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  1. You are right about the open stance and fade/slice. Didn't mean to be confusing. More specifically, her left foot is slid back about 3-4 inches and hips may be slightly open while her shoulders remain square to target. Shoulders look/feel closed. Swing is made based on target/shoulder line as opposed to feet/hips. I dont use the swing because I am not very flexible and it restricts my backswing but it has definitely helped eliminate (for the most part) her over-the-top move. I generally don't like to promote videos because different feels/swing thoughts work for some and hinder others but if you want to see an example Steve Johnson on youtube calls it his Eureka swing.
  2. I have to fight over-the-top swings quite often. I find myself wanting to use my dominant right side (right hand swing) from the top. The only cure for me is to think left side swing thoughts and just let my right arm come along for the ride....actually feel that my left hip pulls my left Lat (and shoulder blade through the ball). My wife plays also and it helps her to have a slight open stance but shoulders square to target. Encourages an inside to out swing path if you have a decent shoulder turn in backswing. As far as keeping your right shoulder behind you.......I recently watched a video from a female instructor that said to keep your back to the target as long as you can in the down swing. Of course, you still have to initiate the swing with your legs/hips. Good luck, it is tough to get rid of old habits.
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