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  1. Thanks for the response! I also thought of using another BB as tee, lol! I want to know your personal experiences on whether this has improved your ball hitting and your performance on the course with real balls! Moreover, if anyone has any strikepad review, I would be grateful to read it!
  2. Nice! I ordered 20 of them, I am really looking forward to establishing my Driving Range with a bucket of 20 lol! Seriously, feels great people thought of these things for people who cannot make it frequently to a golf course
  3. Thanks for the feedback! i thought of buying their foam tee and the striking pad but do not know if they are worth. I already have a callaway hitting mat which can be better than the pad. The tee would be good to practice with the driver.
  4. Thanks for your comment! how do they work in the rough? I am anxious of receiving them! Will work with them a lot more since driving ranges are far from home.
  5. Thanks for the comment! I have seen that some people say that drivers and woods would damage the balls, is that true? Have you found any improvement of your game with them?
  6. I am thinking of buying these ones! haven’t anybody told you anything about hitting them on a park? Lol i want to know the feedback you get and how can they improve my game since I am a beginner who still tops it and hits fat or really low and sliced shots!
  7. Hello! Thanks for always answering my beginner queries lol! Yes, green dot was the static fitting done by myself with the chart. I guess in reality this may vary! EDIT: Plus, a pro I visited the other day to change my grips told me I didn't need to bend the irons because of the lie angle, that the lie angle was ok. He also told me those were sort of crappy, but that's a different story lol
  8. Hi there! I have a ping i3 o-size iron set that originally was maroon (5 upright, wow!). I am fitted for a green dot in ping size chart, but when I place the iron, it doesn't feel THAT upright. Maybe the original loft was bent flatter. Moreover, they are 1 inch longer, so I choke down and the angle seems to flatten a little bit. The thing is I am learning and this set is what I could get for the moment. Got them very cheap and managed to hit some good straight shots with them! Should I worry too much about not having the pings perfectly fitted? My view is that I shall learn to hit the ball consistently first and then upgrade to a more fitted iron set.
  9. Thank you all for your comments! I will be getting maybe a set of Ping I3 irons which I got for 25 dollars. They're red dot... I was fitted green by the chart, but for the price, I could get the red. In case I do not feel well with them, they offered me some old Wilson irons, cavity back and oversize which are really forgiving (the old Wilson Ultra TC clubs) for 20 dollars also with driver, woods and putter. I do not want to give away my Titleist Tour Models. I feel like someday I will manage to hit them! I have already hit some decent shots with them (one of them straight!). What I hate about golf is that sometimes they want to sell you all the time new equipment and you start to lose your notion on what matters that is you going out and playing and practicing.
  10. Sure. There are a lot of more forgiving clubs But they're Titleist blades! They are good! I will change the grip of them surely because they're really hard and old. That will improve their playability surely! I also have on my set a Cobra SS-I 8 iron and a Taylormade RAC 9 iron, plus a Wilson SW and a Triumph PW, really forgiving.
  11. I was thinking that also! But you sometimes get confused when your teacher, says to you is that your irons are old and that won't be useful for anything and that you should change them. They told me they're crap, basically. I tend to believe they aren't impossible. They exist, somebody used them.
  12. Hey there! I have a Titleist Tour Model iron set which is really unforgiving to play since I am a beginner. I thought of buying a set of Cleveland TA5 at 75 dollars shipped to Uruguay. Since I am on a budget (dollar is expensive for us), I wanna make sure I am making a good buy. The seller is GlobalGolf and I want to make sure everything could go well with them. My fear is receiving something which doesn't suits me. I'm 5'8", therefore, I'd be going for a standard set of irons. I really liked this set and a lot of golfers on the internet recommended them to me since they say they're one of the most forgiving irons on the range of prices. What do you think? Should I make the investment? Thanks!
  13. Thank you! I'm still a beginner and still struggling to get the ball in the air lol! On the next year I'm willing to get a handicap. BTW, if I were to compete, I would put the new grips more conforming to the rules.
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