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  1. I’m planning to play tomorrow. The forecast is 40 degrees and cloudy at my tee time. I’m hoping that there is little wind but I’ll be wearing a fleece lined wind breaker and my rain gloves. Unless we get some warmer weather in the next couple weeks, it may be my last round for the year. I hope not, though, I still have two more rounds that I need to play before the end of the year.
  2. I played in a work league for a few years but the conversation always seemed to lean towards work. I left after two years and the league fell apart the year after, for the same reason, so I was told. I then got a membership but it was mostly retirees with a few younger members but evenings and weekends were so expensive, even with a membership that I’d most often be paired with retirees or play alone. I have about 1/2 a dozen friends who always like to talk golf but never play, and I have one golf buddy now who doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the game. We both bought a golf card with a dozen rounds from local courses. I’ve wound up playing most of those as a single, waiting for my buddy to “find the time” to get out with me. Maybe it’s me.
  3. Sorry if this has already been said but for each golfer it’s different. It depends on where you lose the most strokes per hole. If you hit ob on your tee shot or duff it, that’s one or two. If you can’t get on the green from the fairway that’s one or two there. If you can’t chip, that’s one there even if you get on the green but aren’t at a reachable distance. If you can’t two putt from 15-20 feet, that’s another one or two. Right now, I’ve improved my GIR from 0% to 30-40%, next I need to improve my putting. 3 putts blow up my score more than anything right now but last year, it was my driving more than anything. I’ve always been a decent iron player.
  4. I’m a better golfer, in my opinion but my handicap is about the same. I played some really tough courses over the last few months as opposed to the local muni quality and I’ve shot some pretty high scores and I’ve been playing more back tees. I know the course slope and rating somewhat account for the difference but my scores overall have been a little bigger. That being said, even though I may shoot a round in the high eighties/low nineties, I’m really satisfied with my playing, Also, this year I’m driving the ball much better, but my putting has gone AWOL.
  5. Improving your lie? If it's not in a sand trap, you can ground your club. It's almost like TV viewers calling in to report a rules violation.
  6. I’ve had a couple and most were mostly a lot of luck. My first was a chip in from 10 feet off the green on a par 5, when I was just learning to use my 60 degree wedge. The second was when I got a kind bounce on a long 2nd shot on a par 5, it rolled to within 2 feet. Third was a holdout from the fairway from 85 yards, this was my favorite one because I knew I hit it exactly the way I envisioned it. My last one was this year on a 545 yard par 5, I pulled my tee shot a bit left and clipped a small branch overhanging the fairway which kept me on the fairway. My 2nd shot was a nice 3w that landed on the apron and rolled right past the hole. I was actually thinking albatross, lol. I get up to the green and I’m about 15 feet past the hole. My partners were trash talking, trying to make me nervous. I actually hit a bad putt but misread the green and it went in. I’ve never had a hole in one so the eagles are some of my greatest memories. Point being, for us hackers, eagles are a combination of perseverance and luck.
  7. I’m the opposite of the OP. I hit my 3w well off the deck but I do not like hitting it off the tee. I usually catch it too low off the tee even though I tee it very low. Off the deck, I aim in front of the ball, but I can’t find a good aiming point off the tee. When faced with a tee shot that’s less than 250, I default the my 2i or 3i.
  8. Golf is a self deprecating game. There isn’t a single golfer on this planet that has the game to be laughing at another. The only one laughing at you, should be you. If it’s the group you’re playing with, find another group. If it’s random golfers laughing, they are just jerks. I enjoy playing with new golfers and if they ask for tips or critiques on their swing, I try to help, but I would never intentionally embarrass them. Most golfers understand that golf as frustrating as it is a fun. My advice if it bothers you, play alone at off times when you can focus on your game, or find a good friend and learn together. If you were in my area, I’d welcome you if you wanted to play a round.
  9. I agree with the management aspect but a, I hit my 3w reasonably well, and b, I don’t have hybrids. I actually played this weekend with the intent to hit my 2nd shot to a good distance, within 60 yards to set up a better 3rd. I actually rolled 2 shots up the fairway and they stopped on the green for eagle putts. I didn’t make either but I scored better on the holes. I realize that it’s not about managing missed, but reducing them.
  10. I appreciate a lot of the responses but “far, far, away from reality”? If you see my latest post, if I play with a solid plan, there still are birdie opportunities.
  11. I’m a 13-14. I actually played the par 5s this weekend pretty well. I approached them with the plan to get on the green in 3 most of the time. I tried to put my second shot within 60 yards and it seemed to work out well. I only had one bad hole where I went for the green in 2 and wound up in the water and put up a 9. Other than that I was mostly 6s, a birdie, par and a double.
  12. I don’t think I overswing. I hit my drives the same way I hit on par 4s. I played this weekend and still struggled a bit. I think I need to lay up a bit more and hit a longer iron instead of defaulting to my 3w. I put myself in a bad position several times then pressured myself to get on the green in 3 which resulted in hitting it thin or fat. This resulted in a few shots lost around the green consistently. I parred a few but the 7s, 8s, and a 9 put me right back where I was.
  13. I think it’s probably a combination. On par 5s I think I tend to overswing on all of my shots trying to minimize the distance of the next shot, if that makes sense. To the positive, my ability to recover after a bad shot has improved, lol.
  14. I was looking at my statistics over the last calendar year and I noticed that I average around a 7 on my par 5s. I average about 3.6 on my par 3s and about 4.9 on my par 4s. I’ve just gotten to the point in my game where I’m playing bogey golf overall, but I seem to struggle on par 5s. I’m not sure this is common but maybe that’s an area that I should focus on improving my course management. Thinking about my latest rounds, I think I approach the par 5s with a go for birdie mentality which seems to consistently fail. What is the best approach for a mid handicapper?
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