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  1. CONGRATS!!!!!! Im still waiting for mine
  2. After taking a good look at my swing now, I was very disappointed in it. I couldn't remember what my old swing used to look like so I called my brother that got me into playing golf to have a look at the videos. He said and I quote "What the hell did you do to your swing" I will be going up to where he is staying about 50 to 60 miles away this weekend, He said he has an old VCR tape of my old swing that I can look at. It will hopefully help with getting back to where I once was. Im sure its going to be a lot of work (10 years of not playing or even thinking of swinging a club has had a bad effect on me) All I can think is that the pain in my lower back made me start to kick my left knee in towards my right knee in the back swing causing me to sway to that side. I will have a few months to work at it before I can actually play a round... I cant play during the winter due to cart path only rule. I tried it a couple months ago but walking from the cart to where my ball was to get a reading of distance, then going back from a club and then back and forth again was about the same as trying to walk the course which I cannot do. Sure wish I could get back to where I was in 2007, I was doing the P90X workouts and was 175lbs of solid muscle... now Im 225 or 230 so I have a ways to go... And a very big thanks to iacas, if you didnt put those marker lines there I wouldnt have looked twice at what I was doing wrong. At least now I can start on a path to fixing my swing (hopefully getting it close to what it once was)
  3. Oh crap, I hate it when I make a typing mistake but that one takes the cake.... Sorry iacas..
  4. Best day golfing for me was the first time I shot 73 (1 over) with my brother... worst was the day I lost my RayBans and my range finder (still dont have one 11 years later )
  5. I will try to fix this.. I never used to sway or move my left foot off where it was. This was something that I guess I started when I started hitting again last year so my back wouldnt get hurt more. The next time I go to the range I will try to remember the camera to film both views while trying not to sway or move my left foot Thanks Jacas! Unfortunately I cannot afford lessons. I have just went with what ever swing I had and tried to make it work.
  6. I didnt at that time, I saw that their prices were on par with the course I like to play so I left and went there. I went back and played there and talked to him and he said that he looked it up but its not his course and he cant change the signs... Its in a 55+ senior living area. I was not comfortable playing there because I was followed by an old woman that kept asking me questions (well she was either old or young and a crack addict) on the 18th fairway she finally asked if I wanted to come to her place (which was right on the 18th fairway) I didnt know what she wanted but I was not going to wake up in an ice bath with 1 kidney missing!!!! I havent been back..
  7. Yeah, Im having problems still with getting the flight down, Its a 35* 7iron but I should be able to get it down. I have problems with my left elbow and wrist.. Maybe one day I will be able to afford a lesson or 2???
  8. I want to finally go lower then 73, Im normally in the low 80's but if I can control the pain, then I can shoot lower. I have never beat 73
  9. I wish everyone was educated on PROPER repair.. There is a little 9 hole place here in Salem that has a sign on how to repair ball marks on the green.... You guessed it! it says to put your repair tool down one side and lift up the middle I saw that and told the guy never mind I will play another course without dead circles on the greens.... He asked me how I knew the greens were like that... I pointed to the sign and told him to look up the correct way. GRRRRR
  10. Me brag about something Ive done? Never!!! Ok you talked me into it My best shot to date is Sep 8th at Santiam Golf Club... 13th hole, par 5 485yds.. I hit my driver 265 up hill (forgot it was set to 9.75 instead of the 7.75 I normally have it set to) It was 220 per the card to the green but the pin was set back another 5 yards. I hit my old 2007 Callaway Heavenwood 3 hybrid straight at the pin. I saw it hit the green bounce once and disappear. For a moment I thought it went off the back of the green but 225 is what I normally hit it. When I got to the green it was in the hole!!
  11. I love my Heavenwood Hybrids, I only carry the 3 now a days since it was what I hit the par 5 double eagle shot from 225 out. The 5 went as far as my 5 iron and I was carrying too many clubs so it had to go (I love irons!, you can shape shots a lot easier then hybrids)
  12. I still use the used 2007 Nike CCi forged clubs I got when I first started as well as the used R7 3wood (gave the R7 driver to my nephew last november and purchased a Titleist 915D3 off eBay for $83.00 I have 3 different wedges... 1 cleavland, 1 KZG and 1 Genex I just noticed today that my Sand Wedge is longer then the Gap Wedge.. I wondered why sometimes I hit them the same distance I would love an entire new golf set.. Titleist 917 AP3's or Mizuno JPX 919 forged some new wedges (Titleist BV's, Cleavland RTX 4's?) maybe a new putter... oh and 3wood and hybrid. But when little money I get to play golf is ALL I have for golf so I play with very old stuff, I sure would love to play with a set of clubs that are better lofted then Nike's.. 7 iron is 35*, the new 7 irons are 30 or 31
  13. I voted good for the game but if the course doesnt have a dress code then I wear black jeans (nice ones) and t-shirt or collared shirt with a black nike hat / white Titleist had and new Footjoy golf shoes : )
  14. My brother was a golfer (scratch) and went out every weekend to play multiple rounds each day. He wanted a playing partner but I thought it was a stupid game (I had never played) He took me to the driving range to hit balls (I think more to laugh at me trying to hit them) but I used to play baseball in school and figured it was the same, just bent over a bit.. I started hitting balls at the range each day after work with his old set of clubs (titanium big bertha driver and a set of KZG blades) After a month or so I was hitting the ball over the fence at the end of the 250yd range, they said I couldnt hit a driver their any more.. :P I started playing golf with my brother the next weekend, I shot 120 (was lieing on the card, so probably more in the 140s) After 2 months he told me that I should not have started with blades and he only let me use them because he was using his good set. I purchased a set of Nike CCi forged irons and a used taylormade R7 driver and 3 wood. I played 9 holes after work 2 to 3 times a week for the next few months and was finally shooting in the low to mid 70's ( I was trying to be able to beat my brother at his own game) We went out to a course that was just shy of 7000yds and I shot "to his amazement" a 73 but the #&*(^)%$ shot a 67! 7 or so months later I was still trying to beat 73... but I always made 1 more bogie more then birdie. My legs and lower back have been hurting since I was 15 (at 19 I had surgery to rip veins out of both legs and again at 34) but after 3 vehicle accidents my neck (and the rest of my back were just as screwed up. But what made me quit golf was the pain in every joint of my body that came when I turned 42 (my mother had the same thing) For the next 10 years I never thought I would pick up a club again and was mostly bed ridden and one massive doses of either Norco or Percocet. Last year the Dr. took me off all pain meds because of the idiots in congress yelling about the opioid epidemic.... grrrrrrr I figured it was time to suck it up and try to play golf again so I started going to the driving range, I could hit a few balls and then had to sit down... This went on for a couple months until I could finally hit straight again (not as far as I used to but was still carrying the ball 265 or so with my driver, Im getting longer as I keep playing. Shot a 92 the first time out, 87 the next and got lower with each round. August 31st I finally shot a 73 again.. and 10 days before my b-day I finally hit a 2 on a par 5 (still trying for that hole in 1...) Well that's my how did I get into golf and "up to date" thread... LOL
  15. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is: 10 (only because pain make me hit bad shots) My typical ball flight is: straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: snap hook when my back hurts too much Not my best swings but it was the only day I had a camera with me at the range, my back and legs were hurting pretty bad so my swing shows it. My driver swing speed is normally 109-113 but if I want to and not hurting too bad I will take it up to 117 (just wish I could swing as fast as I did when I started) My 7 iron swing is normally 90-95 (I try not to swing faster as it screws up my timing. Um, I dont know what else to put so I will update if something changes Videos: [Delete this, Embed Videos Here]
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