. The only putter fitting I've ever done was at Club Champion, where they use the SAM PuttLab device and software. It was great, and the recommendation to shorten my putter by 2" has led to an improvement in my putting for sure. I would be highly skeptical of anyone saying they are providing you a putter fitting with the naked eye... Does the PGA Tour Super Store use any type of camera system?
  14. Are you a "feel" player on those shots in the full swing gap from your AW to 56°? I go PW, AW, 51°, 55°, 59.5°. I can't imagine playing with just the AW and 55°. -but hey if it works for you I won't knock it.
  15. That's sounds really similar to where I was at. I wanted the TaylorMade P790 (based on aesthetics alone) but the Trackman numbers convinced me that the Srixon was the way to go. If you do end up going to get fit let us know the results.
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