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  1. Day 33 Same routine. No changes but I need to slow it down to see if I can get the transition feel to stick at higher speeds.
  2. Day 32 same practice as prior days. Trying to work in a feel at transition to help fix my OTT. It seems to be helping but it’s proving hard to fix completely.
  3. I’m always on team Phil. I just need to honor the restraining order to not mess up his game.
  4. I am, but I've never been able to find a good enough quality video to say definitively who us me. I am facing him and basically sitting on my butt under the rope. It's possible I'm the guy who is sitting a little more up the tee box, but I recall being directly in front of him and not up the box because we made direct eye contacts straight on as he was walking up to place his tee.
  5. Yeah, the second shot was ridiculous. I didn’t have nearly as close a view but I was behind him and had no idea what he was thinking.
  6. I’ve got my roster set but received no alerts. Could be another short season for me if they don’t fix that.
  7. This thread is about driver but talks about the importance of axis tilt. I haven’t looked at your video but this will give you the reasons why as opposed to having a gimmicky thought in your head.
  8. I really enjoyed this movie and don’t think that any of the political shit going down today matters in terms of its relevancy. A great story about a time in our history when the racial divide was legitimized by law. Just a great story about two people bonding regardless of the world around them. If we focused more on stories like this, rather than what the powers that be want us fighting over, the world would be a better place. I would give this a birdie (I’ve been typing and editing for so long that I have no idea if I’m agreeing or disagreeing with Iacas).
  9. Hole 10 at Stonebridge in Monroe NC. Easy dogleg right with water covering the right side. Any shot right is in the water except for my horrendous pop up to the right that only traveled about 125 yards or so. My choice is to hit a layup back into the fairway and leave a long approach shot or hit over the water hoping to carry it 165-170 over the water and hopefully end up with a short chip to the green. To add to the dilemma I can’t hit my 4 iron to save my life (it’s my 180 club) and have no confidence in my hybrid or woods. Having just struck a solid 4 iron a few holes ago I decided to go for it and hit the best 4i I’ve hit in a year. Cleared the water with room to spare and set it up perfectly for a possible up and down.
  10. Since it’s Winged Foot I may as well share my Phil Mickelson story with you all. I was there when he blew it on 18. Not only was I there but I was on my knees under the rope directly across from him as he lined up for his drive on 18. As he walked into the box I said, and I quote, “ come on Phil! Hit it down the middle and let’s go get that trophy!” Phil being Phil looked at me, nodded his head and smiled at me. When he hit his errant drive I could not see it because I was so low to the ground surrounded by a mob of people. I just started cheering immediately until I saw his reaction. My wife kneed me in the back because of how bad my timing was. The rest is history. I’ve had the pleasure of getting up close to Phil a number of times at Quail Hollow and Augusta since then and every time I do he seems to blow up. Out of respect to him I have stopped going near him whenever I’m at a tournament. I’m his Kryptonite. I’d love to meet him someday to ask if he remembers our encounter before taking the single shot that has haunted him for 15 years.
  11. I’m about 90 minutes from Pinehurst and there is absolutely nothing there but golfing. The workforce will need to be imported as the surrounding area is nothing but farms. I go out there quite often to play because there are so many choices but there is honestly not much else around. It makes sense to keep building the area around golf because it’s that or nothing and golfers typically have more disposable income than most. I agree with @iacas that #2 does not make for a great US Open. Having played it, it is not very interesting tee to green but the greens are utterly ridiculous. There’s not much they can really do to change the course up much other than picking silly pin positions.
  12. Oh yeah, I totally get it. That’s what leads to my gambling conundrum. I want a lower HCP, but I also like getting the extra strokes 🤣 I’m going backwards right now and it sucks because I’m playing worse than my handicap so I’m getting crushed. When I turn it around I will be able to pay for all those lost balls.
  13. I don’t get why anyone would try to overstate their handicap. Do they hate money? I obsess over lowering mine but I hate when I improve and get less strokes against my buddies.
