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  1. I appreciate the link, DaveP043 I've been trying out the "Wall Drill" all night long whenever I'm walking around around my house. What a simple AND useful drill. Thanks! I can really feel the difference trying to push my trailing hip as far away from the wall as possible during my backswing. I've also noticed that it's harder for me to life my left heel up as high as I normally do. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing in terms of making an athletic turn, but it *IS* forcing me to be more deliberate in the way I raise my left heel. Now I'm curious to learn whether I can do something similar outside using an alignment stick stuck in the ground vertically. I'm going to give this idea a try tomorrow (weather permitting).
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Vinsk Yes, the video makes clear that I'm swaying all over the place, especially my lower body. At address, I'm lined up over the ball, but at impact my head and core have moved behind the ball. This is likely creating more dynamic loft with more backspin, which may encourage the ballooning flight trajectory I get on most "clean" shots. I'll do some research on drills to stay centered during the swing. Maybe I can use a tall mirror with vertical stripes of blue tape to retrain myself. Or, maybe I can use some back-lighting in the garage to cast a shadow on a white sheet to watch for sway. I also noticed that Francesco Molinari pushes his left leg and knee forwards during his heel rise, whereas I am bowing (or collapsing) my left leg and knee to the inside. Maybe I can fix this by having A LOT more pressure on my right leg during the backswing.
  3. Hi Vinsk, I finally got around to making and posting my first swing video. Feel free to take a peek and offer any words of wisdom you may have. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/102445-my-swing-boomergolfanon/
  4. I should also mention that I'm a "true sweeper". I never take a divot (by design) and I've already replaced my longer irons with fairway woods. My remaining short irons and wedges are all Cleveland Launcher HBs with very wide soles, and I don't take divots with these clubs, either. So, any advice I receive should be appropriate for a sweeper, not a digger.
  5. Hey there, Sand Trappers, I've finally mustered the courage to post my first swing video to the forum. I've been playing golf for a LONG time, but have never had a lesson or any formal instruction. I like to learn new things by experimenting, making note of what seems to work and what doesn't. The result is what you'll see in the video: an odd-looking windup in which my left heel comes up very high and is then slammed down hard as I shift my weight in the downswing. (I just learned that Francesco Molinari started lifting his left heel in 2018 to gain more distance, so I feel like I'm in good company!) As you'll see, there's also a lot of lower-body sway in my swing that I need to tame. I use a 10-finger baseball grip as I had to abandon the interlocking grip recently due to a pinky injury on my right hand caused by golf. In addition, I use a VERY strong left- and right-hand grip. I'm willing to make the grip less strong, but the baseball grip is non-negotiable. I've always played with a BIG left heel raise during the upswing which slams down hard and transitions quickly to a BIG right heel raise near impact time. Most of my shots fly straight & true (with maybe a tiny, baby fade), but without much penetration or distance. Instead, my swing results in a 'beautiful' ballooning ball flight. I can't carry my 17-degree 3 fairway wood more than 185-190 yards. What are some things I can work on without re-inventing my golf swing from the ground up? I've been Playing Golf for: 40+ years My current handicap index or average score is: Unknown (probably close to a 15 handicap) My typical ball flight is: Non-penetrating, ballooning ball flight, either dead straight or with a baby fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I am mostly trying to gain distance by replacing my ballooning ball flight with one that penetrates at a lower trajectory Videos:
  6. Correction: I'm actually interested in the Bang Storm line, not the Bang SF line (pasted in the wrong info from the wrong tab). Here's the link I intended to post: Bang Storm Fairway Woods http://www.golfclubsforeless.com/product/bang-storm-fairway-woods/
  7. I've been doing some research to identify a matching set of highly-lofted #11, 13 and 15 fairway woods and I'm looking for some suggestions. I'm a fan of hollow irons, hybrids and fairway woods. This summer at the local Value Village, I stumbled on several excellent 2009 Cleveland Launcher fairway woods as well as an MG Golf #9 Fairway Wood. In addition to my driver, I now have #3, 5, 7 and 9 fairway woods. The 5 & 7 woods have completely replaced my 4, 5, and 6 irons (Cleveland Launcher HiBores from 2018). For me, the highly-lofted fairway woods just perform so much better than equivalent irons - they are easier to hit, and my shots fly higher, farther, and are more accurate. So, now I'd like to replace my 7, 8, and 9 irons. I've narrowed down my search to two vendors. Yukon Shallow Face Fairway Woods https://www.pinemeadowgolf.com/golf-clubs/woods/yukon.shallow.fw Bang SF Fairway Woods http://www.golfclubsforeless.com/product/bang-sf-fairway-woods/ The Bang SF offers more lofts (including #17, 19 and 21 woods which can replace wedges); there are also more options for things like spine alignment and vibration dampening inserts compared to the Yukon line. The Yukon line, while offering fewer clubs, reminds me a lot of the old Cobra Baffler rescue club from the 70's and 80's with 2 smallish rails on the sole. And the Yukon site is packed with positive user reviews. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Yukon offerings from PineMeadowGolf. Please weigh in if you have an opinion on either of these lines, or suggest something else.
