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  1. My reaction to this hit is I wish I could throw a baseball pitch like this shot :). Best description of this is a great baseball slider. Doesn't get the normal air and clearly the spin pulls it left and down pretty fast. Not as sure about where I connect. That said, I think much of this has been caused by me bending my left arm on the backswing way too much...which I recently figured out.
  2. Does anyone else have this issue: When I hit my driver well it goes 300 yards, when I hit it very poorly it can go 150 yards and be a dead pull. So when I am playing I have to wait for the foursome in front of me to get away from 300, and if I do a dead pull then it takes recovery time and the foursome in front might already be finished by the time I am hitting my second shot slowing things down. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. Ah - i see. You thought I was hitting left...got it
  4. Glad to know I have plenty left in the club. Bought it used too. Have been on a 5 year hiatus and am working on getting back on the course
  5. Here is my 50 degree. This one still seems like it has hits left
  6. I have a gun metal CG10 that is starting to show some wear, I’ll upload when I can grab it
  7. Thanks. What specifically about the grooves tell you they are worn?
  8. How do you know when a club needs to be replaced due to wear?
  9. Thanks everyone for the clarifications.
  10. Ive searched through, and couldn't find this exact scenario which is why I'm posting a new thread. What do you do in the following scenarios: 1) Off the tee, you think you hit a good shot on the fairway, or just on the rough. When approaching the area where you think your ball is, you cannot find it. What are your options? Do you have to get back to the tee to hit another ball? Or do you drop a ball where you think you lost it and take a penalty? 2) Off the tee, you hit a ball 250 yards downrange, but out of bounds. Do you get to drop next to where the ball exited in bounds to out of bounds and take a penalty? Or do you need to hit a new ball off the tee? 3) Similarly, you hit a second shot and the ball goes out of bounds directly to the left of the green. Do you have to hit another ball from the place of your 2nd shot or do you get to drop out of bounds to the left of the green where your ball left the in bounds area to out of bounds? Thanks! My assumption has always been you have to re-hit from the original shot in all of the above. However, this causes disruption for foursomes playing behind.
  11. You are correct - my lead arm was bent on the downswing since at the end of my backswing my arm was bent ~90 degrees. It was definitely bent when beginning the downswing, and I am not sure how long it was bent or if it ended up straightening at some point on the downswing. After realizing the issue: When I was hitting straight and high, my left arm was straight on the backswing and "felt" straight on the downswing.
  12. Hi I haven't played golf in about 5 years or so, and went to the range a few times in the last few weeks. I have been having some shank issues with my gap wedge, and I realized its being caused by my left arm bending. After swinging in front of a mirror I noticed my left arm on the backswing is nearly at 90 degrees. Does this cause the shanks? Seems it was for me. After realizing this, and resolving it by keeping the left arm straight on backswing, my shanks stopped and I'm hitting it straight and high. Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum, and am picking up golf again. Been about 5 years since I played a legit 18 round game, but used to play pretty often. Good to be back in the swing of things.
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