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  1. Sorry, I disagree. If it takes me 5 seconds to get an exact yardage from 70 yards, I’m taking those 5 seconds. After the laser I know it’s not 65, and it’s not 75. No guessing=faster play and shorter putts.
  2. OMG. That has to be an Onion article or something. How can guys that have many thousands of dollars at stake not know the rules of their profession? Why wouldn’t they at least pay their caddie to become a rules expert? That way they can still not know the rules, but have someone they trust guide them in sticky situations. They changed the rule because it was “semi-unfair”. Then again, if you don’t want to accidentally move your ball searching in the rough, don’t hit it there. It’s a game of skill. Find the fairway. I digress. It’s getting to the point that nothing surprises me, rules-wise, from these guys anymore.
  3. Augster

    Bunker Question

    In the US, that is absolutely not true. That is a single hole not played by the Rules. For posting purposes, on that hole, he’d post par+ any cap strokes he got. As long as a player has 13 holes in an 18 hole round that he played by the Rules, he posts that score. Even in a DQ round.
  4. Agree 100% on the Webb thing. The ruling bodies try their hardest to get rid of intent. Ideally all the rules would be black or white. Intent would never add in. Did X happen? Yes? Penalty. Simple. Golf isn’t a simple sport to write rules for, but the less interpretation of intentions, the better. We haven’t been able to accidentally move our ball in play since they first wrote “play it as it lies”. It’s only very recently we can be clumsy around the ball on the green. I’ve always advocated for a “tougher” game and easier to interpret rules. Play it as it lies from tee to green with no free relief (except sprinklerheads), and no marking the ball unless asked is as easy as it gets. Unfortunately the ruling bodies have given in on the greens due to the DJ thing. Next it’ll be divots. And finally, for Webb, you’ll be allowed to accidentally move your ball in play without penalty. The simplicity of putting it on a tee and touching it again as you take it out of the cup gets further and further away.
  5. Thanks! Good answers. Sounds like a good seminar to attend.
  6. Enjoy the seminar! A question for the seminar, if you want to get into it is about advice and the new addition of “intent” in the definition. Example: Last year’s rules. Playing a par 3 into a massive headwind. I hit 5 iron and come up woefully short. I say, as a joke to my friend/fellow competitor, “You should be hitting driver” when I see he has an iron out. Last year, 2SP for advice. This year, would I be off the hook because my INTENT was a joke, not actually meaning my FC should hit driver on this 150 yard par 3. Last year’s rules stated any comment that MAY influence another player’s shot selection was advice. This year: ”Any verbal comment or action (such as showing what club was just used to make a stroke) that is INTENDED TO INFLUENCE a player”. Changing “may” to “intended” seems to be a big change in the Advice definition. If you could find out from the bigwigs that that was the way it is “intended” (couldn’t resist) to be read, I’d greatly appreciate it. Have fun!
  7. It’s only in his line of play, not stance, lie, or swing. From what I know, I don’t believe the PGA Tour uses that local rule. And as Deadman pointed out, he’s more than 2CL’s from the green and wouldn’t be eligible anyway. I know they use the local rule overseas on a lot of courses. Just a bad break here in America.
  8. I never mentioned posting for cap. I never mentioned match play. My statement was, taking the LR instead of a provisional a player will shoot lower scores over time. I keep reading the “losing yardage” take. That only matters if the provisional hits the fairway. That’s a big if. Should better players hit the fairway on their second try? Sure they should. But they just put one OB so they don’t have their A swing. And even if we grant the player a fairway ball, we are only talking about a fraction of a shot difference. An extreme example would be the provisional driven to 100 yards out, and taking the LR drop would be at 200 yards out. This example is completely unrealistic. EVEN in that extreme, unrealistic, example, a pro will finish the hole from 100 in 2.80 strokes and from 200, 3.19. That’s 0.39 strokes different. Less than 1/2 a stroke. This unrealistic example would have to happen MORE THAN TWICE to even gain 1 stroke over taking the LR. AND it’d have to be a tour pro. Anyone scratch or worse is going to gain even less. If that provisional rolls into the rough at 100 yards, now the pro is down to .17 strokes gained. Basically nothing. It’s not worth the risk. Players will shoot better scores over time taking the local rule.
  9. That absolutely is added in and is MORE reason to take the LR. The worse the player is, the more taking the local rule will save strokes.
