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  1. Thank you very much. I will view this today and try to implement.
  2. I've never hit an iron as well as you did in that video. I'm sure your transition back to a great score will be swift.
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and would like some advice. I am joining a very exclusive and difficult golf course this season. My family including my wife is a member. I am hoping to make this year I commit to golf and get better to the point of breaking 100 or better every round. I have a 30-35 handicap and am 6ft 250 lbs. I am cancelling my gym membership as I have done fairly heavy weight lifting since I was 18. I never played baseball, hockey or golf growing up and have very poor hand-eye coordination. I'm hoping the lack of weight lifting and different conditioning helps me improve my swing. I have played since 2009 but don't go out often. Last year I played 12 rounds, 2017 4 rounds and 2016 about 15. I played 40+ in 2014 and 2015 and I was having low 90's days then. My golf swing right now sucks. It's practically all upper body with little to no twisting of my body. I am scared to hit the golf ball and have poor confidence. I use a 3 or 4 hybrid for 80% of my shots. In fact, I could play a round with just a driver, hybrid, 9 or PW and putter. Most of my other clubs are rarely used as I hit them so poorly. I have managed to piece together this hybrid driven 100-105 golf game. Not enough to slow anyone and give up but no where near good enough to be playing the game with a "normal ability" After this synopsis, all advice and guidance is appreciated. I will be playing a min of 9 holes 1-3x a week between mid-April and Halloween. Pointers on clubs I should use, lessons, books, tips, etc would be great. Thanks for your time.
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