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  1. The guy who says that he wishes he didn’t hit it so far at times is the same guy who answers the interview question, “What is your greatest weakness?”, with the answer, “my greatest weakness is that I work too hard”. Ha ha - what a blowhard.
  2. Totally agree with DaveP033. I'm an older, fatter, single digit handicapper that only carries it about 245. With a little help from a downhill, some helping wind, or a nice roll-out on a dry summer day, it might make it out there 280 on occasion. But what matters is the score that's put onto the card when the ball drops into the bottom of the cup - it doesn't really matter how it got there. Equipment (balls, clubs) have helped us keep our distance about the same as it was when we were a bit younger but, trust me, we know that. Let people claim what they want - if that 1 in 10 300-yd drive is what keeps them coming back, let it be. I'll be happy to take their money at the end of the round.😁
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