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  1. Get someone to check out whats happeneing with your shoulder blades. i.e. have a look from behind and see if they are doing the same thing. A lot of shoulder issues can come from poor shoulder blade function. Some of your rotator cuff muscles come of the shoulder blade and this can cuase impingement syndrome. If yes, then a bit of body work with a good chirpractor (Gonstead practitioner) or osteopath could correct it very quickly. Using a foam to roller stretch the anterior longtitudinal ligament of the spine can also yield surprising results (see how to fix any shoulder problem, on Smash
  2. Arthritis, especially in the hands is the bane of golfers. We tend to think of osteoarthritis as being due to wear and tear, but in my experience any degeneration and wear is another symptom. There are many cultures around the world that do highly physical work all yheir lives but experience little to no arthritis. I believe, and my research suggests, that arthritis is inflammatory based. Not inflammation from a localised impact injury, but general low level whole body inflammation. It's what you put in your gob daily that can have the biggest impact on this inflammation - for good or for
  3. I'm not convinced that makes much difference at all. I my experience most of the issues that it is supposed to help correct are more the result of limitations in mobility, and to a lesser degree strength, in the 5 mobile segments in the kinematic golf swing chain. Decreased proprioception also plays a role and the counterbalance stick may help with that. However, its not necessary. Basic mobility exercises can help especiall targetd to the individuals needs. But far and away the best way to improve these areas is interleaving practice. For a bit of variety you could also go to your local
  4. There's a saying in golf fitness trainer circles, "Glutes are the King of the Swing". And they are. They are the transfer point for moving power through your legs from the ground, into your upper body to produce a powerful consistent swing. Running is not ideal for glutes as they want to stabilise your pelvis. High impact exercise like running will cause them and other deeper stabilising muscles to tighten, often "jamming" the sacroiliac joints. This can severely restrict glute function (an cause hamstring issues). A good golf swing enhancment program will work on range of movement a
  5. Fuddalan


  6. Great teaching. Excellent drills. Very informative thread. Although I'll confess I haven't read all of it, so I might be echoing others comments. My background is biomechanics and exercise prescription, so I appreciate the mechanics of a good golf swing. I have dealt with a lot of golfers over the years that struggled with their hip turn (me included). What I found was it wasn't a lack of understanding of what they need to do, nor of implementing the instructuions and components of a good swing, and/or doing the drills. Rather it was a mobility issue with their body. One, or more, of
  7. That's the nature of a golf swing, even with the pro's. Every body shape and combination is different and so each swing has been developed to be the most effective for that body type and shape. Hence, different ways they addresss the ball e.g. distance between feet in stance, foot turn out amount (or none at all), amount of knee bend etc. Some you'll notice don't begin with poor posture and position, but as they move into their swing they get into great position and and swing beautifully. The long and short of it is that you are only likely to emmulate a pro is if you have their body shap
  8. This is my first venture into forums,or connecting to any sort of community online. I've even managed to avoid social media till now but suspect I will need to venture into this arena as well. Especially if I want to keep up with my children and grand children. Looking forward to perusing many of the threads that catch my attention. I'm a sports biomechanist and exercise prescription physiologist. No, it hasn't helped my game at all but I've helped a few others. I much better at "do what I say not do what I do". I should really take my own advice and instruction. Glad to be here.
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