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  1. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a mint condition PING O Blade Karstens Patent Pending putter, what caught my eye was the original Pro Only grip and shaft. Any idea what the resale value of this might be?
  2. Hello trappers.. I recently purchased a second hand set at a garage sale and found this gem in the bag, I did some research on the Teardrop company, sadly closed down in the 90's. Apparently some tour players had these Teardrop putters, any trappers that can remember these putters? original grip still on and in perfect condition.. not sure if I should keep it?
  3. Hi guys, Sorry I forgot to mention I am from South Africa, that's where the $11 price comes from. My suggestion would be to contact the custom motorcycle guys, they send their parts in to be chromed, then contact the company to make sure its nickelplated and then chrome. I found the company I am using that way, they have done club heads before and it came out amazing. I will post some after photos once I get the heads back.
  4. Hi All, I recently purchased a set of Titleist 712 CB/MB combo irons for about $60, the clubs are in fantastic condition apart from the chrome coming off on the club faces, I found a place that will chemically strip the chrome, do the nickel-plating as well as re-chrome for about $11 per head, has anyone ever attempted this? I have been assured that the clubs should last another 8 years at least.
  5. Hi All, I am new to this awesome forum all the way from South Africa. I have been trying to find info on a Putter that I found at a garage sale, I thought Google knows everything, but apparently not. Only markings on it is " AUGUSTA Ryder SCOTLAND" Heel - Toe Precision. I am not sure if anybody has seen one before? any help would be appreciated. I am only $6 in on this, so if its a fake, so be it..
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