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  1. Note to self: Never get giddy. I got to my next work destination a little early and went to the course expecting to just hit a bucket, but ended up going out for another round instead since I had just enough daylight. It was another rushed round but I played ok for the most part. When it came to the driver though I was extremely inconsistent and just never could capture what I had going the last few sessions. I think I know what was going on and just need to get out to the range to re-ground myself. Everything just felt sloppy and rushed. Tomorrow is another day.
  2. I'm interested in this as well as all of my struggles have been with consistency of my full swing. I'm still working on the full swing and have a ways to go, but I'm sure there are other areas I will need to turn my attention to as the full swing starts to take up less of my time. I always say I am pretty good around the green with my short game (pitches/chips etc.) but I am sure there is room for a lot of improvement. The game is so nuanced that I doubt a recreational player will ever truly be able to practice every aspect that is required to excel. For now, if I can start breaking 90 fairly consistently I will be content. I certainly won't be giving this too much thought until I am starting to push into the lower 80's is my guess.
  3. I have to admit to being genuinely giddy over my last two rounds. I really want to get some video up of the way I am swinging to see if it is any different than my recent videos. I feel as if I am really staying steady with my head. None of my old faults are showing up in terms of the result, but until I get some video up and receive some feedback on it I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.
  4. I was traveling for work today so I decided to pull over on the way and squeeze a round in. I was really interested to see if I would strike the ball as well as I was during the scramble I played in. The round was very rushed as I was chasing daylight and I had no warm-ups of any kind. I was thrilled to see that I still had the driver firing on all cylinders and my irons were even better than the other day. I probably left about 5 strokes out there because I was just walking up to every putt and not even trying to line them up. The round was just about seeing if the other day was a fluke or whether it may all be finally coming together. I ended up going 46-45 for a 91. To be fair I took a few liberties (one mulligan on the back when I found myself really rushing and just put a horrendous swing on the ball, and another on a putt that I literally just walked up to and should have easily made, but I'm not really even caring about the score being 100% accurate since it was such a race around the track. I got 18 complete in about 2:30. I cannot believe the way I am hitting my driver. It is the best I have ever hit it. Pure, solid, mostly down the middle and long. It does not get much better than this on a golf course. I am really encouraged that with some work I will be getting my handicap to my short term target of 18 before long. Hoping to play a round for score on Tuesday if work cooperates.
  5. Good Luck! I'm not the one you want swing advice from, but I would highly recommend you drag a friend to the range and at minimum use a cell phone to get some swings recorded. All you need is a cell phone and a youtube account. If you check out my swing thread you can see that there is nothing fancy about my videos but it is more than enough to get good feedback. Edit: Re-reading this it seems you do have video but havent had time to edit? If so, I wouldn't worry about that. Just upload to youtube and embed it here.
  6. I feel as if I am reading something I would have written about six weeks ago. I was in the same place and started a swing thread. The wonderful folks on TST identified my priority items and I am slowly showing signs of improvement. My over the top is gone and now I am just dealing with consistency issues. At some point I'm sure it will be time to move on to some other flaws in my swing, but this is not an overnight fix. It took years to create our bad swings so you can't expect a one line catch phrase to solve it overnight.
  7. I just played in a golf outing... Best ball format. It may have been the best day I have ever had off the tees. I walked up to the first tee and hit a horrendous drive. One of the players who is a scratch golfer tells me that my swing looked technically sound but my head was moving way too forward on the downswing. He tells me to take some practice swings and holds his hand on my forehead as I take those swings. I do it, and he says repeat that on the next hole and you have no reason not to hit the ball solid. It was basically all of the things I have been working on, but for some reason it helped me feel it better than I have so far. The result? I proceed to hit 4 drives down the middle between 270 and 275. My other drives were all in the fairway or just off in the 240-250 range. I have never had a day like this with the driver. I really hope it wasn't just a one time thing because when I look back I'm not really sure I can state what I was doing differently. It just kind of all came together today. I wish I had been playing my own ball. I feel like there is no way I wouldn't have shot in the 80's today. Interesting note..... It took me a while to get going with my irons. I was hitting them fat or topping them on the range. Then I moved my aim point about one ball forward of the ball and I was right back to hitting them solid like I had been. I am never quite sure what I should be looking at on my iron shots and seem to jump around depending on how I am swinging. I'm sure that can't be a good thing.
