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  1. At the Patriot Cup Feherty was doing the introductions on the 1st Tee. I was a bit nervous because of the crowd and the first time play with Fowler and Woodland. I don't remember exactly how he introduced me but it was something along the line of "Russ Normandin, Active Duty Marine and star on the Big Break Indian Wells... If hits a bad Tee Shot, everyone run because he is probably going to kick the S*^&( out of everyone". Everyone started to laugh and I thought it was funny as hell and it actually calmed me down. He said something to Fowler, Rooney and Woodland and everyone laughed... People
  2. I my catch flak but it seems to me that Jack was a little disappointed that TIGER tied his record... Now, I make that statement knowing that the "greatest" golfer to have ever played "the game" would not want to see his record tied/broken, I got it! Most will say that "records are made to be broken" but I know no one ever wants to see their record broken... Was I the only one who looked at Jack and thought that? Maybe he was just exhausted after the tournament...
  3. Tiger is a douche? He was a bad husband and a worse father but really a douche? Golf has benefited more than most will ever know because of him which is why he will be the best the "ever played the game". Calling him a douche is very amateur hour in my mind...
  4. Dude, I don't lift that much anymore... And I didn't mid his stache, he is a super cool guy that is for sure...
  5. You are funny bro... It is easy to find the results if you really wanted to but me and Rickie were -13 through 16 holes...
  6. Guys, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I just played in the Patriot Cup in Oklahoma. I was paired with Rickie Fowler and played against Gary Woodland and Dan Rooney in a Ryder Cup format match. It will be aired over Veterans Day on the Golf Channel and it is going to be a great watch. If you guys can do anything you can to help support the Folds of Honor and participate in the Patriot Day Golf near your course it would be greatly appreciated, it is for a great cause!!!!
  7. I have payed this hole twice and although it is not that hard...during this tournament... it is going to make players want to throw up!!!
  8. Here is a secret for Palm Springs (You may already know it so if you do disregard)... The basic rule out there is everything breaks toward Indio, find where it is in relation to your golf course and the putts that look straight will go that way... Good luck
  9. "Tough times don't last, Grinders do!" I don't want to be entered into the contest but I just wanted to share one of my thoughts on the golf course!
  10. Most players who sign endorsement deals have it written exactly how many clubs they have to use from that company. For many it is in the 8-10 range and this allows them to use whatever else they want to use as long as they are using the amount specified in their contract...
  11. Very cool... If I had to pay for wedges I probably would buy some of these...
  12. Do you mind if I ask why you say to never go more stiff in the Wedges? My wedge shafts are stiffer than my iron shafts for a specific reason but that is my preference.
  13. That is no where close to what I was referring to with regards to being a "feel" player... Being a feel player is only relevant to the person who is swinging the club. Most feel players do not care about mechanics; they just care what feels right to them. No one other than the individual can say what feels correct to them...
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