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  1. Thank you very much! I thought of buying some cheap hitting mat and put some cushion texture underneath the same (such as a yoga mat, made of rubber, or something else), in order to avoid injuries. Do you think that could work to protect myself?
  2. Hello there. I thought of buying some hitting mat in order to practice when I am not able to go to the course, but I started to read many users that had issues with their elbows for using those mats. Is it possible to use them without being injured? Would you recommend any mat? Thanks!
  3. Hey there! I was wondering if anyone has used/tested one of these mats. Are they good? https://www.amazon.com/Callaway-1x-2-Hitting-Mat/dp/B00T23LZ2S/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=callaway+hitting+mat&qid=1552761056&s=gateway&sr=8-8 Thanks!
  4. Thank you all for your messages! Unluckily golf clubs in Uruguay are not public, they are all semi-private, open to the public but paying a considerable fee. About what you said, do you all guys think you can manage to teach yourself through videos, nowadays? Found some great instructors on youtube such as Rick Shiels, who focus on almost every aspect of golf!
  5. I thought of checking out the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in Miami. I have seen you can find good stuff (and a lot of crap obviously too).
  6. Thanks! I thought of getting rid of the 1 and 2 iron, plus Pyramid DX Driver and 3 Wood L. I would have the titleist and Taylormade drivers, plus the macgregor 3 wood and the dx pyramid 5 wood. I haven’t got enough money to buy a new set of drivers, that is why I bought the older ones which I believe are better than DX Pyramid driver. Now I want to get a 9 iron, a PW and a SW.
  7. Hello guys. I bought these golf clubs for me. I will be picking them up in Miami. I am a beginner and I have never had clubs, here in Uruguay they are very expensive. The thing is, when I come back, American Airlines applies a policy of allowing only 14 golf clubs. Which adjustments would you make to this bag to fit with the required? Has anybody travelled in AA with more than 14 clubs? I would certainly quit the 1-iron (this will be difficult for me to hit as a beginner) and I guess the Pyramid Driver and 3 wood. Maybe the 2 iron too. Then I'd get a 9 iron, a PW and a SW. What do you think?
  8. Thank you for your reply. I have studied the new rules of golf and I have seen the main objective of them is speeding up the pace. The fairway strike with lost golfs balls is another good rule to know (even more when you are a beginner and you're more likely to lose balls)
  9. Moreover, classes are quite expensive here and you need to be member of a club. The cheapest golf course I have is 30 minutes drive from here but it is located in a dangerous zone (risk of getting your car stolen, or other robberies). My parents wouldn't lend me the car for sure lol (disadvantages of still being a youngster). This course is really really cheap, cheap membership and cheap classes. It is my chance of getting a handicap, but I'll let this for the future, when I have my own car lol!. I thought of buying some foam balls/whiffle/birdieballs and getting to the park to practice at least.
  10. Thank you all for your messages! I have a friend of mine who plays well, doesn’t have a handicap but I guess he has played on the local golf course. It is also good to play with somebody else. Furthermore, I may consider scheduling a meeting with a professor under 20 (those who are allowed to sign your application cards for handicap) in order to demonstrate that I will take care of my play despite not having handicap. They have told me the ideal is having a handicap or having had one, but I think there are ways of demonstrating them I play and I know etiquette, but I believe I need some more practice of driving range and chip and putt. Getting a handicap requires being a member of a club, and my nearest club is really, REALLY expensive. For now I may play without handicap, and without being member, paying green fees.
  11. Thanks for the replies! I have a 18 holes course and 9 par 3 holes course 45 minutes away from my home, I may be starting over there on the par 3 course. Plus, this course has a driving range. I got discouraged the other day because they told me (by the phone) on the local golf course of my city that the course was not for beginners and that if I hadn't had a handicap, I wouldn't probably be able to play. I know I am a beginner, but I certainly know the etiquette rules they do care about the most: keeping a quick pace, ready player rule (2019), divot and green marks fixing, etc. I know I can prove them I play, not greatly, but at least taking care!
  12. Hey guys, how are you? I am a beginner who is slowly getting into golf and I've been going to the driving range in order to practice some shots. I do not hit well yet, but I would like to know your stories on how did you pass from hitting on the Driving Range to play a course. I mean, I wish to know how you knew you were ready for playing a course and starting the process of getting your own handicap. I get anxious of playing a course! I still haven't got clubs, since I will be bringing them with me on April when I visit Miami, so nowadays I have practiced with clubs borrowed from the driving itself.
  13. Rodoalo


  14. That's why I thought of buying them. I reckon you can find a cheap hitting mat instead of buying the birdieball mat (which I do not like). As to hit the driver they have a rubber tee I think! But they always say Birdieballs mimic golf ball behaviour. Do you know in which store can I buy them cheaply?
  15. Hello there! I am from Montevideo, Uruguay and I am 22 years old. I got interested in golf when I was 6 years old (they gave to me some toy club set which I loved), and then I got the Tiger Woods 2004 game and I absolutely loved the sport. Nowadays I am a big fan of the sport and recently I bought myself some golf clubs. I have always been a fan of Tiger (kinda cliché), but more recently I have become a fan of Rory! My golf bag now has some Titleist Tour Model Irons, MacGregors DX Pyramid Driver, 3 and 5 wood, a Wilson putter, and I bought some other better drivers at ShopGoodwill: Titleist 975j and Taylormade Burner Supersteel. Some oldies, but I guess they are right for starting up. I obviously do not have a Handicap, since I have always been a beginner. I took some lessons when I was 8 years old, but nowadays it is like starting over again. Having bought the golf clubs, I am closer to becoming a golfer (or maybe not!) Hope to share experiences and opinions with you!
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