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  1. thanks, i appreciate your concern. for all the crappy advice i've heard at the range, occasionally i've been blessed to pick up some good tips from skilled or knowledgeable golfers. usually i don't focus on tips the same day (if at all); i just thank people for the suggestion and say i'll think about it. this one in particular was mentioned to me a few weeks ago and i think it's a good one. as for swing mechanics, over the past month-and-a-half i spent a few weeks focusing on keeping my elbows closer together, especially during the takeaway and during transition. in general, most of my mechanical work focuses on takeaway and transition. i want to get to the point where all i think once i've triggered my swing is "left shoulder to chin, enjoy the transition, go!" overall, i think my swing is pretty solid (imho) but i lack the consistency i believe i'm capable of. so for now the priorities are to find minor tweaks to eliminate the big miss (e.g. pulls with the 3-wood), focus more on feel and executing good shots from different lies around the golf course, and develop a sound strategy to help me get from tee to green in as few strokes as possible.
  2. what do you mean about shifting focus? i haven't posted a swing video in 1.5 months.
  3. i know, hence the p.s. above 😉
  4. @iacas, thanks for your response, happy to purchase the paper version instead. btw -- i searched for "lowest score wins kindle" before asking this question and there was just one (unrelated) result: https://thesandtrap.com/search/?q=lowest score wins kindle p.s. my kindle is actually the kindle reader app on my phone. admittedly, i ordinarily don't bring my phone with me on the course but if i want to read a book it's usually my medium of choice. 🙂
  5. @iacas, are there any plans to make LSW kindle friendly? i appreciate this site and was hoping to support it with a kindle purchase since that's how i do the vast majority of my reading. thanks!
  6. perhaps more than half the time i record my swings on grass i cringe at the camera angle afterward. it seems i either can't get the damned thing level or it's too much left or right of the correct target line, if that makes sense. for those of you who manage to consistently get this right, what are you doing differently? i have an action cam in a bendy clip mount that i'll usually clip to my stand bag. lining it up consists of shielding the sun's glare from the tiny LCD display on the back while i try to guess if it's level or not (our range doesn't have a flat horizon). i try to remember to lay a club down underneath my hands at address so i can walk back to the camera and get the correct target line, but as my most recent swing video demonstrates it's not an ingrained habit (yet). should i get a tripod or a monopod? perhaps glue a bubble level to the top of the waterproof case? and what about lining up to the correct target? thank you!
  7. tl;dr -- 2 things: seeking a cure for the lefts and want to learn to lower trajectory! recently picked up a new (to me) 13* TEE CB4 3-wood and am having loads of fun with it. first 3-wood i've owned and this thing goooooooeeeeesssss. fighting a case of the lefts and have no plans to bag this until i can tighten up lateral dispersion. a free-swinging pull hook can easily travel 60y-80y left of target which is DOA on most courses around here. there are a couple things i've tried that may solve this (see comments below video) but i'm keen to know (and would greatly appreciate) if anyone can spot something in my swing that has pull written all over it. this shot in particular was hit well but was pulled just left and beyond the small tree above my hands at address: i've found a band-aid solution in weakening the grip which usually produces straight to 20y right of target. separately, after i stopped filming i incorporated some advice from a range buddy that's difficult to explain but seems to have potential. the best way i could describe it is at about p4 i move my right hip just a little bit toward the target (which initiates a kind of controlled fall) to start the transition and then make a lateral shift before letting the club fall and rotating through. as long as i keep my head back and make the lateral shift before rotating it seems to straighten out ball flight quite a bit. here's a close facsimile of what i mean (starts at 22s): lastly, i really want to game this club in windy conditions. besides swinging "easy breezy", what are some good ways to hit 3-wood bullets? ball position? tee height? in any event, can hardly wait to consistently hit this thing straight and low! 😍 p.s. camera angle is slightly off. just a skosh on the wrong side of my hands so it may look like i'm taking the club too far inside at p2 even though shaft is parallel to target.
  8. for you folks who know what %, do you track this and if so, how? e.g. an app or scribble it down while you're playing? seems like this could be useful for optimizing/prioritizing which shots to practice between rounds.
