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  1. I’ve slowed down a bit on my practice but I’m still working on my swing. I shot 88 last week and my handicap is coming back down but I’m kind of stuck for the last month or so and not really sure what my focus should be. Looking at my video I feel I may be getting a little flippy. My biggest miss with my irons is hitting fat shots. With the driver it’s a two way miss. Contact with my driver is the best it’s ever been but I’m still prone to spraying it.
  2. Stonebridge in Waxhaw NC 46-42: 88 I finally got back in the 80’s. It’s been a long time. Started out horribly with two triples in the first 6 holes but then went -1 over the next 7 holes. The best I’ve hit my irons in ages. All the hard work is starting to pay off.
  3. Are you kidding me? I’m in first place and did not get my alert this week. Another season torched because of failed reminders (I know it’s ultimately my fault but I’m pissed regardless)
  4. Got to the range yesterday. Felt like I was hitting things a little fat. Not sure where that came from.
  5. Day 77 light session just focused on tightening up some fundamentals from my early days with swing plane work.
  6. Day 75 back to my normal routine. Chipping/pitching and full swing work w/ foam ball in garage.
  7. Day 73 played 18 today. Best my driver and irons have been in YEARS! Sadly I’m still struggling around the greens.
  8. Day 71 pitching drills and my normal swing routine. Paying extra attention to my downswing feel to clean up my plane.
  9. Finally got some video although I was a bit rushed because I spent a lot of time chipping and putting. I did not check after each shot it so I ended up cutting off the top of the swing but I think it’s still serviceable. I hit the driver really well. It’s been coming around nicely. Irons were a little fat and I was surprised by that since I’ve been hitting them well of late. I don’t love what I see on my swing plane. It seems to have regressed a bit so I’m going to pay a bit more attention to that in my daily work. Thoughts?
  10. Day 70 spent an hour on the range chipping/putting and getting some video of my full swing. I’ll get it up either tonight or tomorrow.
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