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  1. I go to the range, I know what I want to accomplish, and it goes really well. Not perfect, but the shots I hit, I could live with during any round. I go to the course, and I turn into someone with some sort of physical/mental disorder. That swing I practiced turns into something else. I drop my right shoulder, I overswing, I underswing, I pick my head up, if it's possible to do, I do it. Sure, I hit some decent shots, but I sprinkle in enough stinkers to kill my score. The thing that drives me crazy is I know what to do for a decent swing, (for me). And it's not terribly hard to do, nor am I asking myself to reproduce timing and effort like a pro. So, when I dip the shoulder to try to get more yards, or when I decelerate trying to avoid hitting it too far, I feel it instantly and want to kick my own arse. I don't expect answers here, I know this is not a simple thing, and most of us fight similar demons. I'm asking if anyone has read any books that has helped them on the path to enlightenment. I'm not likely to ever be a scratch golfer, I simply want to be the best golfer my ability will allow me to be. Thanks
  2. I made a decision, not the one I expected. I went to Golf Galaxy on Saturday, expecting to try some clubs and likely pull the trigger. The salesman appeared to be a few years my senior, and pretty knowledgeable. Hitting clubs at Golf Galaxy on a Saturday... uh no. I couldn't believe how busy they were. But the salesman had time to go over options. We talked about my game, and my current clubs. He said he had sold a LOT of those clubs and they were pretty good clubs, I agreed, and said I wanted better if I would notice it. He agreed distance would be a factor, but then he suggested that I keep my current sticks another year or two, and go for graphite shafts. I was reluctant because I'd always heard graphite is very whippy. Salesguy said that was the old graphite, the new stuff is pretty good, and that Hale Irwin had won on the champions tour with graphite shafts. I hate when logic gets in my way. He also said the Golf Pride tour velvet grips were on sale $4.80 each. They must not be on commission because that guy talked me out of buying new clubs. I'm going to re-grip, sharpen the grooves, and run for a couple more years. I felt better about the decision yesterday. It was barely warm enough to play, just barely 50*, so I went out for 9. On a 150 yard par 3, pin on the back, I hit my 7 into a light breeze and stuck it about 6 feet from the hole. Missed the putt, but the tee shot felt nice. Now if I could just find a putter that was automatic! I'm kidding, I have a nice putter, it's all on me.
  3. I have golf mental issues, so hybrids are a problem for me. I look at the big head, and my brain makes me swing harder. I know, it's insane, but so hard for me to overcome. I have 2 hybrids, if I swing like a person with a stable brain, they go pretty good. But, that good stroke leads to me trying to "improve" the distance by swinging harder. I went so far as picking up an old used ping 3 iron for distance, my 3 and 4 hybrid take a back seat to that club. Like I said, golf mental issues.
  4. I've convinced myself I want new irons. My current irons are Dick's special Callaway Xhot N14. Nice clubs, but they're 7 years old. At the very least they need new grips. Additionally, they get a fair amount of play. 18 holes a week plus the range once a week. They're worn, and I think the new ones are better. Another consideration is, I'm 61, this will likely be the last set of steel shafted irons I buy. Which ones to get? I've done research, I've gone to a golf shop and hit some, talked to friends, I have a few ideas, but there is no such thing as too much information, so here I am. The clubs I seemed to hit best were Callaway Rogue X. I also hit Taylormade M4s, Ping 410s and Cleveland launchers. I was excited by the distance of the Rogue X, until I did some research. My concern is that they are delofted. I hit my current 7 iron 150+. I hit the Rogue 165+. But the spin is low, under 5000. My concern is suddenly having a PW that goes 130 with low spin rolling off the green like a marble on concrete. I'm going to go to a different golf shop on Saturday, and I'm leaning to the Ping 400s. They aren't delofted, and the price point is good, $699. On top of that, they're new enough they can be fitted. I'm looking at cast clubs, and I know some of the older new sets can't be fitted because they aren't in production. Another option that I'm considering is getting Rogue X for the longer irons, 4-6, and going with Ping for scoring clubs, for the spin. My neighbor is a High School golf coach, and he suggested I try forged, he thinks my swing is decent enough, I may be able to play them for scoring irons. The input I'm looking for is: Are there options I'm not considering? Club brand, other models? What do you think of mixing sets? How much more playable are Ping 400s versus my current Callaways? I like to keep cost down, I'm not a great golfer, I'm a 12 in our 9 hole league. Like I said, I've all but convinced myself to buy the shiny new clubs, just trying to make a good choice.
  5. Thanks. I'm in Ohio so it will be a while before I can make a swing video. We had our league meeting and talking to some of the guys I think I'm going to go for the shiny new clubs for several reasons. This will be my last set of steel shafted clubs, I'm 61 and slowing down. My old clubs are decent, but they are Dick's special Callaway Xhots, and the new clubs are just better. I play at least 18 holes a week and hit the range at least once a week, so they are worn, and yeah, new sticks are fun. I do have questions about new sticks, but I'll start a new thread for that.
  6. Hi, I'm new here. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I'll give it a go. I'm 61, a hacker, probably about a 24 handicap, (I'm a 12 in our 9 hole league). I'm constantly "fixing" my swing as I continue to learn. I'm kind of excited because I think I finally understand a couple of things that I've put into my swing. First, grip pressure. I finally understand why light grip is good, and how moving my right index finger slightly can allow me to grip lighter and snap more through the ball. All well and good, but at the range, I find that I now have a tendency to push hook the ball. Not always, but more often than I want. Any words of wisdom on controlling the push hook?D Secondly, my irons are Calloway Xhot2 purchased from Dicks about 6 years ago. Would new irons matter? Or should I just go with regripping my current clubs. Is there a benefit to oversided grips? If I go with regrip, it looks like Winn Dritac is the way to go? I'm in Ohio, so it's cool and wet, or hot and humid, very seldom anything between. If new irons would matter, I know I need game improvement, but not sure what is the best bang for the buck. As far as me... I'm old, but not yet decrepit. I can drive the ball about 230 carry with a Calloway XR driver. I hit the 7 iron about 150, but at the range with my "new" swing I was going more like 160. The new swing gives me a push with the iron, but no hook. The hook happens with my driver. Thanks in advance Dale
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