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  1. I’m not a cold weather golfer and probably never will be but I’ve played on two occasions with extreme weather. When I was first starting out, my friends and I got a tee time on a beautiful private club in PA and as we finished the 2nd hole, it started to pour. We waited about 15 minutes and it wasn’t letting up. We played the rest of the front 9 in rain so hard, we couldn’t see the flag from the tee. On the 2nd 9, it finally let up to a steady drizzle but we were already soaked. After 10, my one friend pull out a bottle of Gatorade mixed with vodka. Nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted but it made for entirely enjoyable round after getting soaked. Luckily we were getting picked up after the round or we may not have made it home. The second extreme was on another buddy trip in S.C. it was over 100 degrees as we started to tee off and no wind. It honestly felt like we were in an oven. It was so hot that any sweat instantly dried and were were pouring water on ourselves between holes and drinking constantly. The second 9 was along the ocean so at least there was a breeze and it may have been a few degrees cooler. As we were getting to the 16th or 17th holes, the sand rash started to set in. Every crevice in my body had gritty sand in it. My underarms were getting raw and stung after every swing. Nobody was drinking much alcohol at all or we may have passed out on the course. Back at the condo most of us passed out and I sat in the shower under cold water for about 15 minutes, and I still had sand everywhere.
  2. Kevlar10

    Top Golf

    I put in about $1000 so far, it was refurbished. Right now I just have the software, which I run on my laptop, the sensor, and an LCD projector. It has the option to either hit balls (foam or real) into a net, or no ball. My screen is 9 feet high by 11 feet wide so it's pretty realistic, it has great graphics and I have 48 courses. Normally I use no ball but I have a net as well when I use the driving range. I don't worry about my clubs because I have the sensor set about 1/2 in. below the level of the turf mat and I have a soft tee to set the ball on. That way my clubs don't contact the mat. I don't let my friends or my kids use my clubs though. They have to use their own.
  3. I’ve had a 2 iron for years and never liked it. I’ve never had much use for a driving iron because my 3 wood is my best club in my bag. That said, last year I finally figured out my 2 iron and can hit it consistently straight to about 230-240, so now it’s earned a place in the rotation. It’s perfect for distances between my 3 wood and 3 iron and I can hit it off the tee if I need less than a 3 wood. I’ve only ever hit a driving iron a few times and it doesn’t feel like something I need to carry.
  4. Kevlar10

