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  1. He does actually it’s just pretty condensed for the faster greens I would assume. Watch a putting video of his and you’ll see the butt end of his putter barely moves. He also says his stroke is a throwback.
  2. I agree Bobby is a bit of an extreme example because his greens were most likely cut higher than modern fairways. However, what about the stroke makes it not suited for lightning fast greens... I would assume it is distance control as that is the differentiating factor between the two types of greens simply because of speed. But with a refined stroke this way, distance control doesn’t seem to be an issue.
  3. Recently, I realized the (in my opinion) correct way to release a club for full shots was to almost feel like I'm throwing the club with my right hand at the ball. I had found some old putting tips from some of the greats: Bobby Jones, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus. Many of them had very wristy putting strokes, which feels very similar to the release of other clubs. I understand these players had somewhat slower greens than today, but why is it generally not advisable to putt this way on modern greens? Distance control doesn't seem to be a problem with this stroke and that's really all you would need to control for faster greens. Also, Brandt Snedeker has the exact same stroke now and he's an excellent putter.
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