  8. OK, I'll get a Vista Pro 55 in Regular (R) - it weighs 57 grams, has a L/M bend point, and high launch and spin. But torque is 4.8 (off by 20%). I already use this shaft with my Ginty.
  9. Both my 3 wood and my 7 wood have identical shaft specs: weight: 55 grams torque: 3.8 kickpoint: low/mid tip: active This suggests the 5 wood was also a 55 gram shaft. It looks like the Vista Pro line is a replacement for the Fit-On Max, but I can't find anything in the Vista Pro line with a matching torque value of 3.8 https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/vista-pro/
  10. Hey guys, I've found my shaft - it's a 2009-era Cleveland-branded Fujikura gold/yellow M Regular shaft. Normally, I hit with Fujikura Vista Pro shafts in the lightest weight possible. Paired up with a mid-sized Winn DriTac grip, I'm good to go. I know I can always bid to a 5 wood with the shaft I want, but I already have a mint-condish 5 wood from Cleveland (the 2009 Launcher) that I like - no point in buying another head. What are my options, starting w/ Fujikura?
  11. You're probably right. I may be casting. On the other hand, I work hard not to cast. I even have a Tour Striker 7 iron, but I sweep it like everything else. My theory is that I've developed a 'natural' swing of my own to minimize discomfort. By stretching and swimming, I can stay limber, and if I sweep the ball to make it fly straight and true, I'm good to go.
  12. What made you decide to use Hybrids only? Do you like/want to be a sweeper or you find you simply can't compress the ball? When I was 6 years old, I had open heart surgery. Back in those days (in 1969) the doctors literally cut you in half and then stitched you back together and sent you on your way. I have a 20" scar that starts under my left pectoral muscle, winds around my left rib cage, and then follows the curve of my shoulder blade up to the base of my neck. I have massive scar tissue from this surgery that was never addressed until recently when I started aggressive physical therapy for the first time. Because of this scar tissue, whenever I started playing golf regularly and hitting balls at the range, I would eventually reach a breaking point when I could no longer play and would have to give up golf. The pain felt like I had been hit in my rib cage with a baseball bat. This happened in elementary school, junior high, high school, college, and several more times after I moved out to Seattle. Over the years, I learned that by sweeping the ball, I could better manage the pain and discomfort, so I researched everything I could about becoming a sweeper as I embraced this unique swing style. As a range rat, I also learned that hitting off AstroTurf on a concrete block is my worst enemy, so I simply removed those two elements from the equation by ALWAYS sweeping the ball. And since hybrid clubs and fairway woods are designed to be swept, I decided to having nothing but hollow clubs with wide soles in my bag and focus instead on having a single swing type for literally every club in my bag. I know I'm giving up a lot of distance by not compressing the ball, so I try to make up for that in other ways (for example, by getting the ball up high and hitting it straight and true). One more thing; by ‘below’ the ball do you mean inside? Like closer to you? When I set up with a driver or longer fairway woods, I take a comfortable stance and align the sweet spot with the center of the ball. Then, I step back several inches, taking the club with me (thereby maintaining the original angle of the club to the horizon). The club face is now no longer in line with the ball - it's below it. Pic related shows how I align my 3 wood - if this were a driver, it would be another inch or so lower. Then, I just need to remind myself that by the time I square up on my downswing, the centrifugal force will have pulled the club face out to the right location and I should have a good shot. I've confirmed this theory using Dr. School's foot spray on all my clubs, and no other alignment technique I've tried has worked as well as this method.