  8. I was able to convince my son to come to the range and film some swings. Right now I feel like I am regressing. My Irons are just not crisp at all. I am starting to hit them very fat or with a big fade. My Driver has become a big push/slice. I did not capture it on video, but I made a slight adjustment today when I thought that I had started putting the ball too far back in my stance. That seemed to work to straighten it out a bit but it isn't the first time I have thought I figured my driver out on the range only to find out it is stiil a mess. HELP!!!!!
  9. I've been away on Hilton Head for a family vacation so I have not done much in the way of practicing, but I did get in a couple of rounds. Overall I played so-so and my scores were mostly due to some great scrambling and a putter that is really dialed in right now. My trouble all stemmed from the driver. I am right back to big push slices and I have no idea why. I just could not keep my driver in play. I need to get some video up but I am struggling to find the time right now. This game is so damn frustrating.
  10. I had a really interesting round of Golf today. I played at Edgewater in Lancaster S.C. When I got to the range I could not even hit a golf ball straight. It looked as if I had never swung a club before. After a bunch of swings I just gave up and tried to hit a few drivers just to do something different. Those went well so I just walked off to the green, made a few putts and headed out to the first tee expecting a long, miserable round. Fortunately I had the driver working early and I got out of the gate fast with three straight pars en route to a front nine 43 that was my 3rd straight triple free nine. Even with the good score on the front I never really got the irons going and I was fighting them the whole time. As I headed to ten I tried not to think of my score and just wanted to keep finding fairways off the tee, but I started losing the driver as well which led to an erratic back 9. I tripled ten and then settled down a bit for a few holes, but then I went double double after missing two consecutive 3 footers for bogey, and then I blew up and took a snowman after hitting two out of a trap and then duffing a chip shot. The only saving grace on the back was a 25' putt for birdie on 17 which made the round. Final score 43-51 94. Scores are moving in the right direction.
  11. Let's just say that my driver belongs in the draw bias configuration......it only lasted around 10 swings before I could bare to look any longer. Even with the improvement in my swing everything was cutting left once I had the weight moved back to a neutral position. I guess that is great evidence that I still have a lot of work to do regardless of my improvement.
  12. OK...I'm a moron. I looked at my driver this morning and realized that I did not have it set up in the neutral position that I thought I had. It was set up with the weight in the rear, which is meant for folks needing some help getting the ball in the air. I can say that the feature certainly works because I never hit my driver as I high as I was hitting them yesterday. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like with the weight forward. Tons of garage swings and wall drills on the agenda for today
  13. Quick update.... Went out to the range on lunch to work on my driver a bit. Finally feel like I have my ball position and distance from ball worked out for the most part. I also made one other change. It dawned on me that my Cobra F7 was set up for a draw bias when I was fitted for it, but that was before I made my swing changes. I moved the set up to neutral and found that my flight moved to a slight fade with my misses being push fades when I didn't get my club head square at impact. I'm going to leave it like this for a little while and see how it works out.
  14. I was able to get out for a round with a work colleague yesterday afternoon. My range session in warm-ups might have been my best ever and I went to the course feeling great. The result? Not quite as good as the range session, but there were just so many positives: 1) Achieved one of my mini-goals that I cannot remember having achieved in at least a year: Not one triple bogey or worse the entire round. 2) Driver was erratic but much improved. My misses were more than I would have liked, but they were not resulting in lost balls. Most of my misses were either just off the fairway or slightly into the tree line allowing me a safe punch that gave me a shot to the green. Only one of my drives resulted in a penalty stroke and that was a shot that I got off the toe and popped up short and on the right edge of the fairway. Unfortunately it went just far enough to land in a creek that cut across the fairway about 150 yards out. I faded with the driver a bit down the stretch and started hitting everything off the toe. I think I know the cause and will be playing with it on my next range session. 3) Irons were the crispest I have ever hit them in terms of direction. I feel as if I have lost some distance across all irons, but that may just be due to how deliberate I am swinging and I am hoping that as I get more mechanically comfortable I will be able to reclaim my distance. 4) I hit more bunkers than usual. How is this a positive? Well, the fact that my direction was so much improved, I was getting a lot closer to the green on my approach shots rather than hitting big pulls or slices that left me way right or left of the green. This coupled with the slight reduction in distance had me finding more than my usual number of green side bunkers. Thankfully my sand game is fairly consistent. 4) 3 penalty strokes: Still to high, but a far cry from the 6 or 7 I have been seeing since my game fell apart. As I said, one was a popped up driver. One of the other two was a hybrid which just went straight to the right. No idea what happened on that swing. The other was a nice 5i layup on a par 5 setting up my 3rd to the green. That ball faded just a bit and then caught a bad bounce which put it in a water runoff gully just off the right side of the fairway. I was not expecting a lost ball until I walked up and saw how much the ground ran off to the right just off the fairway. 5) Putting was solid and I could have scored a few strokes better if not for a couple puts that came a quarter rotation from falling. Final score of a 95 (46-49). If I had not faded a bit on the final 5 holes I was well on my way to a low 90. Me and my buddy were tied on 18 so the starter let us play #1 again for a playoff and I pushed the tee shot right. Seeing that he was in the fairway and I could not see the green because of a tree I decided to get fancy and try to cut an 8i around the tree. This proved to be way too fancy and I ended up going straight across the fairway and left myself with a difficult punch with no backswing. Ended up with my first triple on the playoff hole. I would have never tried that shot if I was still playing for score. Bottom line: Swing seems much improved and the scores are starting to come down. I need to get a video up soon just as a sanity check to make sure I am still on the right track mechanically.
