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  1. My Swing (Antneye)

    I went out over lunch for a quick range session. My primary focus was maintaining the posture adjustments I have made. I definitely like the feel of it and the results on my driver are much improved. Of course, this is golf, so all of my other clubs were problematic. My irons were all either slight draws or big slices. Prior to this adjustment my irons were flying pretty straight with the occasional draw or fade. Even my 3 wood was slicing and that is something I have not seen in a while. I assume it is just a reaction to the new stance and it will take some work to dial the swing in so I am not going to panic. I can tell from my divots that I am definitely cutting across the ball with my irons. All divots were flowing left of target and out to in...something I have not seen in quite some time. I'm not entirely sure what to focus on with this iron issue as I felt like I was not coming over the top, but I was clearly cutting across the ball. I'm not sure when I will be able to get video of me actually hitting balls.
  2. My Swing (Antneye)

    Thanks! I'll keep an eye on the chin.
  3. My Swing (Antneye)

    Here is another video, this time with a 6 iron, of my adjusted posture. I know the lack of a ball minimizes the usefulness of the video, but I am strictly looking at posture and balance. This adjustment seems to have really stabilized my head from going forward but I do seem to have a slight sway back away from target (not sure if that is a major concern though). I played a round of golf on Friday and had my best day of ball striking with my driver in quite some time, but my irons were a bit erratic as I adjust to this. Feedback on this is welcome please.
  4. My Swing (Antneye)

    I ended up going back to where I bought my driver to get re-fit because I wanted to eliminate the driver shaft as a cause of my driver inconsistency. I am glad I went because it ends up being one item less I have to worry about. The Pro who fitted me ended up putting me in a different stock shaft for my Cobra F7 (no charge). The new an my old are both regular, but the new one is a little stiffer down towards the club head (I forget the actual terminology) and although the two were close my results with the new shaft had a much tighter dispersion pattern. While I was getting fit he through in some tips for me. It seems I had migrated back to being pretty hunched over and my balance was pretty bad. Below are some practice swings with my adjusted posture. It looks like my head is pretty stable and not darting towards the ball as it was in the past. I can't wait to get out and hit some balls to see how it feels.
  5. Winter improvement plan

    I am going to play as much as I can and try to still hit the range once or twice a week. I need to refocus on my work away from the range. Biggest item other than the basic golf stuff is losing weight. I put on 20 pounds since the beginning of summer and I am really feeling it. I need to get back in shape.
  6. Golf Digest Best in State

    Congrats guys. I wish I was closer so I could come for lessons. I am still searching for someone to work with live. I see Julie Cole is 14 on the list for NC and is the closest to me of the NC instructors so I may have to sign up with her for a few sessions.
  7. When is it too cold to golf?

    I like it to be above 45. This typically means I have to compensate by teeing off later in the day as winter arrives. Those early morning tee times just don't work in Jan/Feb.
  8. My Swing (Antneye)

    I have not been able to film in ages, but I am stuck between sessions (and rounds) that feel as if it is all clicking, and then having disastrous sessions where I feel I have made no progress whatsoever. I am coming off a total blow-up round on a very difficult course and am feeling antsy because I do not know when I can next get to the range. HCP holding steady at 21.6 over the last month or so. Still down from where I started, but not moving fast enough for my liking.
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    You wouldn't be disappointed. There are some very nice courses in the area.
  10. Winter Depression Thread

    In January and February you can certainly golf, but you wait until the afternoon. Even a morning that starts out below freezing is usually around 60 by 1 or 2 o'clock. Charlotte has some really great weather for golfing as long as you don't mind the heat of mid-summer. July/August can feel like you are golfing on the surface of the sun, but I don't mind the heat and play right through it.
  11. Winter Depression Thread

    if it makes you feel any better, my desirable climate has done nothing for my handicap :)
  12. Winter Depression Thread

    This thread makes me happy to live in Charlotte.
  13. DeadMan and PhillyK Play Pinehurst No. 2

    I played it in May and the greens were rolling at US Open speeds because there was a big tournament coming up (or so the caddie told me). My simple thought onthe course is that Tee to Green is fairly basic, but once you get to the greens it is a different story. The caddie definitely was a huge help for me in terms of reading the greens. It was a great experience.
  14. I am curious to see the responses on this. My driver was initially set up with a closed face and I just adjusted it to neutral and am pleased with the early results. I have my assumptions why but may learn something in this thread.
  15. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Played this past weekend and took a 9 on the second hole par 5. Oops. The challenge did not last long that day.

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