  14. I’ma big fan of the Srixon Q-Star and you can usually get them around $15 a dozen when they run deals on golfballs.com or Carl’s Golfland. I just wait for sales and buy them in bulk.
  15. Just a few pics of A2 and the top. I feel there has been a lot of progress here even if it is not perfect. I am rolling the arms back far less and letting my rotation get the arms up. It looks to me that I am rotating quite a bit more at A2 and I am not behind my shirt seam at the top. I still have the issue of my shoulder angle steepening when I start the downswing but it is far far less than it was just 30 days ago. I went back and compared to my posts from then and it’s a pretty big difference. Hoping to get to the range no later than the weekend for some new video.
  16. Done. For others having the same issue it turns out you (well, at least I) do not see that on my mobile web browser. I had to go to my desktop client to do it.
  17. Take my advice with a grain of salt but it looks to me that you are stalling out your lower body rotation and getting to armsy. Weight is going forward but you are not rotating your hips enough on the downswing. They don’t seem to be leading the swing if that makes any sense.
  18. Thanks. Hopefully someone chimes in. I don’t see that as an option. No biggie. Putting in the work is what matters. The badge is not the goal 😁
  19. Day 31 Same as prior days. I think I figured out that I am still rolling over my forearms quite a bit in the backswing. Added in focus of getting hands higher and back with rotation of body, not rotating my forearms. It seems to have helped with OTT, but made some horrible contact on quite a few. I’m due for a video check in if I can get out to the range
  20. Day 30 same focus and drills as yesterday. Feel good about getting to A2. Started adding in a forward press as my swing trigger. Still struggling with not getting steep at beginning of downswing.
  21. No video today, just an update. I have taken @boogielicious advice and am working hard on getting to A2. I played a round yesterday and struck the ball better than I have in a long time. This was the second round in a row where my distance was back to normal and I also went through a stretch where I was absolutely crushing my driver before totally losing it again. To be honest, I had my son giving me some on course advice with the driver and I kind of got away from my normal swing trying to do what he was asking. It worked for a stretch but then it got ugly. I’m going to just stick to what I’ve been working on since it has gotten much better even without the tinkering. The biggest takeaway from the round was something @iacas talked about in the Covid thread.....having a swing trigger. I added a slight forward press on my irons and the results were spectacular. My low irons, which had been previously unhittable, started flying their old distance with a slight fade. I am not a big hitter and my 4i is about 180 when it is on. I landed one on the green from about 178 and also had enough confidence to grab it after a bad drive left me with a horrible line that forced me to take a 160 yard carry over water to get back in the hole. Normally I would have just chipped sideways and still been a long way from the hole but I had so much confidence in the club that I just went with it and carried the water leaving me a short chip and a shot at an up and down. Other than the erratic driver the only real negative was my putting. I was pushing every putt and ended up with 39 putts on the day. A waisted opportunity to put up a decent score but it felt great having confidence with the low irons again.
  22. Played Stonebridge in Monroe NC. Barely beat the fading daylight and shot 96 mostly because of 39 putts and 5 penalty strokes. Struck the ball much better today including my low irons but totally lost my driver on the back 9.
  23. My round was actually yesterday and my score is not an official round. I took a lot of liberties since it was slow and I had time to kill so it was really more of a practice round. I shot 101 even with those liberties (which were mostly tinkering with my driver and taking a couple of extra shots trying to work on things. Most of the pain on the card was due to penalty strokes on tee shots and losing strokes putting and chipping. My mid to high irons were crisp and dialed in but I am all over the place with the longer clubs. I just cannot seem to hit my 4 or 5 iron. I keep hitting weak push slices with them but put a 6 iron in my hand and I’m hitting a crisp draw to a slight pull with it. Overall I feel like I’m going in the right direction even though my handicap is going backwards. Had a bit of an aha moment with my alignment. My son noticed that I am lined up to the right with my driver even though I felt I was aiming at my target. I’m going to try to keep a better eye on that going forward since most of my penalty strokes where drives that I hit right and OB.
  24. I feel like I was the inspiration for this post because of how dense I’m being in My Swing thread. Please do not dispute that. Let me feel important. great post!
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