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  1. Day 76 Range session working on short game and full swing for about 90 minutes.
  2. Day 75 back to my normal routine. Chipping/pitching and full swing work w/ foam ball in garage.
  3. Day 73 played 18 today. Best my driver and irons have been in YEARS! Sadly I’m still struggling around the greens.
  4. Day 71 pitching drills and my normal swing routine. Paying extra attention to my downswing feel to clean up my plane.
  5. Finally got some video although I was a bit rushed because I spent a lot of time chipping and putting. I did not check after each shot it so I ended up cutting off the top of the swing but I think it’s still serviceable. I hit the driver really well. It’s been coming around nicely. Irons were a little fat and I was surprised by that since I’ve been hitting them well of late. I don’t love what I see on my swing plane. It seems to have regressed a bit so I’m going to pay a bit more attention to that in my daily work. Thoughts?
  6. Day 70 spent an hour on the range chipping/putting and getting some video of my full swing. I’ll get it up either tonight or tomorrow.
  7. Day 69 I continued incorporating early extension drills into my normal practice routine along with the Covid pitching drill. Also rolled a few putts down a yard stick.
  8. Lancaster Golf club in Lancaster SC. Today I tackled one of my nemesis courses. 48-48 split for a 96. I shot a 105 there last week. Ball striking was really good except for losing my driver midway through the round which cost me at least 5 strokes. My irons were crisp and if not for horrendous putting (37 putts even with holing out on one hole) I should have pressed breaking 90. I had 5 3 putts on easy pars. I’m not happy with the score but I’m feeling very good with what I’m seeing. Short game practice is needed. Chipping and putting is killing me. I’m absolutely loving my short irons right now.
  9. My post from yesterday did not record so I hope this counts: Day 67 worked on easy extension drills with a chair behind me. Focused on not separating from the chair. Day 68 played 18 today. Ball striking was still showing progress although I started to fight a big hook with my driver on the back 9. Putting and chipping continues to cost me strokes. 37 putts today even with a hole-out. I need to work on my short game badly.
  10. Fair point. I just assumed that since my swing has not changed from my last video it would be redundant. I’ll try to get to the range soon. Thanks as always.
  11. No new video since I don't think there is anything new to show. I'm posting looking for some advice. My full swing is much improved but I suffer from standing up through impact which leads to a lot of toe strikes. It is so much that I have to line the ball up on the hozzel and still end up with some toe strikes. I'm familiar with the wall drill and do that from time to time but I'm trying to get to the root cause of early extension to try to figure out what I should be focusing on to address it within my swing. I think this needs to be my priority piece if I'm going to make the next jump in my ball striking. Compensating by lining up on the hozzel is not going to solve the issue and will only lead to negative feedback when I do things right only to end up with a shank off the hozzel.
  12. Thanks! I figured my golf swing knowledge would never help get me into this thread so it was going to take something like this. Had you made the poker game you might have been also been able to thank me for donating money to you. 😂
  13. Day 66 Spent time on the Covid Pitching drill. Turning my focus to getting back to a more balanced approach to my practice since my full swing has been much improved. I'm not stopping my work on my full swing but I need to stop neglecting the rest of my game if I am going to see score improvement.
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