  15. Yeah, my balance was way out of whack. I think it is much improved with the adjustments I have made. Constant work doing the wall drill has been a big help.
  16. I'm sure that the optimism of this post will ultimately get tempered by the reality that I still have a ton of work to do to create a consistent, repeatable swing, but I had a great range session yesterday. I was far from perfect, but for the first time since I started on this journey I found myself not thinking about some of the basic mechanics that I have been working on. Well, I was thinking about it, but it just felt like it was far more natural and I was able to be much more fluid on my swings. My irons were mostly in a fairly tight directional cone and I was hitting them much more solid. The chunks that had crept in were mostly gone and my misses were good misses that wouldn't leave me with a lost ball. Where I was most excited was with the consistency of my ball flight on my driver. Gone was the two way miss and most of my shots were draws that started out on line and went left or slight pull draws that were just a tick more left. With the swing feeling good I started playing around with my ball position and focused on how I was setting up to the ball in order to try to be more consistent with the ball location. The result was that I was able to get the ball to start out on a better line and the draws where mostly in a cone that would have me up the left side of the fairway or, at worst, just off. Lots of work to do, but I'm seeing results (at least on the range). Hopefully this wasn't an aberration.
  17. Thanks to my horrible performance with the driver I have had more than my fair share of experience with this shot. I typically grab either my 6i down through 4i and line up with the ball towards my right ankle (this may be farther back than most would like) I keep the hands forward and try to finish low. I typically have decent results otherwise I'd be much worse than a 24 handicap
  18. Got out to the range with my son today. I've been working on the same things....posture, wall drill, temp (perpetual motion drill), lots of garage swings but I am including a foam ball now in order to help me see clubface orientation on my practice swings. Some good, some bad as always. Here is the latest look at the swing (My phone glitched out on the 7i face view and wouldn't work after that)
  19. This is interesting to me and is pretty much what I have been doing. My practice has been almost entirely Driver and 7i since it is my critical area for improvement (The full swing). I have forsaken working on the rest of my game for now because none of it really matters if I end up with 6 shots in the woods off the tee each round. Once I feel I have stabilized my full swing, I totally agree with the prescribed percentages.
  20. Great post, and something I need to keep in mind as I continue to work on my game. My next golf purchase with be LSW as I really want to work on all aspects of my game, not just my swing.
  21. Do you think so? Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. What are your thoughts on my posture in these latest swings? Is it proper yet in your opinion?
  22. I think I have a similar issue, but I am very early in my training process. Regardless, I just can't recreate what I do away from a ball when I have a ball in front of me.
  23. Here is some video of me on the range with my 7i. The flaws are bigger with the driver, but basically the same issues.
  24. I ended up taking a half day at work and playing a round with one of my sons. I had a nice day being out with my son, but it was extremely disappointing from a golf perspective. 47-52 99. If I am being honest, the 47 could have been a 53 if not for some really good misses and lucky bounces. My swing was a mess. I just couldn't find that balance and swing that I thought I had created. I have some practice range video, but it is more of the same.......head moving toward the ball quite a bit on the backswing. I'm just going to keep doing wall drills, mirror work etc until I nail down this head issue.
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