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  1. Oh I don't think that's ass-like at all. Sounds like you may even be tipping me off to concentrate on the basics - and I welcome that. I think I'm on the right path with taking lessons, clinics and just having a complete re-set before hitting the links. The ball is only piece of equipment you use on every stroke so I want to make sure that I am not ignoring it. I was also just curious as to how people test balls. Starting out, I read that the e12 soft were more concussive for slower than 100mph swing speeds. That's why I began with them. At what point should I change, If any? I
  2. To be more clear - I do mean make and/or model ball. Since I am fairly new, I have no preference to what brand. Just whatever I can hit straight. I have used a few e6's over the last two weeks and they play the same (for me) as the e12's. Obviously the e6's a cheaper so I was thinking about buying a couple dozen.
  3. That's one problem that I have. I too will hit randoms that I find. A lot of times, I will like them - lose them, then wonder if I should by a couple dozen and try them.
  4. As some may remember, I not new to the sport however I AM new to taking it serious and actually improving my game. I found some forgiving clubs and have had a few lessons. I read that Bridgestone e12 soft were more for my game - swing speed under 100mph and trying to reduce slices. The lessons have helped the slice and quite a few other things. I've played 14 rounds with the e12s. I guess my questions are: A) What makes you change balls? B) How many rounds do you play in order to test a ball? A certain amount of boxes? C) And are the e12's much better than the e6's ?
  5. How much difference is there between the Bridgestone e6 and e12?
  6. Is there much difference between e6 and e12? I'm fairly new to taking golf seriously now that I'm over 50 so I'm not really sure how much I should experiment with different balls. I started with e12 red (to see) and I like them. I was wondering if I should try the e6's even though they're older. Right now, I was looking for something really forgiving and read that e12's are. Are the 6's more forgiving?
  7. Ballgame59


    As an American in his 50's, I grew up playing and watching all of the major sports. Then a few years ago I started watching rugby. I watched casually since the last World Cup however this last year, I have been really into it. I like both Northern Hemisphere as well as Southern. So now I set my DVR to record as many NRL matches as possible and watch at night. State of Origin in 4 days! Anyone else dig the sport?
  8. I used them quite a bit in the Navy in the late 80's. Worked like a charm. I occasionally use them now but not as much since I now use Off more often.
  9. Welcome! This place is pretty awesome and has a lot to offer.
  10. I've been thinking about this as well (for the last 4 weeks at least). It's all going to come down to how often I walk. I almost pulled the trigger yesterday but I really had to think about how often I am going to walk. I like to walk however living in Florida, it's not always a great idea. And none of my golf friends like to walk. So I rent a push cart when I go solo. So far this year, I've played my local par 27 course three times and par 67 once. I walked all four times but it's all been solo. I have a tee time Monday with a buddy who wanted to ride. So......
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I wasn't sure how important having a round attested was. I guess it really doesn't matter.
  12. Bump. I just started playing again after about 7 years. This time, I am actually playing and not just out for the social aspect. I've played 4 times (All solo) in the last 5 weeks. I've never played more than 5 times in a year before. I've also discovered The Grint however I guess I need to have my scores "attested" to have a handicap? Not sure how it works. I pretty much suck. I've been playing my local par 3/9 hole course and have scored 41, 37 & 36. Today I shot a 91 on my local 67 par course. I'm hoping to go and play Monday in Tampa so I have really caught the bug. My question is
  13. Just bought the Bridgestone e12 soft in RED and had no trouble today (first time using a colored ball). I too have trouble finding the ball in the air now.
  14. Update: Here's my new bag.....Ping G-Max red dot irons (5-W), a Titleist Vokey 56 and Mizuno JPX 900 D, FW 3H & 4H. Also a Ray Cook Sigma mallet. I topped about 75% of my shots with the hybrids (trying them at the range). I'm going to have to get used to those. They also gave me a Titleist cart bag as well as a Titleist Sunday bag. I played 9 with my old clubs 2 weeks ago then test drove my new irons outside of the range and immediately shot 4 better this week and would have probably been 3 better if I knew how to read the greens. These clubs were way more forgiving. That's
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