    Top Golf

    I’ve been to the one in Edison, NJ a few times. TopGolf is a fun activity and a good night out. It can seem expensive but with a group of 6, which is the most they allow to play in one booth, it’s fun and not too pricey. It’s not something for serious golf practice though IMO. A bit off topic but the simulator isn’t really something I’d do. In NJ, it can get as expensive as a real round. The only benefit is you can “play” a foursome in under 2 hours. I’d rather be out on the course. I have a midrange simulator in my mancave and I have my golfing buddies over occasionally and it’s fun to play courses around the world, have a few beers and never have to drive to and from the course. It’s also good to keep maintain muscle memory over the winter months.
  5. I’ve told this story a few times but not in relation to the overall time for the round. I was invited to a corporate outing at Emerson Country Club in NJ by a vendor. He said, he had just started playing but was pretty good since he was taking lessons from his uncle who was a Course Pro. I actually started the round out very well and it’s a beautiful course, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the time. After the first four holes, I realized we were out for over an hour already. We were playing singles format and two man team-combined and I checked my “partners” scores to that point and he was already at 32. It only got worse from there. I realized as a twosome we were taking longer than a foursome, and he was taking two shots to everyone I took, sometimes more. It was probably the most painful round I have ever watched. I am not joking when I tell you his score was 176 and he refused to pick up early on any hole. The winning twosome shot a 143 and we actually got a gag gift for the highest average score. I shot a 92, which was probably the result of standing around and waiting 5-10 minutes between each shot. I’m not sure exactly how long it took, but we teed off at 10AM and made it to dinner at 4:30 with just enough time to use the restroom before.
  6. If you believe you’ll never get any better, and you’re fine with it, that’s fine. If you can’t get 10 more yards out of your swing, there’s no reason that you can’t still improve your game. One thing that is true is that if you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change. Going to the driving range or the course and hitting balls without any purpose or intent will certainly not help, no matter what your age. I had a back injury when I was 36. When I was finally able to get back into golf, I wasn’t able to hit my tee shots 200 yards and I struggled to break 100, but I was happy to play again. I had to rebuild my swing and I’ve been steadily improving. I look forward to just hitting the ball and tweaking my swing. I can now hit almost as long and straighter than I used to in my early thirties. I think the most important thing that i have gained as I grow older is the ability to slow my thought process down and analyze what I’m doing. The most important thing is to enjoy golf. If you suck, but enjoy it, it’s better than being a single digit handicapper and don’t have fun.
  7. For me, the only must have is water. I got a nice Yeti thermos last year and it fits right in pocket on my bag. Speaking of cleaning out the bag; last week I found a full bottle of IPA under my rain jacket. It’s been in there since my golf trip last July. Oh, the other thing I always take is my Swiss Army golf tool. It has everything from a ball repair tool to a bottle opener. All essential on the course.
  8. I’m an engineering director in a medium sized medical device company. I used to work for one of the international mega companies, but that interfered with my golf game.
  9. Not my shot but my brother in law’s. We were playing early morning at a local course in NJ and there was a wide open fairway on a short par 4. About 150 yards out was a huge flock of geese. As I was getting ready to hit, my BinL says, shouldn’t we wait until the geese are out of the way. I said, no way, they’re 150, we can clear them easily. I hit my shot well over them. He decides, what the heck and hits one directly into the heart of the group. They all clear out except one who is just spinning around in circles with his head against the fairway. It would have looked comical if it wasn’t so sad looking. My BinL is really freaking out as we drive the cart up to see if the goose is okay. He gets out of the cart and walks slowly up to the goose, and it snaps out of his funk and proceeds to chase my BinL. If I had a camera, it would have been one of the best golf videos ever, my BinL screaming and almost crying as the goose chases him. The goose turned out to be okay, btw. What makes the story even better is that last night, my BinL texted me asking why we don’t play that course, it’s so close and cheap. I said, that’s the course where you hit the goose, remember? He has still yet to reply.
  10. Thanks for the info. Grille 1895 is already planned for a birthday dinner. We were looking for more of relaxed tavern atmosphere as it may be difficult to get them "dressed" for dinner on the other nights. Drum & Quill, Dugans, or Southern Pines Brewing Company may be the answer.
  11. Sounds like Southeen Pines will be a good course between TR and Pinehurst. Sly Fox also sounds like a good reco, but we might play SP in the morning and play #5 or #7 in the afternoon. I got an email for an additional discount to add a course other than #2 or #8, so we may be playing 3 rounds at the resort if we can fit it in. Eliot’s might not be a good fit if you knew the crew that will be going. Are there any more relaxed places in Pinehurst. We’re going to Grille 1895 on Saturday and it will be tough enough to get them in line with that.
  12. Thanks, that was going to be my next question or questions. Sounds like we should check out the Sly Fox. Any other recommendations?
  13. As they say, the best laid plans often go awry. We’re still going but our forth suddenly decided he can’t go. Fortunately, the resort was very accommodating. They’ve moved my reservations to the condos and are giving us the original cost pp, even though we are now 3. We are still playing Tobacco Road and added Southern Pines, instead of Pine Needles. I’ve read good and not so good reviews about SP. what are everybody’s thoughts about Southern Pines? I’m still pumped about the trip and can’t wait but the wagering won’t be as fun now that there’s only 3. Also, does Pinehurst get a lot of singles? I’m hoping that they won’t match us up with singles because we’ll be pretty festive and may get a bit rambunctious on the course.
  14. Too much whining and crying already on the golf course. If we open it to politics there’s no escape.
  15. I play golf because I enjoy the challenge. I pick the courses I play because they are either in my price range or I can get a reasonable price for a course I’d really like to play. My choices have nothing to with the person or company that owns them and even less about their social or political stance. Just like I go to Disney or watch movies for the entertainment value, not because I agree with their political views or immorality. That being said, if I had the opportunity to play a President Trump owned golf course at a price that is reasonable, I would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately like many other courses everywhere, they are too expensive. If you choose your golf course based on politics, you need to ask yourself why you play golf in the first place.
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