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  1. Will do. I'm actually on the course right now and am loving how I am striking the ball keeping the few principles I've picked up so far from this site. I can't wait to get a swing thread going!
  2. I am seeing exactly that. I still don't think there is any harm in me reading this book as it will help me fix some flaws that I have in my swing. I m trying to take a more holistic view of my golf swing than I have over the years. I am trying to be a little more open than I have in the past where I would only think in terms of Hogans book and think I know everything. I think some of the items described in this book can help me, but I am thinking about it in terms of what 5sk teaches. Am I wrong in thinking about it in that fashion?
  3. I did not mean that in a negative way. I hope it did not come off that way. I am really enjoying your content. Thanks for the clarification though. I just could not follow the way they described it.
  4. So I'm reading the book and trying to think about it in relation to what I have read about 5sk. So far, I think my initial thoughts that 5sk is an offshoot of these concepts seems valid.... Ultimately I may find that thought to be wrong, but that's where I am right now. I am on page 48, and am basically following their concepts, but I just ran into this paragraph that has me baffled. Anyone care to try to explain this better? This is in the section that talks about set-up. A picture would have been appropriate for this section. "your hands should be opposite the inside of your left thigh, with the grip of the club over the inside part of your left ankle from your perspective. Combined with the correct ball location, this position creates a slight forward lean of the shaft from the face-on-view." Huh?
  5. Mine is accurate, but probably not official. I use the Swing by swing App and record all of my rounds on it. It uses the official formulas, but I have no idea if it is recognized as official.
  6. Bumping this to ask if this terminology has changed at all over the years. I've seen folks reference the positions and went to seek out something that would translate them for me. TIA
  7. I feel I am better fundamentally, but I voted about the same. I do think I will make significant improvement this year. I feel like I am extremely close to making a huge leap forward. It just has not translated in my scoring so far.
  8. Antneye

    NHL 2016-17

    As long as it goes 7 I could care less. I'm hoping the Rangers advance and find either Pitt or The Caps beat up and bloodied.
  9. I set a new personal best with an 87 this past Summer and forgot to put in for "broke 90". I also made my first ever Eagle a few months ago. Thanks!
  10. Hey all, I'm in Waxhaw and would be interested in meeting up. Did you ever get an outing together? I typically play Stonebridge, Edgewater, Lancaster, Eagle Chase, Monroe, etc. I like to move around.
  11. So I have not posted much, but I have been working hard on my game. Shot a career low 87, but my handicap is still sitting around 25. I keep bouncing around on what I am working on with no clear direction and need to start working more systematically. I am going to try to post a swing video in the next few weeks and go from there.
  12. I'm thinking of posting my swing. I have worked hard this past year and made no progress at all in my game. Can someone let me know what you use to take your videos? Is my cell phone enough to do this or are you all using something of higher quality?
  13. But don't you conceptually agree with the swing laid out in the book even if there are better instructional methods available? I have not read this whole thread, but in the beginning you seemed to be highly supportive of this. Can you provide a cliff notes overview of your stance in this thread? BTW....I've been looking at a lot of your 5sK content and think it is very good.
  14. Not yet, but from my research it seems that the 5sk stuff kind of builds on some of these concepts so I figure its not a bad place to start ($10 on Amazon) and then I can go deeper if I like what I am seeing. At minimum it doesn't seem like it can hurt. I'm not ready to jump into a more expensive program just yet.
  15. I just bough the book and am hoping to see what I can integrate into my swing. I have really struggled in the past year and my handicap is not moving forward at all.
  16. I just finished Pelz putting book and thought that it was pretty good (although a little wordy). I am strictly focusing on the pendulum swing and trying to baseline my different length backswings for different length putts. If you do not have a purely vertical arm drop from the shoulders it will be impossible to maintain the pendulum and keep the clubhead square on the longer putts. I feel like I am making great progress with distance but I still struggle with green reading.
  17. Done. Kind of lame, but its at least relevant to golf :)
  18. I've been playing golf on and off for about 30 years (I'm 48) and the best I have ever shot is 90. After layoffs due to raising kids and lack of time I am now sitting around a 25 handicap. I've been a member here for a while but have not really gotten involved or worked too much on my game. That all changes now. The kids are grown and its time for me to get my game into the 80's. See ya'll in the forums!
  19. Has anyone tried his Body Swing book/video series? It seems to be an updated version of the Swing Machine. I am looking to buy one and am not sure which to pursue.
  20. I just bought this book after reading this thread and all I can say is "wow". I just got back into golf this year after quite a few years away from the game and I am struggling to get my game back. I was in the low 90's when I stopped and I am now struggling to break 100. Only one round sub 100 this year. Anyway, my drives were horrible, 180-200 yards with a horrible slice. I bought a new set of woods that got me about 25 yards extra .....still with a tendency to slice. Then I read this book and the results were impressive. I went our for my first round yesterday and my partners were blown away. I was long and down the middle. My best drive went 270 (with a wind at my back), but I was averaging 240 and more importantly I was straight (if anything I pulled a few, but my slice was gone). I went from the shortest of my group to the longest just by reading this book. I still shot horribly in terms of score because I struggled to translate the swing to my irons and I was erratic on the greens, but I think that will come with practice. This book should put all greens within the distance of an average golfer in regulation. Long par 4's were beyond my reach. No more!
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