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  1. It was a (frustrating) tale of two nines yesterday on a beautiful course with tough undulating greens. 38-44---82 I played solidly on the front 9 posting a birdie against 3 bogeys for a 38. I then proceeded to hit two balls OB on number 10 in route to a nine on the hole... I somewhat recovered with a string of pars but then 4-putted a par 3 and closed with another double bogey on number 18 after finding the face of the greenside bunker for a what-could've-been 82.
  2. My week spent at The Greenbrier a few years ago is still by far my most enjoyable golf trip. Difficult to choose just one picture from the many that I took that week, but this one stands out in my eye.
  3. Great wrist action on both of those
  4. 45° (PW), 50° (AW), 54°, and 60° is all I carry. I enjoy hitting 1/2 and 3/4 shots, dead handed shots, etc.
  5. Part of the reason the PGA/LPGA Tour is fun to watch is to see the skill demonstrated. There is something romantic about being able to outfit your bag with the same clubs and balls and go out to the same courses and see just how much better those folks on TV are than us. I volunteer at the Houston Open every year (thus getting the chance to play the course after the tourney) and going to the back tees and hitting some of those tee shots is mind boggling... It makes me appreciate the skill of the guys and gals on Tour and keeps me going to the range/course trying to improve. I am fearful that bifurcation would slowly kill the game. What club/ball manufacturers are going to be able to advertise to the masses when the equipment played by the pros we admire and wish to emulate aren't clubs/balls worth us buying? The average drive of the weekend hacker is in the low 200s- how many guys would quit the game if they could no longer drive it over 200? There are already pace of play issues due to guys playing the wrong tees- just wait until you have to play a dead ball or use dead clubs....
  6. Both me and my dad were fit for new irons and it was an eye opening experience for me. Prior to being fit I did not realize how much there is to gain (or lose) from changing shaft flex, shaft weight, swing weight, club head weight, club height center of gravity.... What ended up being a perfect fit for me was on the totally opposite end of the spectrum from what worked for my dad. I loved the look of the Mizuno's that he ended up with, but for whatever reason with my swing they just didn't feel right or perform as well as others for me. My advice would be to go into it with an open mind. Yes you want something that looks good to you when you address the ball but also trust what the launch monitor tells you. Good luck and happy shopping!
  7. I saw the less than stellar reviews, but am hoping my experience is closer to that of the reviewer from MyGolfSpy: We Tried It: Salted Smart Insole | MyGolfSpy Has Salted Smart Insoles engineered an insole that can help you use the ground and hit it longer with every shot? We took it to the course to find out.
  8. So these are on sale for Amazon Prime Day for only $109. I picked up a pair- will be happy to post a review once received on Thursday.
  9. I disagree with Ian as far as making rules changes for the Tour as a response to BDC and others hitting it longer. I do have firsthand knowledge of how much the angle of attack (hitting up vs hitting down on the ball) affects distance off the tee, it has made a big difference in my game. The average weekend golfer would probably benefit from hitting up on it more.
  10. I'm absolutely going for it. Chipping out means wondering "what if" while going for it gives me a chance at a career round and at a minimum a good story to tell my dad.
  11. If the fringe isn't heavy try experimenting with putting it or hitting a bump and run with a 5 or 6 iron.
  12. That's a beautiful course! I don't get down there to play much (usually play at Magnolia Creek).
  13. I lost 3 GG club sensors and emailed support about getting more... they told me they are $5 each... anyone here have extras they'd like to sell? I love Game Golf's stat tracking, strokes gained analysis, and the visual map of your round... I also have a Garmin watch that will tag all of my shots, but the lack of strokes gained keeps me using the GG.
  14. chicub15


    On the first tee when playing with strangers I usually say something about posting my score and wanting to putt everything out. It makes some guys uncomfortable- I guess they like giving putts so they themselves don't have to feel obligated to knock in those side-hill 3 footers... My dad just taught me to play it as it lies and hit it until it's holed- it's not about gambling or anything for me, just taking pride in the score I write down as being my score and not "what I would've made".
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