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  1. I will be out there tomorrow. Can't wait! Haven't seen anything today due to meetings.
  2. I won't get giddy, but I am seeing positive results from all of my swing work. Range sessions have been great and I played in a scramble this past weekend and had everything working. I even won the longest drive competition! I don't know when I will play a regular round at this point because my calendar is a mess, but I can't wait to get back out there. For now it is just regular off course practice to stay sharp.
  3. If anyone should have given up on the driver it is me. It is my nemesis and has been the focus of my golf swing for about a year. Should I give it up? Maybe. But then I would not be working on improving my game and that just wouldn't be fun to me. I'd rather shoot 100 with the driver, knowing that if I figure the club out I can get myself into the mid-80's, than settle for 92-95 but knowing that I have a gaping hole in my game. Besides....Hitting driver is fun!
  4. So sad. As the father of 17 and 15 year old boys this really hits home. As they enter the years of experimentation and start to get exposed to the world of alcohol and drugs it is a constant worry.
  5. I think so, but have I made any improvement? I know what I am working on, but I am not sure if I am going in the right direction. I'm not really sure what else to try to get where I need to go.
  6. Me and my youngest got out to the range today to see if we could work on some things. The entire focus of my work was stabilizing my head movement and getting the swing back under control. I felt the results were very encouraging but I am very interested in any feedback you may have on what the video shows. IThanks in advance for any advice you may have! As an added bonus, I am including some footage of my son. He is 15 and his game is starting to come together. And now the boy.....
  7. Wouldn't this mean he is falling toward the ball on his downswing? I see, the same thing on my swing and it was pointed out as something I should fix but I assumed it to mean I was moving forward (towards the ball), not standing up.
  8. I think it's been said already, but start a swing thread and let's see if the swing is as good as the pro says. You will be amazed at the great feedback you will get and will come away with items you need to work on.
  9. I don't add up my score, but I mostly know where I am. Since my primary goal is to pay bogie golf right now I typically know where I stand against bogie....so if I go par, bogey, bogey on the first three holes, in my head I am one under par. That gives me a sense of where I stand relative to 90 and I am content with that.
  10. It seems my back 9 from my last round has lingered. I have totally forgotten how to hit a golf ball. I played yesterday and lost my entire bag. Driver was my worst club. I. Was right back to hitting everything to the right with big slices. 55-48 for my first >100 in my last 11 rounds. I finally got so frustrated that I asked my son to film a drive. I did not look at it until I got home because I didn't want to add more noise to my head. When I finally looked I was horrified. Every thing that I was doing wrong on day 1 was back.... Most notably a ton of movement down and towards the ball with my head, and a huge move towards the ball with my hips. I have no idea how it all came back seemingly in the middle of my last round, but the proof is in the video below.... I am going back to basics and not even thinking about changing my priority pieces until this is cleaned up.
  11. I'm knocking on the door of this thread....just a few decimal points away from 22 and trending down!
  12. I definitely need to get some video up for some feedback on where I stand after all of the work that I have done. I just have not been able to coordinate my son coming to film me. My scores ( and handicap) are coming down and I now have 10 straight scores in the 90's but some of these rounds are just mind boggling. Yesterday I played Providence Country Club in Charlotte and put up a great front 9 with a 45 going out. The first sign of trouble was an errant drive on 9 that lead to a double bogey. I get to 10 and lose a drive way right. I got the driver to stabilize over the remaining holes but then, inexplicably I could not hit an iron straight to save my life. Everything started going hard left and penalty strokes just started piling up. I closed the 9 with 3 pars, 5 triples and 1 bogey. How is that even possible? 45-53 split for a 98. I hit the range over lunch and my irons were right back to normal (which means they were fairly accurate if not crisply at the flag). Driver was about the same and much improved from where I started. My biggest troubles right now are hitting my hybrid. I removed my 4i for my hybrid but with how much I am struggling with it I am considering putting the 4i back in my bag temporarily. I feel as if I have the main principles that I have been working on worked into my swing but clearly there is a lot of inconsistency. Head is much more steady, posture is better, right leg is losing flex on the backswing, swing is on a much smoother plan.....or so I think. NEED VIDEO!!!!
  13. I was up and down on Speith and never quite sure if I was a fan or not. In terms of talent there is no doubt he is the real thing, but after this weekend I am firmly going to fall into rooting for "anyone but Speith". I have a track record of rooting against any athlete who is considered to be the "anointed one" so this is no shock. Other than Phil and Jack I can't really remember ever rooting for someone who wasn't the underdog. As Phil fades away I am becoming a Fowler guy, but I really like Kuchar and hope he manages to win one soon. With Rory's struggles I can see myself rooting for him to get back on track. I will be having a lot of miserable Sundays if no one steps up to be the Ying to Speith's Yang over the next decade.
  14. I've never been a huge Speith guy, and was never quite sure why. Today has cemented it for me. I still can't quite place it. Something in his demeanor just rubs me the wrong way.
  15. You are probably correct, but his name will be repeated over and over again at every major. If the record stands the test of time his name will be well known. I'm on team Kuch today. Would love to see him finally win one.
  16. People are scoring this morning It seems like people are making moves, but none of it will matter if the conditions are the same when the leaders tee off.
  17. I signed the petition but do not think it will be successful. Just the other day I heard one of the officials rave about that particular rule change on Golf Channel.
  18. Had the day off due to guests coming into town but they had to cancel at the last minute. I'm not complaining about having nothing to do on this particular Friday morning/afternoon.
  19. Agreed. I do a lot of non-ball contact work in my garage (sometimes with a foam ball as well) on a mat and I can easily identify the fat wings from the true swings.
  20. I have to admit to spitting a little coffee out of my mouth on this one. Well done :) Jack: I wouldn't dare try to add much, but I can say from the work I've been doing that allowing that right leg to straighten has really helped me a lot. You've got some great feedback above. Good luck!
  21. Can Phil play day 1 without a driver and then decide to put it in the bag on day 2?
  22. I could have starred in "Prison Break" if it was based on poor golfers.
  23. So I got out today at a reasonable hour and was able to play at a measured pace. No rushing. Took my time around the greens. Played the course and did not force my driver into holes where it did not belong. Ended up having a nice day on the course but unfortunately the back 9 was played through a steady drizzel. I'm not sure if that affected me or not. I guess maybe on my putting because I really had the green speed down after having played it yesterday and as the rain continued they slowed down a bit and I didn't have quite the same touch that I did on the front (but that's really nitpicking). All in all it was a mixed day. My driver was not very good, nor was it horrible. My irons went from great to bad by hole and my play around the greens was basically good with a couple really bad blow-up shots that ended up costing me multiple strokes. Bottom line was a 47-49 96. I definitely faded down the stretch. Now that my work road-trip is coming to an end I plan on getting back into my practice regimen. 3 days in a row is a lot of play for me and I could feel the swing getting away from me a bit with each passing day. I wont get to even get to the range until next week so I am going to go back to my wall drills, mirror work, posture etc and see what the next range session brings. I definitely feel like my game has improved from when I started my swing thread, but I have a long way to go. The good news is that I have not carded >100 in a while and before I started this I was struggling to break 100.
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