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  1. Hey so I'm just curious, but my drivers spin rate is about 4500 directly back. I hit the ball fine...I get about 265 of carry then the ball hits and sticks; it's cool for my home course because i have to be very controlled with my driver because its a tight course, but I would love to be able to get the ball to roll out a little (a lot) without playing a swooping high draw. I'm currently hitting an aldila SVS6 shaft and I just feel like I need something with a higher kick point. My questions are: What shafts are know for low spin rate? What is going to reduce my spin rate with
  2. i just played there in the beginning of january and it was amazing. I played aberdeen, heather glen, and tpc myrtle. I would say that heather glen and tpc myrtle are the two that impressed me the most
  3. i play 710 mb's and love them but i think miura blades trump all
  4. ive got a friend who was in the final rounds of the mass amateur (match play section) and he hit the ball to three feet it took one hop and spun off the green into water. he proceeded to take his whole bag and throw it in the same lake: cell phone, wallet, clubs, and all. I think he finished at like a 76 too.
  5. it's going to be myself and one other person. I'm not too worried about price, but i wouldn't want to spend over $150 on a round.
  6. So I'm heading out on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. I've never been and I was wondering (from those of you who have been), which course was your favorite? Please list your top 3 and give a brief reason why. All of your advice will be a huge help to me. Thanks, Cody
  7. So i was fitted at the beginning of the year. here are my numbers with my previous driver: avg carry distance: 257 yards spin rate: 4000-6000 rpm Swing speed:109 launch angle: 12.5-13.0 I was fitted for an x-flex driver shaft at about 80 grams 6-iron specs: 31* 6i swing speed:79-81 mph avg carry distance: 170-175 spin rate: 5000-7000 rpm launch angle: i dont remember so here's the deal, since the fitting I have worked with a pro and we have scaled back my swing on my irons. Now I'm getting about the same distance give or ta
  8. i never have anything in any pockets except for 1 tee in my left pocket on every shot except for when I hit driver i absolutely will not use tees that are still stuck in the ground when hitting iron or hybrid off the tee
  9. take some pictures of them, im always interested in new clubs. even if you dont take pictures, make a list any scratch golf or miura?
  10. Most disappointing moment for me ever was when I was 17 years old and it was my first round after getting mono and I was 145 yards out on the first hole and i went to hit my 52* wedge like usual and i came up about 40 yards short, then repeatedly being 40 yards short with every iron since that day
  11. [LIST] [*] [/LIST] I used to hot the ball real long like 170 would be a soft 9i or firm pw but i've scaled back a ton. 170 with no wind is honestly probably a 7i or 6i embarrassing as it is. You have a point with the whole scoring clubs thing but honestly I the only club that almost matters how far you hit it is your driver because who cares if you can hit a pw on the green from 170. If your wedge is not 5-10 feet from the hole you might as well he hitting a 5i because that's the kind of accuracy youhave to have when you hit a wedge no matter how far it goes
  12. http://www.taylormadegolf.com/products/irons/Burner-2.0-irons/product-detail-specifications 50*
  13. what is a good shaft to reduce backspin on a driver
  14. anything will be more flexable then a v2 x-flex...the v2 is like hitting a steel shaft
  15. do you have the wedges in LH and is there anyway you could get some scratch blades?
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