  10. By the admission that all of those possible scenarios add up to more than a 0% chance of happening, already it’s proven dropping in the fairway is the better option to score lower over time. Every time the provisional doesn’t hit the fairway, the player brings 7, 8, 9, and 10 into play. From the fairway, he’s mostly looking at 6 or 7. He hits the green and makes 6. He misses the green and makes 7. I can also show why the loss of yardage isn’t that big a deal. Hitting the fairway is. I’ll grant you the 40 yards (which is an exaggeration in most cases). Let’s say the provisional gets to 140, but the drop would be 180. How often does a player, who just pumped one OB mind you, hit the fairway? What do pros average? 60%? 65%? Seems high. Let’s go with 60. So 40% of the time that provisional is in the rough where lots of bad things can happen. Even saying none of those bad things happen, the ball is found etc. For the pros, he will score better from 180 in the fairway compared to 140 in the rough. (3.15 vs. 3.08 SG) For ams it’s even more likely because they don’t hit the middle of the face. So 40% of the time, the times the provisional is in the rough and 40 yards closer, the drop in the fairway is still going to shoot a better score over time. 60% of the time, the times the provisional hits the fairway, the pro has 0.17SG 140 vs. 180. So when the pro hits the fairway with his provisional, he gains 0.2 strokes. Ams will gain even less. And that pro only has a 60% chance on the tee to gain that 0.2 strokes. Ams hit less fairways. Because hitting a provisional can bring very large numbers into play, and because the player is not guaranteed to hit the fairway, taking a guaranteed ball in the fairway, even if you have to give up lots of yards, the player will score better over time taking the LR over the provisional. The higher your cap, the more this is true. There are exceptions, there always are in golf. But, in general, a player will shoot lower scores over time taking the LR regardless of handicap.
  11. So, in general, you think adding in hitting another ball OB, adding in hitting the ball to an unplayable spot, adding in losing a ball in play, and adding in hitting it into the rough to make it harder to score, adding the odds on all that possibly happening adds up to ZERO? Then odds of any of that happening on the provisional ball has to add up to a zero percent chance of happeneing VS. dropping in the fairway. If there is only a 1% cumulative total of all those things having a chance of happening (which is INCREDIBLY low IMO) my statement is correct. Over time, dropping in the fairway will yield lower scores. I could do the math and all the odds of each happening, and come up with a very accurate guess on how much more likely a player will shoot a better score dropping in the fairway instead of playing a provisional ball, but it’d be a waste of time. The answer is already there in front of us.
  12. It is accurate. What is a player expected to score when hitting the first OB? Double is a good score and the score he “should” take. Bogey is as rare, or rarer, than the odds of that player making a birdie. Triple or more is the most likely score, unless the player makes lots of “pars” after pumping his first OB. I’ve played with a lot of guys over a ton of rounds over a lot of years. When the first ball is OB, the score they generally shoot is a triple. BUT, it can be so much worse. Hitting a provisional, that provisional could also be OB. And the next one after that. Or add in with your provisional hitting a ball to an unplayable lie. Also add in the times you hit that provisional into the rough making it marginally, or not so marginally depending on the rough, tougher to score. Add up all those odds. Those will be the times the player makes triple, or worse. Then compare them to the amount of times the player hits the fairway. Add all that together and compare to the LR which is a drop in the fairway hitting the 4th shot 100% of the time. Based on all that, over time, the player taking the LR will score better than the player hitting the provisional.
  13. I did say “really really sideways”. If a player just hit a push or a pull OB, or straight through a dogleg, or it rolls the full length and OB, a player is better off taking the LR. He just hit one terribly. The odds of him hitting another terribly have gone up a lot based on the previous ball. He’s obviously not striping it. With the LR, he is guaranteed a ball in play AND a ball in the fairway. A provisional ball doesn’t guarantee either. In fact, there are so many bad situations a provisional ball can get a player in, really, in most cases, it makes no sense to hit one. A player will score better, overall, taking the LR most every time.
  14. I get the “play a provisional” and that was always the case. BUT, if you are playing with the new local rule in place, unless you hit your drive really really sideways, you’ll be much better off taking the local rule INSTEAD of hitting a provisional. If you hit a provisional ball, you can no longer take the local rule for the previous ball. The local rule is a guaranteed drop in the fairway under a 2 stroke penalty. I’m just saying, the strategy for shooting your best score changes if the local rule is in place.
  15. I was glad when I heard Johnny was retiring. Can’t stand him. I was also happy when Fox got the US Open. No Johnny. Zinger is okay. He was good with Faldo back in the day. On his own, I guess time will tell. If I had to make a guess, he’ll end up annoying me. At least we won’t have to hear about the final round 63, every, single, week. Feherty, yuck. McCord, yikes. Begay, no. Never ever. Can’t stand him. Justin Leonard? NO! Chamblee. Meh. Nobilo. No. I wouldn’t mind Koch. Or Clampett if he jumped to NBC. It’s too bad Oosty retired. He was my favorite.
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