  13. I'm a front-end software engineer and have been in the business for more than a quarter century.
  14. Hello there. This is my first post on the site. I promise that subsequent posts will NOT be this long. How long have you been playing golf? I've been playing golf since I was a young kid. Both my dad and my step dad were avoid golfers and both belonged to several country clubs or owned small summer homes on golf courses. When I was in junior high school and high school, I played A LOT of par 3 courses that were within easy biking or driving distance, so my short game and my putting is pretty good. However, until recently I never learned how to hit a driver (or longer fairway woods) with much confidence. To this day, I play with nothing but hybrids, woods and hybridized irons, which I frequently use off the tee. Several months ago, I purchased an entirely new set of clubs for the first time in nearly 20 years. I am now the proud owner of a full set of Cleveland Launcher HB (High Bore) irons (5-9, PW, SW). I also own the Cleveland Launcher HB 4 iron and their Dual (or Gap) wedge, but I recently removed these clubs from my bag to make room for a driver and a 9 wood. Every chance I get, I visit the local Value Village about 10 minutes from my home looking for throw-away bargains. Over just the last month, I've found some gems and diamonds in the rough. I picked up an unused Sun Mountain V1 Speed Cart ($200 new) for $12.99; I bought two unused Cleveland Launcher 2009 fairway woods (a 5 wood and a killer 7 wood) with Fujikura regular shafts for $4.99 each (I loved these clubs so much and hit them so well that this week I bought a matching 3 wood and driver from eBay to round out the set); and two days ago, I found an old See More FGP putter with a pristine milled face and matching leather head cover for $9.99 as well as a vintage Cobra Baffler 7 wood for $1.99 which I'm in the process of refinishing (photos to come later when the project is done). What’s your handicap or normal score? I honestly don't know what my official handicap is as I practice WAY more than I play. One of my goals for 2019 is to figure out what my true handicap is. Because of a long-term (scar-tissue related) inury I have from open-heart surgery when I was a young kid, I'm unable to play more than 9 holes at a time without discomfort, so I'll need to play 10 rounds of 9 holes to establish my first "official" handicap. I've done a few fake projections that put my handicap somewhere near an 18, but I expect than number to go down. What do you love about golf? I love the fact that golf is so multi-faceted, and that to achieve a goal, I often need to the do the opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish I can play the game alone, with friends, or with my wife and boys I can practice by myself in remote parks or at driving ranges and putting greens I can measure my progress with numbers and data I love researching new golf technologies and reading reviews Theoretically, I can play on the same courses as Tour Pros and use some of the same equipment as Tour Pros There are lots of great online forums with a real sense of community While not exactly a year-round sport, golf still provides plenty of opportunities to visit driving ranges or hit balls in public parks in the off season. And if all else fails, I can break out the putter at home and practice sinking 8-footers on a putting carpet in my family room Playing a round of golf is a great form of outdoor exercise, especially if I don't use a golf cart Many of the courses where I live are off-the-charts beautiful I actually enjoy practicing for free at nearby parks and open spaces more than spending $50 (or more) on a round of golf. There's also a certain Zen-like moment that comes from hitting a pure, nearly flawlessly-executed shot with a 7-wood, hearing the swoosh of the swing, and knowing without even looking up that the ball is rocketing skyward and at precisely the location where I aimed it. I'm also continuously intrigued by the Yin and Yang of golf - for example, to hit the ball far, I must hit it slowly and with a smooth tempo. Or, to grip the solidly, I must hold it softly in my hands. There is also room in golf for amateurs, like me, who enjoy swimming against the current and who like to throw aside conventional wisdom and try out new techniques, and then adopt and refine these oddball techniques if they pay dividends. Some examples: In terms of my swing style, I am and have always been a true sweeper. This means that I NEVER take a divot, ever. If I do accidentally take a divot, it means I made a mistake in my swing, and the resulting shot is invariably a poor one. Other than my putter, I have nothing but hybridized irons, rescue clubs (including a NOS Ginty and a Cobra Baffler), and woods in my bag. Even my wedges are hollow hybrids. I use a split hand putting technique in which my hands are widely separated and NEVER touch each other, and I bend over very far when putting, trying to get my head as close to the ball as possible. I generally place the ball in the center of my stance and only adjust my position based on the length of the shaft or to shape the shot. Recently, after injuring the ligaments in my right pinky using the interlocking grip for decades, I switched to the 10-finger baseball grip and have never looked back. I can't imagine using any other grip now. After noticing that I was consistently hitting longer-shafted woods and drivers off the heel or hosel, I started positioning the club up to a full head length BELOW the ball at address. Problem solved! I have a number of different hobbies, but interestingly all of them are relevant to golf in some strange way. In addition to golf (which is my current and daily obsession), I also enjoy flying radio controlled 1-meter bungee-launched gliders as well as flying kites in high winds (this gives me a good sense of what happens to a golf ball in windy and blustery conditions as well as some insight into the overall flight characteristics of golf balls); I enjoy target shooting and trap shooting (these sports have taught me concentration, focus, aiming and alignment techniques, and how to control my breathing and heart rate); I also enjoy playing both acoustic and electric guitars on old tube amplifiers (this has taught me how to tap into my own inner creativity and to do things 'my own way'). Finally, I like to make memes in my spare time. What brings you to The Sand Trap? I have been lurking on the site as an unregistered user for some time, and I finally decided to register so I could join in the fun, get some feedback from other users, and share an occasional golf-related anecdote or two. Where are you from? What is your home course? I like to hit balls and do practice putting at Willows Run golf course in Redmond and at the Twin Rivers golf course in Fall City, Washington. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Where I live, it rains a lot (and I mean A LOT). This translates to lush, green fairways most of the year and only a few months of downtime when things really get cold or it snows. I live within 30 minutes driving time of at least a dozen different public golf courses, so I consider myself very fortunate in this regard. What do you do for a living? I am a front-end software engineer with more than quarter century of experience in the field. How’d you pick your user name? I'm BoomerGolfAnon. I am a Boomer (born right at the transition line between Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers); I am also passionate about practicing or researching golf in some way on a daily basis; and I like to keep my actual identity anonymous. I always remember that line from ElastiGirl in 'The Incredibles': "Your identity is your most important possession. Protect it!" Hence: BoomerGolfAnon
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