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  1. All the driving ranges around me are closed. One small public course allows play with social distancing. I'm looking for something relatively inexpensive to put in the back yard that would help me shake off the rust. Let's say, around $500. I'm a slicer, so if this toy would help with that, it would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. Finding an instructor is the problem. I'm gun shy. The first guy, I worked with, let him make the changes, which were unconventional, and it destroyed me. The second guy wasn't as bad, but we didn't click. I'm not a "player". I don't use forged irons. When i make a good swing, it's very good, but I don't always make that swing. I'm not presenting myself as a low handicapper in high handicapper clothes. But, I am a legit 24, and I can, and do play lower on occasion. I'm an 18 hole a week golfer, 9 on Wed. 9 on Sunday. I know you can't buy a game, but I'm certain you can buy a better game. Befor
  3. It's interesting that you can draw such conclusions based on a very small amount of information.
  4. Golf is a mind game. Whatever you choose should feel good to you, make you happy, make you want to go to the range, want to play. Don't worry about finding the exact right club, worry about finding one you love, that feels good, that makes you not regret parting with the cash! Good luck.
  5. I was all Callaway, except putter, until this year. I went to the dark side. I was playing Callaway xhot2 irons, and bought a new set of Cobra SZ with recoil regular flex shafts. The jury is still out, since this isn't exactly the time for golf in Ohio. But, I've been to the simulator, and so far so good, they feel good. I don't feel like I'm missing a lot with the XR, but the advertising for new clubs is enticing. As was suggested, I'm going to cruise the used driver market.
  6. Tried it twice. One instructor was recommended and horrible. It cost me a whole season to unlearn. The second, also recommended, wasn't as bad, but left me with some lingering issues. At this point, my swing is decent enough, I tinker on my own, but I don't need some guy messing me up. I did get simple advice from the guy fitting me that so far, has the potential to help me tremendously. I'm at the point that's what I need, just a tip here and there. As was said earlier, my biggest issue is putting. I agree with the line of thought that putts should be 1/2 stroke, (only because I'm that b
  7. I've had a couple of lessons with other parts of my game that ended up being tragic. I lost a season due to a guy trying to change everything. I'm in a pretty good place with my swing now. I can even self diagnose on the fly, a skill I've only recently acquired. Putting. I've tried a lot of things. Left hand low, claw, the works. My distance is usually good, my line generally sucks. One thing that I've worked on lately, as much as is possible in the cold, is to quit trying to aim the putter head, loosening my grip, and just letting it go. Seems better, practicing. If I could putt, I'd pro
  8. Still cold in Ohio, still stuck with indoor golf, ugh. So, I have time to ponder. I pulled the trigger on new irons. I'm excited and I know my expectations high, maybe unrealistic, but hey, that's part of the fun. Here's the pondering I'm doing now. I have a Callaway XR driver. Nice club. I can carry it about 230 on a good strike. The XR is a 2015 model. Are the new drivers good enough that it's worth upgrading? I'm about a 24 handicap, but a good deal of that is my putting is horrid. My ball striking is fair to middling. I know, fix the putting, easier said than done. And I know the
  9. If you're serious about new clubs, go get fit. It will cost $50 - $150 depending on where, and most places will apply the fitting to the price of new clubs if you buy from them. I wanted new irons, and went to Golf Galaxy. First question they ask is your handicap. Second, price range. I had hit the rogue x last year, really liked it, but wasn't ready. I went with the idea of buying new Callaways. I tried Cobra SZ, and it was best for my swing. I bought 8 clubs for $914. Distance is secondary. Pay attention to the dispersal. I have a problem with fitting because I start playing trackman b
  10. I sole it behind the ball while I take my grip, but I hover before I start my backswing.
  11. I'm in Ohio. This time of year, we go to the indoor golf simulator a few times a year. The last time we went, I used my new Cobra irons. Either it was one of those good days, or these irons are good. I'm going with the latter. The distances from the Golf Galaxy trackman to the indoor simulator seemed to hold up. I know the indoor simulator was pretty close to what I did on the course with my old set. So, I've picked up about 10-15 yards with the higher irons. Oddly, I noticed I didn't really gain much with the 5 iron. It was easier to hit, but didn't seem to go much further than my old 5
  12. I'm 62, but I still work. I also work as much as my time and my energy level will allow. While jogging, an question came to me, if I had to focus on one area of the body with my workouts, should it be my legs (running), or should it be my upper body and core, (weights). I don't intend to ignore one for the other, but I can shift focus. Which would be more beneficial to my golf game?
  13. There's a guy that does club reviews on youtube, Rick Shiels. He found a complete Callaway set, Callaway Edge, at Costco. This set cost under $500. It includes irons, driver, fairway wood and an Odessey putter. The putter alone is over $100. He tested the clubs on the course versus a mainline Callaway set, and it was almost as good. I know $500 is a big bite, but if you can upgrade the whole set for that, why not?
  14. I210. And he is a high handicapper. They had me hit that club and I hit it too high with too much spin. I see that it's not classified game improvement, but that's what worked for him.
  15. How high? What's your age? My son-in-law and I went to Golf Galaxy and got fitted. It was a good experience, but I don't have on course results to report. I'm 62, this is only my 4th set of irons. I bought the Cobra Speedzone with graphite shafts, (that's the new version of the F9). I hit the P790, the performance didn't match the price for me. My son-in-law, who is a very high handicapper, bought Ping i210s. You might want to give those a look too? The other posters are right, go to a golf shop and hit them. Buy what you like! Good luck.
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