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  2. Sign me up for “eagerly awaiting feedback”. Just picked up a 9.5/10 set of Edel heads on eBay at $40/head. Trapper 50 bent to 51, trapper 56 bent to 55, and driver 60 bent to 59. They’re fantastic- so crisp through the turf. will be interesting to see the next iteration.
  3. I'd put my hand up for one spot if it's available.
  4. I don't like the way you intended to play that hole. You're disqualified.
  5. At the end of the day, it's a game. Ball in hole. Write your score. Lowest Score Wins (™️ ... 😉. ). Why do we have to regulate HOW people play the game? What's next.... penalty if your ball doesn't curve enough in the air?
  6. It's funny- when I was starting to play golf, I used to fire through two jumbo (120+?) buckets in 45 minutes and wonder why I was done early. Now I'll split a large (~90) with a friend, hit maybe 30-40 of them in an hour, he'll hit the rest. Take my time setting up, getting the grip, aligning, checking it out, etc. A while back I saw an unedited video of Xander Schauffle on the range at Kapalua (wish I could find it again). I think his fastest time between shots was 45 seconds (if even that fast). Every shot was set up, aligned, checked alignment with pointing the arm downrange, pr
  7. This might be too on the nose. Please add a Trigger Warning for those of us with big egos.
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