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  1. Would love to convince my wife to let me buy a new set every year. Mine now are only about 2 years old and based on this thread, seems like I am looking to replace quite a bit sooner than others. Not going to admit that to the boss lady but always interesting to hear what other people do.
  2. Having a... let's call it discussion... with my wife about going to buy new golf clubs this weekend. How often do you get new clubs? Not talking about a random club here or there. I am going to get new irons, wedges and a new driver.
  3. As I increased my swing speed, I found playing with shorter clubs gave me more control and more consistency. I got fitted for clubs and this was a suggestion the pro gave me that has worked for me so far. At the end of the day, I think it comes down to what feels the most comfortable for you than anything else.
  4. I started a program with a trainer designed on increasing my swing speed and having better body mechanics related to golf. In about 3 months, my swing speed has increased 12 mph and is now over 100mph consistently. I think he is releasing a program available to the public in the next couple of weeks that might be worth checking out.
  5. I would take the bet. If I make it, my wife is happy because we won 5 million dollars. If I don't make it, my wife is probably happy because of how much money we'd save with me in jail and not spending money on golf. Seems like a win-win... For her at least.
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