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  1. Agreed....... Both sides are fear mongers who prey on the emotions of different groups of people to promote their personal agenda. Democrats: Republicans hate women, anyone who's not rich and white and they want to kill grandma, welfare recipients and everyone without a job. They want to take all your money and put it into a military contractor's pocket. If we don't spend more on (insert social program here), it will kill jobs and the economy and all the poor children will die. Republicans: Democrats hate rich people, but only if you're white and not in Hollywood, they want to take your guns and religion away and take all your money in taxes. If we don't spend more on (insert military program here), our National Security is at risk and we will instantly be attacked by everyone else in the world and all the children will die.
  2. My VooDoo economics? Surplus in it's definition indicates that there was more revenue than expenditures. That did not happen, we still spent more than we took in as a nation, so who's really guilty of VooDoo economics? Wow........ We still had a $17.91 billion deficit. Twisting the wording around doesn't account for the facts, even though I do believe Clinton and his Republican Congress worked well together and we were soooooo close to where we needed to be on spending. Too bad it's just ballooned out of control since then, and even the people who called Bush "UnPatriotic" for running up so much debt now have no problem with the debt being added at a substantially higher rate.
  3. You are truly delusional, and it all makes sense now. You're a walking/typing Progessive billboard. And by the way, I'm not a Republican, as a Progressive, you'll love the fact that I am a Libertarian Constitutionalist and in that I hate both parties equally, but you just went on the typical full Progessive attack mode, quoting everything from the Progressive stance in almost one shot. And you brought up racism and that the GOP hates poor people. Good job. Sal Alinsky would be proud of you. Keysnesian Economics? Seriously? Yes, it's the basis of Macroeconomics, but in Macroeconomics you also learn that Government spending can push out spending by the Private Market because less is available in the market for Private Borrowing. Sound familiar? Keysnesian Economics only works in a totalitarian government. If it worked, we'd be already out of this recession with the two huge Stimulus bills that did absolutely nothing. If your Keysnesian Economics was so sound, why hasn't the Trillions that the Government pumped into the economy in the past 6 years made a dent?
  4. Actually as someone who has had multiple back surgeries, I can give you a little more insight. While the full swing does cause a little discomfort after a full round of golf, just 30 minutes of putting practice will make me stiffen up and make my back ache. It's probably why I don't practice enough. So I can relate with the back problems, but I have no problems making a correct stroke with my back problems with the putter. Does it hurt a little? Sure, but not that bad. More uncomfortable than anything. But I demo'd a long putter and couldn't hit anywhere near the hole with it and I think it looks silly. So I found a more comfortable putting stance that takes some of the stress off and I'm still using a standard putter. If the bending over problem bothers them, there's no length requirement on the putter, just that it can't be anchored. So they could slightly modify their current putting style and just keep the butt of the club off their chin, chest or belly. The still wouldn't have to bend over as much.
  5. You do realize that shortly after Bush took over, there was a recession that was caused by Clinton era policies? And by his aggressive tax cuts and policies, he pulled us out of it pretty quickly. I guess no one remembers that, since it's convenient to forget. And Clinton didn't actually have a budget surplus, he did what others have done and moved discretionary money around to make it appear that there was, but we were still racking up a national debt during that time, just nowhere as large as we are now. At least a part of the current melt-down was caused by Clinton era policies put in place.... ie Fanny May and Freddie Mac and pushing lending institutions to made risky home lones that came crashing down just a few years ago, and are still a big problem in my area. Look, I'm no Bush fan at all. I lost a lot of friends during my time in the Army before I was wounded and retired myself for no apparent reason and the Patriot Act was the largest Unconstitutional policy since the 1940's. But this 6 years later, blame Bush crap is getting a little old. While this started when Bush was in office, it could have been over for a long time now, given the proper policies and a more "hands-off" approach by Government toward big business. Obama won't even come out and say that the Sequester was his plan and idea at all now. All he wants to do is put police and fire personnel behind him and say they're going to lose their jobs when the fact is that 98% of police and fire are paid by local and state governments. If they can't make a 7% cut in discretionary spending without it being this massive overhaul that they say will hurt everyone, they need to go back to a simple budgeting class. I've loss more than 7% this year to my income because of health spending and tax increases, so I don't feel bad for any of them. They've had 18 months to figure this out, but it wasn't important to them. The ship is nowhere near upright. If anything it's being torn in two by separate entities who have two visions for America....... One, the wrong vision, which is leading to the path of Austerity measures because of rampant uncontrolled spending, and the other that doesn't want to get involved because they're not popular and really don't seem to have a clear cut vision of the future.
  6. Piercy has been the only true upset today so far. I was in the air about Garcia/Kuchar. That one could have went either way. I'm also not involved in this one, I must have missed it, but have another bracket going. I chose Poulter because I thought it was risky enough that not many would have chosen him (I figured Tiger/Rory would suck up the majority), but given his performance in match play in the past, he's always a threat to win in this format.