  9. to add to this: after a winter of hitting off mats (especially with forged irons) it can be useful to get the loft and lie measured to ensure they still play to your specs. as for making a smooth transition from mats to grass, i recommend placing a piece of (e.g.) duct tape behind the ball so it's easy to tell if you've hit it fat on those borderline shots. or if you have the opposite problem like me and started sweeping (or borderline thinning shots) to avoid the pain of hitting off mats in the cold (or anytime, really), you may see a big drop in distance when you return to grass. to solve this next winter i'm thinking about investing in a small CCE hitting strip with a motorcycle seat gel pad underneath that i can plop down next to the range mats. after 1.5 months of hitting off grass i'm still borderline traumatized from the shock of cold, hard cement underneath the mats and hit it thin to win more than i care to admit 😂 apologies for not answering your question, @Waddaplaya, i just wish i would have known about these options sooner and hope others can benefit from them.
  10. sometimes if i'm feeling stiff at the range or am struggling to make good contact i'll practice hitting 50y-150y shots with every iron/wedge in the bag that can reach those distances. e.g. i aim to get the feel for bouncing a 3i up to the 50y, 75y, 100y, and 150y targets at the range, playing around with tempo, backswing length, club path, face angle and ball position. i believe this exercise not only helps with ball-striking but can improve confidence by creating more options on the course. i do still think it's useful to have a stock 100y shot for ideal conditions but as a predominantly feel player i like as many options as possible. plus, imho it makes the game (and practice) a lot more fun and interesting.
  11. @iacas, good looking out. here's where i found it: https://www.reddit.com/r/golf/comments/247u9p/practice_plan_or_schedule/
  12. tl;dr -- what are some examples of comprehensive/elite practice routines and how do you track progress? e.g. you may have seen golf magazine's "break 80 planner" or perhaps the wake forest golf team's practice regimen. what other solid resources and tracking strategies have you successfully employed? or could you share the routines of top amateurs or pros you've seen but haven't tried? one thing i love about golf is the seemingly endless room for improvement: full swing, short game, game plan & preparation/course management, fitness, stress management, etc. however, as someone with less time to devote to practice and play than i'd like right now i want to be sure i'm working as smart as possible. and eventually when i do have more time i'd love to be able to ramp up practice and play to (e.g.) compete for a club championship or entry level amateur tournament with the confidence i'm working on all of the right things. i've researched this a bit and have found some wonderful resources (the 2 links above are a very small sample) so i'm confident what i'm looking for exists. eventually i may compile the things i like into my own regimen but in the meantime i think it would be more helpful -- for me and hopefully others, too -- to learn from the experience of accomplished golfers who've gone down this path. thank you! p.s. i suspect the best kind of structure/routine would have general stuff to work on as well as individual strengths/weaknesses. i purposely didn't mention my strengths/weaknesses because even though i'm looking for the best routine for me i hope other people who are interested in this topic will get maximum value from it. that being said, i'm open to answering questions if you think it will help further the discussion. e.g. i'm willing to be a guinea pig but am also interested to learn about others' specific priorities/needs when it comes to practice. 🙂 p.p.s. i've also seen @iacas' 65/20/15 thread which i think is great for a general overview of where to spend time.
  13. @Adam C, thanks for your feedback, very helpful. i'm surprised trajectory wouldn't change with a stiffer-playing shaft (minus the 6g lead tape). is this because of the added length or some other reason?
  14. besides changing lie, anyone here have feedback about the feel/effect of lengthening irons with extenders vs. getting longer shafts? pros and cons? differences in static weight? context: i have a spare 6i i can play with and am looking for guidance on best ways to test a new setup on my own. i play standard length shafts in my irons (2-9) and single/same length in my 4 wedges. recently i've built up new grips that add about 30g more weight than standard and added a few strips of 2" high-density lead tape to each club head to get swingweight back up. since increasing shaft length increases swing weight i'm wondering what a longer shaft would feel/play like instead of adding weight to each club head. e.g. what kind of changes in distance, flex, kick point, trajectory? are there other important changes/considerations? thanks!
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