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  1. Know where you are coming from with these Florida courses. Very common to "Cut 'n Fill" to develop elevation change, water hazards/irrigation reservoirs, elevated green and tee sites. It can look very contrived, but earthmoving is an expensive and tricky thing to do without looking pretty obvious. With enough money and a skilled architect, some amazing things have been done. Pete Dye was a master of this with TPC Sawgrass where The Players is hosted. Did you know there was only 7' of elevation change in that entire original site? Sawgrass may not look completely natural, but how do you like his work at Whistling Straits?
  2. Always easier and more enjoyable to play on a well maintained course. Kudos to the Super and his Crew!!
  3. This is a VERY interesting topic ….. I want to get into this at my advancing age (61) in hope of recapturing that old zing!!!
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