  7. That is not something I was taught, it was simply the feeling I got after he put me in the correct position and I began to hit the ball a lot straighter. I tend to rotate my hips along with my shoulders on the back swing, turning almost horizontally from the knees up, if that makes sense. Then I would rotate my hips very quickly when I started the downswing, which had me cutting across the ball horribly, and led to extreme shots off the toe, especially with the driver. I would also hit down into the ball with the driver my extreme miss was off the toe and crown (at the same time, if you can believe that) taking a divot on the inside of the tee, leaving the tee in place. It was a horrible period in my golf life, I almost quit playing because of it. I was actually told that with as close as I was standing to the ball (a byproduct of trying to stop the toe shots) and as fast as my hips turned, there was no way I could ever achieve an inside/out swing path, which makes sense, since when I actually tried to come from the inside, I would hit the ground behind the ball. I have been trying to follow the S&T; book and DVD, there's no certified instructor in North Carolina, but I wasn't doing very well. Another S&T; guy (who's a lot better than I am and plays to a 6hc) recommended a guy named Anthony C. (I won't even attempt to spell his last name) who is not a certified S&T; instructor, just a PGA Apprentice, but teaches the same fundamentals and helped him out a lot when he first started S&T.; Upon going to see him, he was indeed teaching me the same fundamentals covered in the S&T; materials I own, which truly helped me get into the proper positions and to "feel" what I should on a good shot. I thought I was doing things right, but since I can't see my own swing, I was incorrectly performing the simple fundamentals. If there was an authorized S&T; Instructor or 5SK instructor within an hour drive of me, I would be taking a lot more lessons, but as far as the fundamentals of S&T; for someone who's just learning the swing, it was very helpful to have someone see what I was doing wrong, and put me in the correct position so that I could feel it. I will be the first to admit that I am just starting to retool and rethink my swing and learn what should be correct after this meltdown, and this entire process may not be the final golf voyage I take, but working on just the fundamentals has seemed to really improve my ball striking when I execute them correctly, and I'm actually starting to learn and feel "why" the ball did what it did and based on that, what I did wrong on that particular swing. While my handicap is still stagnant after I completely lost my swing (I need to update it, I am a 22 now after my meltdown), I finally feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel of horrible golf and that I'm getting close to emerging into mediocre golf. Seriously, I went from a 12 to a 24 in the span of one year and have worked it back down to a 22 in the past 2 months with a major swing change in there. I thought it was a slump, but they don't last a year, so it was obviously time to change the way I looked at the golf swing.
  8. After a couple practice sessions, it disappears. The red dot is very easy to cover up, and anyone with a decent setup shouldn't have a problem with it after you get used to not concentrating on it all the time. When you first get it, you do tend to pay too much attention to the RST, but like I said, after a couple practice sessions and the 1st round, you do it without even noticing.
  9. I like it.......... Although I did have a conversation with a friend that said he wouldn't watch the rest because he didn't know who half the players are or anything about them. To me, that makes it even more intriguing. I think it shows how deep the fields are compared to just a few years ago, when you knew the winner was going to be one of a few people. I have no clue who's going to take this one.
  10. Here's my experience with both.... I bought the SeeMore FGP Mallet and worked with the RST and it seemed that I was pulling putts consistently. I wasn't really pulling them, I was aiming my feet left because my previous putter fooled my eyes into thinking I was square to the line, but it was actually open. I adjusted that over time with my body. So once I started practicing by lining up my foot line to the intended line, my putts were consistently on the starting line. And then......... I got a bonus from work, so I set up a fitting for an Edel putter with David Orr. I took both my old Taylormade putter and my new SeeMore. With the changes I had made to my setup because the RST allowed me to setup face square to my stance, I was aimed 8" right with the Taylormade. When I setup with the SeeMore, I was almost dead on the cup, typically 1/4" to 1/2" left. I still went through the entire fitting process, but didn't buy the Edel, I just paid for the fitting. If I would have went for the Edel fitting before I adjusted my setup, the Edel would have been a miracle putter, considering I was 8" off with my old putter. I really wanted the Edel, but after doing the fitting process and seeing no difference, it was apparent that I would not see an improvement. With one simple tweak, the SeeMore fit the the way I see straight. I still think the Edel fitting process is awesome for someone who has a consistent, reliable and repeatable stroke and wants a putter that fits what that individual sees as straight. The SeeMore just ensures a consistent setup, it doesn't mean that you're aiming where you think you are.
  11. I didn't go quite as short, mine is 32", but I had it cut down for about the same reason. I can just lean over and my arms hang comfortably and naturally, which has really helped me a lot. Now I'm working on alignment.
  12. Background: I was a player who could shoot an 84 one day and a 104 the next. I just had no consistency in my swing. I have an instructor who works with me when I need him, and he seems to make some changed that just take a long time to engrain into my muscle memory. So I decided to buy Stack and Tilt to work on here at the house. At first it was alien, and I struggled to hit anything well, my average rounds shot up to a 106 stroke average. I was about to stop, but decided to stick with it and try to improve. Going to the range 3 or 4 times a week and playing 2 rounds per week during the winter. After about 2 weeks, I noticed my irons were starting to come around. I was still fading the ball, but it was very predictable. The shoulder turn prescribed made a huge difference out on the course. I could play it. My driver and fairway woods went to complete crap and I couldn't hit the at all. Went to my instructor and we identified that my lower body had too much movement in it on the backswing, including swaying. I really thought I was trying to keep my hips centered on the backswing. He gave me a new "feel" wit the driver which is completely alien to me right now, but I've stuck with it and after 2 weeks of work on the driver, it's actually coming around. By feeling like I'm bracing my hips from turning and thinking of "Back to Target/Chest to Target", I have made huge strides in my driver swing. Getting the weight to shift that far forward has been a challenge to me, but when I get it right, it's beautiful. I'm going to stick with it and keep practicing until there's grass on the ground and see what I can shoot this year. My goal is to shoot mid-80's on most of my local courses.
  13. Well, when none of them (representatives and executives alike, regardless of party) have been able to perform a mandated function (a budget) in years, I would agree that they don't "need no freakin' vacations". In fact, they "don't need no freakin' paycheck" until they at least do the minimum required of them.
  14. That seems about right. Anything between 10-15% loss through the drivetrain is completely acceptable.
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