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  1. beautiful sticks! fist set i purchased were the apex edge pros. the classic hogan design will always have a special place in my heart. recently switched to mp-5's but would love to try some hogan blades in the future.
  2. @mvmac, thank you, i appreciate you adding this. it's crystal clear now, it just took a while to get here πŸ™‚ looking back i suppose it might've been more effective had we compared some of the pics of you toward the end of OP (instead of the over-exaggerated examples of what not to do πŸ˜…), but hindsight's 20/20. i feel i've learned some things through this process and i hope some other people did, too. πŸ‘
  3. so nobody's going to get any more disagreement from me that "right mike" looks more like DJ. i just ran the basic shapes through an image processor that calculates the similarity of pictures. here were the results: i'm glad to put this one to bed! still a small arch in that back and chin up a bit though πŸ˜‰ πŸ€”
  4. @billchao, as @DeadMan pointed out, DJ is looking at the ball through the bottom of his eye sockets. an important part of OP seemed to be looking at the ball out of the middle of our eye sockets, or what was called "foveal vision". but DJ is used as an example of the type of good golf posture OP encourages. separately, i was basically asked a question. if i could summarize it would be this: which picture does DJ look more like? to me it looks like the one on the left:
  5. i'm sorry, you're exactly right. if i could edit my previous post i would also say DJ's looking down through the bottom of his eye sockets, he's definitely not looking through the center of his eye sockets.
  6. yes! thank you for acknowledging DJ has a bit of a curve in his lower back. it's weird that other people implied this wasn't the case and pulled the "feel isn't real" card?. πŸ€” how do you compare where DJ is looking to the picture of mike? look at the lines from their eyes or the bills of their caps. or you could draw another line passing through the base of their skulls and the tips of their chins. mike's angles are significantly steeper. don't you notice this, too? @DeadMan, thanks for your comment. i agree with this 100%. did you notice how DJ's lower back has a slight inward curve (red line) while mike's is curved a bit outward (green line)? and did you also notice how mike is looking directly at the ball (see the red arrow) but DJ is looking much farther away (see the red line)?
  7. @NM Golf, thanks for adding some levity to the discussion. πŸ™‚ what you think about the picture of DJ and mike?
  8. this is getting weird. but maybe those other two pictures i shared just weren't clear enough? nevertheless, i trust that DJ is capable of knowing what it feels and looks like to have his chin up a bit and a slight curve in his lower back. (^ source for DJ photo) @Vinsk, kindly take a look at the image i just shared above. unlike mike on the right there is clear daylight between DJ's chin and chest, the bill of DJ's cap is clearly NOT pointing directly at ball, and there is obviously a slight curve in DJ's lower back.
  9. @Bo the Golfer, did you take a look at the pictures of DJ i posted? πŸ™‚ chin up. slight curve in the small of his back.
  10. @iacas, thanks for your detailed comments. i know sometimes tone can be difficult to discern online and as a new member of this community i'm still getting used to the style of communication here. i apologize if you feel i put words in your mouth (totally unintentional) and i don't harbor any ill will about what i considered snarky/sarcastic. i think it's difficult to compare this picture of DJ because he's wearing layers and a collar. additionally, the fact that the picture of mike on the left is intentionally exaggerated limits its usefulness in my opinion. i just searched for "dustin johnson down the line slow motion" in youtube and here are a couple of pictures from the first few videos that showed up. here's one of DJ with an iron in his hand and no layers from the open in 2017. to my untrained eye his spine seems to be in a much more neutral position. there's plenty of space between his chin and chest and it looks like there's a little bit of anterior pelvic tilt. (please forgive my crappy dots πŸ™‚ and here's a picture of DJ with driver in his hand from a video that was uploaded about a year ago though i don't know when it was filmed: further, this is what DJ has to say (in his own words) about his posture in an interview with golf.com from 2016: https://www.golf.com/instruction/steal-dustin-johnsons-power-move-and-add-10-yards-tee so to answer your question i would say DJ's posture looks (to me) more like the picture of mike on the left but with less anterior pelvic tilt and less extension in the cervical spine. and based on what he has to say about his posture he doesn't want to set up like mike in the picture on the right.
  11. @iacas, just wanted to add i really appreciate you taking the time to make and post those images with additional feedback. thank you. πŸ‘
  12. edit to add: that seems like another good possibility. or maybe he's referring to the skeletal part of the shoulder like the front of the AC or glenohumeral joints, etc. hope we find out soon. πŸ™‚
  13. good question. i don't see any pics on his site. will email him to find out. would be helpful to know what me means by anterior, too. deltoid, i would guess? completely agree with you about pics of most golfers. posterior deltoid could easily work for this (e.g. below), and in some cases maybe medial, but anterior seems like a stretch. πŸ™‚
  14. not a huge fan of the snarky comments and sarcasm. if i've said something to offend or have gone OT please just tell me. no need for insults. separately, if it's super easy to find this specific information online, why not share it? e.g. the golfer pictured in the below article looks like he could replace any one of the classic golfer's in OP, yet the author of the article -- a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic who holds an engineering degree and specializes in assessing and treating golfers, 3-dimensional biomechanics, strength and conditioning, manual therapy, rehabilitation, nutritional supplementation and therapeutic exercises -- basically says this type of posture is bad. C-Posture C-Posture is named for the excessive rounding of the upper back at set up (looks like the letter "c"). See why this posture is so prevelant in today's society and how to correct this in the gym. and here's an article from a guy who's treated arnie and DJ for back-related issues (as well as other high-profile players like tiger and phil for other stuff) that advises against the posture advocated in OP (on the right). and according to both of these articles -- the latter written by someone on the PGA tour medicine staff -- the following advice from OP would be harmful: so i think it would be helpful if you could share the other guys' research, especially if it indicates these guys are wrong in some way.
  15. two things come to mind when i think of steeper shoulders. the first i've seen commonly referred to as "shoulder tilt", and usually describes the height of the lead shoulder compared to the rear shoulder. the other one was shared by @nevets88. so which one were you referring to?
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