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  1. I'm 62, but I still work. I also work as much as my time and my energy level will allow. While jogging, an question came to me, if I had to focus on one area of the body with my workouts, should it be my legs (running), or should it be my upper body and core, (weights). I don't intend to ignore one for the other, but I can shift focus. Which would be more beneficial to my golf game?
  2. There's a guy that does club reviews on youtube, Rick Shiels. He found a complete Callaway set, Callaway Edge, at Costco. This set cost under $500. It includes irons, driver, fairway wood and an Odessey putter. The putter alone is over $100. He tested the clubs on the course versus a mainline Callaway set, and it was almost as good. I know $500 is a big bite, but if you can upgrade the whole set for that, why not?
  3. I210. And he is a high handicapper. They had me hit that club and I hit it too high with too much spin. I see that it's not classified game improvement, but that's what worked for him.
  4. How high? What's your age? My son-in-law and I went to Golf Galaxy and got fitted. It was a good experience, but I don't have on course results to report. I'm 62, this is only my 4th set of irons. I bought the Cobra Speedzone with graphite shafts, (that's the new version of the F9). I hit the P790, the performance didn't match the price for me. My son-in-law, who is a very high handicapper, bought Ping i210s. You might want to give those a look too? The other posters are right, go to a golf shop and hit them. Buy what you like! Good luck.
  5. Of course, but you'd think I'd be able to make the same determination 6 vs. 9. However, I have, more than once, managed to find a way to hit the wrong one. You're probably right. I am likely overthinking this. I wouldn't be, if it wasn't 30F outside so I can't go play!
  6. That's a good idea. It's black right now. What kind of paint would stand up to the use?
  7. Go to a local golf store. Not a chain, but a small operator. Near me, there is a store called "Foxy Golf". They sell new clubs, used clubs, golf gear and do fittings. I can walk in, find a used club on the rack, and go use it with their launch monitor. If I like it, I buy it. Naturally, no returns. I'm using a Scotty Cameron Newport putter I bought from there. It was about 150 + 25 for a super stroke grip. A new one is about $400.
  8. This really isn't much of a problem, but what the heck, I'll ask anyway. I just opened my new iron set. Nice and shiny! Cobra Speedzone. I noticed, the "5" on the 5 iron looks unsettlingly close to the "S" on the sand wedge. With my other set, I have on occasion, whether it's the heat of the moment, or too many adult beverages, grabbed a 6 when I meant to grab my 9. That doesn't end well. The first part of the fix is to put the two clubs in opposite ends of the bag, as you would expect given the shaft length. Then, you would imagine I'd notice that the club was not the correct length if I drew the wrong one out of the bag. But, understanding I'm a knucklehead, is there a good way to mark the sole of one of the clubs without making it look like I'm a knucklehead? Just kicking that around, like I said, not much of an issue.
  9. Thanks all. As an added bonus, the fitter gave me some advice about how I was trying to hit my fairway wood. I was doing a forward press at setup and delofting the club. I went to the range yesterday, cold as heck, but had to try it. Sure enough, off the mats in the cold, (40F), and it worked. Now I get it, it's a mat, but it was better than I've done ever. An added bonus. Props to the guys at Golf Galaxy. They spent time with me, and even price matched Carl's which saved me $100.
  10. I did it. Bought a set 5-SW. They were freaky good on the monitor. I'll find out in a couple months how they play. I'm happy with my decision.
  11. 64g. I used the F3, (regular flex). I was fitted for them. It's an aggressive change from what I'm used to using.
  12. Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm seriously considering going to graphite shafts for my irons. Swing speed with a 7 iron is about 75mph.
  13. I'm aware that the manufacturers are messing with the loft. They all do it. But, they are also making the clubs better. The graphite shafts are much better now too. Will new irons make me a scratch golfer? Nope. If I can shave a couple strokes with new irons, and have clubs that i can play into my 70s, that is what I want to accomplish. And let's face it, who doesn't like shiny new clubs? Having said that, I'm getting a lot of good input here. Lots to consider. Another thing I've learned last year, and through this latest fitting is that the new tech launches higher. If the monitor is to be believed, my old 7 put the ball about 18 yards high. The new Cobra with the graphite shaft put it 23-26 yards high, with a lot more spin. I'm well aware that the graphite shaft makes a lot of difference.
  14. Does anyone have any experience with these clubs? I know they are new, so I'd expect only warm weather residents would have any real experience with them. I'm a 12 handicap for 9 holes in our league. I'm considering a set with recoil graphite shafts.
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