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  1. Retired ( 22 years ago!!) doctor----I was a consultant radiologist in hospitals here in the UK. Have played golf for 64 years----once scratch, now 5 h'cap and having difficulty hitting the ball out of my shadow....but as ever, I live in hope.
  2. The name on the club head doesn't matter a hoot----do the clubs FIT you? That's what matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Surely, it doesn't matter what manufacturer's name is stamped on the club head (most are forged or cast in the same Chinese or Japanese foundries anyway), but rather that they are fitted for the individual. Read Tom Wishon's book "The New Search For The Perfect Golf Club" and you will see what is required ---- and it is NOT the name on the club
  4. I'm 77 and used stiff shafts throughout for over 60 years. I switched to regular on professional advice but found I hit my irons "fat" and gained nothing in distance. I have returned to stiff (DG S300 in the irons and Aldila S in the woods) and hit the ball MUCH better. In any event, distance is only one factor in good golf.
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