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  1. Which he quoted out of context !!
  2. Reading comprehension helps alot..Glad you read all the way through and followed sources etc ... This seems political..do you have anything.. oh thats garbage!
  3. The reality of police violence in the US I wrote a post a few months ago that generated a lot of controversy and was heavily criticized. I wrote it after the officer who killed Philando Castile was... https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/09/police-violence-against-black-men-rare-heres-what-data-actually-say/
  4. In fact it looks like you cut and pasted the first 10 articles on Google search LOL!!
  5. Imvery familiar with the statistics and its NOTHING like the msm paint it out to be.. I would rather suggest they think it's their duty to propagandize the issue and sew the seed of divisiveness
  6. I'm not going to do the cut and paste war. The sources on those though Lol
  7. The kneeling does not bother me at all.. The notion that systematic police brutality is rampant is only his perception and not proven by fact. The term SJW is subjective and would fit kaputniks ideaology.
  8. He knelt to protest his perceived injustice 😕 SJW, you have google?
  9. LOL.. Sone sarcasm, some not. We have a whole generation or two of SJWs.
  10. Honestly I'm not even sure what he is protesting, I'm not sure he knows either.
  11. No I'm just saying it does not bother me. I golf for recreation, not to get wound up. Take it or leave it (the tip) which would usually correlate to who is giving the tip. Or just smile and hit the ball
  12. I personally don't mind if someone gives me a tip. "Hey you picked your head up" etc.. Even if it's from a higher cap player.. what difference does it make, take it or leave it.
  13. Clicgear has an attachment.. if I can mention product names here forward to 3:26
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