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  1. U do look well awkward over the ball bud,but if it’s working for u stick with it,there’s no wrong or rite way to hit a golf ball pal not in my eyes anyway 👍
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 16 months My current handicap index or average score is: 4.9 My typical ball flight is: fairly low but penetrating The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: a slight tug Videos: First proper knock in weeks,cause we’ve had 50mph wind and rain,so got my mate to film me cause I don’t go up the driving range,but I was fairly happy how is was swinging it that day,appreciate the feed back cheers 👍
  3. They’re full picture pal, hardly missing out on history,u sound like like a rite bellend
  4. I’m gonna stick with my m4,she’s a beast and flys even when u hit it out the heel.plus my mate took the new cobra out and I know it sounds strange but didn’t like the sound of it,it sounded dead and he hits a big ball normally
  5. Jossypit

    New Clubs

    Hi fellow golfers Looking at getting a new set of irons ,Mizuno and Titleist are looking like my 2 favourite.just after some other opinions before I bite the bullet cause it’s a lot of dosh to fork out.currently using reg flex Nike vapours playing off 5.0 cheers 👍
  6. Thanks pal,well said.I will defo take on that advice cheers mate 👍
  7. Jossypit


  8. Hi bud I’d say your slicing it from coming slightly over top and getting no lag in the club,try swinging like a baseball bat it might help u and try not to break that left arm,keep it nice and straight,hope that helps u bud,but don’t take my word I’m self taught but works for me cheers
  9. Cheers pal thanks for the kind words. that has been my theory once I started playing was to figure it out myself,which has got to 5 so far,but what do u mean being careful about taking golf advice ? Cheers
  10. this was a swing from a few months back. my grips a lot better now,and I don’t rock back as much 👍
  11. Yeah my local club got a website and I have a account on there that tracks all my comps scores.so u could look on there it’s called Saunton golf club north Devon,only a few swing thoughts square is square and rip it 😂 I tried putting my swing on here but won’t let me upload it from my iPhone
  12. Hey bud thanks for the welcome. I’m left handed and i hit the ball around 280-300 off the tee.my bad round is low 80’s my bad shot with my irons are a little tug,and my putter runs hot and cold,like to think I chip/pitch well and get up and down more often then not,and a bad habit which I don’t do anymore was my grip which was bottom hand strong and since I’ve sorted my grip I’ve been going low 70’s.i shot 71 level par Sunday on our championship course (east) then played today on our west course and got to 18th par 3 and I was -1 par and 3putted ended level par just something has clicked whic
  13. Cheers for the advice pal. and u are rite life is way too short so I’m gonna have some lessons with my pro and see where it goes.plus I’m self employed so I could try and take some time off for the summer and practice cause I don’t really practice just play the comps on a weekend.
  14. Troubles is I’m a 32year old plasterer from England,with many trade injuries mainly tendinitis lol
  15. so I joined at saunton championship links course 16months ago, put 3 cards in and started on 13 and have just kept going down, from playing weekend medals/stablefords. No lessons,No thought process I play for fun and I think my swing is just natural bud I’ll try and upload a vid so u can check it out and would appreciate your opinion cheers pal
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