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  1. Irons; Petron Tournament Model 431's forged blades 4- Gap (52'). Hogan 56/12 & 60/10 wedges Ping G LS 9.5' Driver Ping G 13' Fairway Odyssey pro 7 putter
  2. Cheers Vinsk, I appreciate your input, it's a difficult one as the info I had came from a 3rd party, I took the chance and bought them as I fell for the classic lines(bit of a blade freak), I'll pull the shafts if I have to and fit R400 or a rifle shaft once I find out the tip size, kind regards Steve
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  4. Hi guys and ladies, new to the site but not to golf, does anyone have any info on the flex of an Apollo #1 Custom Made Lite Weight Frequency Matched, as stated on the shaft band, found on a Petron tournament model C431 Lite Weight blades, circa I guess 1998/99, any info would be appreciated, kind regards Steve
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