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  1. I just picked up lowest score wins. Loving it!
  2. I also finally bought the book. Great stuff.
  3. Yes. That was great stuff and where I've been staying. As tempted as I was to do all 30 days (I viewed it all) I am trying to focus on the drills that effect my primary piece.
  4. Thanks. I'll dig into this and try to apply it.
  5. Thanks. Are you referring to the initial takeaway of the club or my overall shoulder angle of rotation. I want to make sure I'm zeroing in on the proper piece. I suspect you are referring to the initial (poor one piece takeaway)
  6. I rigged a setup in the garage (hitting a foam ball) to try to get the lines right. My primary focus right now is trying to get my swing more on plane. Key pieces are head not going down and trying to get to key 2 properly. My driver struggles are well documented but much improved. My main struggle right now is low ball flight so I went back and watched some of the 5SK videos and am working on the drills for key 2 that talk about how to fix that. I do a few slow mapping swings and then three strikes. The first is horrible and one of the misses I'm prone to making. I thought the next two were better but still need work. I'm only showing DTL since I can't get a good FV in the garage. Edit: for the observant ones out there, yes I've lost 60 pounds. I should mention that I've lost a ton of distance and I'm not sure if that is the reason or just failing mechanics.
  7. Hey guys, it's been a while. I had made steady improvement and kind of checked out a bit as life got in the way. After getting down to an 18 I'm now at a 20 and going backwards. I'm back to working on my original issues and rereading this thread has been helpful. I'll try to post some video even though I still don't have the perfect equipment to film. (I really need to do this)
  8. Struggling with it but will keep working on it. Played today and I was a hot mess.
  9. On the drill for palmar flexion (no idea if I spelled that right or used the proper term) I am struggling with my wrists feeling too tight when I try to apply that move. Any tips on how to do that without tensing your wrists? I feel like I am locking them up if that makes any sense.
  10. I'm way late to the game but am loving this thread. Perfect timing since my swing has fallen apart again and I have been going back to basics to try to fix things. Great job.
  11. I've always wondered why there are no videos in this thread for key 5? Can anyone point me to some?
  12. Do they follow this school of teaching?
  13. I'd really like to get some instruction but their does not seem to be an instructor in the Charlotte NC area. Any recommendations on options for me?
  14. I'm back and ready to defend my aborted title run. Hope my Gmail notifications don't let me down again. I coulda' been somebody!
  15. All I have is the standard advice you will find on here. Create a swing thread and post some video. The feedback you get will be very helpful.
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