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  1. Started doing this with my putter & wedges a long time ago. Gives me a better “tighter” feel. So today, I decided to try it on every shot on the last 3 holes. Hit all three fairways with D, and fairway/approach shots were dead straight and accurate. Par-Bogey-Par. I feel like it limits my backswing, which is what I needed. I’m sold on this (at least until it doesn’t work anymore 😂)and would recommend anyone to try it. If you’re worried your buddies will laugh at you....trust me...they already are. Just do whatever you need to do to get the ball from Point A to Point B.
  2. His courses are beautiful, no doubt. The one here in LA is really nice, on the ocean. I didn't like the guy when he was doing "Apprentice"....but now, after seeing more and more what kind of Human he is, there's no way in hell I'd pay to play on a Trump course, or even buy a hot dog from that ass-hat. Now, that being said....if it was a tournament? And everything was paid for...food, drinks, etc.? Then yeah, I'd play it. Just as long as I didn't have to fork over a single dime of my own money.
  3. Somebody lookin' for a money-grab, plain and simple. A known alcoholic working as a Bartender?!? I hope this case gets dropped on day 1.
  4. Birch Hills in Brea (not really that close to Newport, but in Orange County, nonetheless) is a good one. New clubhouse, and the course is in decent shape. Aprox 3,000 yards. 18 Holes, Par 59.
  5. Wondering what your thoughts are on Executive Courses. 18 or 9, either one. I'm really starting to prefer 18 Hole Executive Courses over Regular, Championship sized courses. Cost and pace of play are the main reasons. I still love to play a normal sized 18 now and then, especially if that course has some history or significance. I've been playing golf almost 20 years, I'm well past my prime, and I just can't stand being out there for more than 3 or 4 hours. Thoughts?
  6. Take the pin out. Always. Gotta hear that sound of the ball hitting the bottom of the cup.
  7. I think they are close to the Taylormade Burners...
  8. Great! If you give me your email, I can send you a flyer. It has my contact info on it. All fees will be due April 5th, so you have time to decide...
  9. Dean Martin, Bill Murray, Jack Lemon & Phil Michelson. Hey, it’s MY Mount Rushmore!!
  10. SloopDanB


  11. Howdy! If you know of anyone who'd be interested in a fun little golf outing at Birch Hills on Saturday, May 4th, we are taking teams. Here's the rundown: 2-man scramble. $50 per player (Golf & Cart), Trophies for 1st and cash payouts for Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, etc. 100% of money will be returned in cash prizes. If you're interested send me your email and i'll shoot you a flyer. The 4 of us putting it on all work for Cal State Fullerton, but it is not a CSUF event.
  12. On eBay, they sell iDrive Hybrids. Not only do they have 8 & 9's, they also have lofts equal to PW, LW & SW! I have them. I use them. They are awesome. I've gotten all my hybrids through the eBay seller "ProSeriesGolf". He's in Michigan and all my clubs have arrived in perfect condition. Most importantly, the clubs work!
  13. I used to not mind playing with strangers back in the day. These days, it sucks. I actually quit my Men's Club (I was new) and every 3 some I got paired up with started in with Politics. These duechebags don't even know me and start talkin' smack about my people! ha ha. Happened 3 months in a row. Bye!
  14. My index is 18.5. One reason for that is.....my long putts are horrendous! If I'm inside 15 ft., I'll 2-putt...maybe even sink it. But good Lord, almighty, if I'm 20+ out, forget it. Lousy distance control with the putter.
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