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  1. Actually, it caught my attention simply b/c the camera was on him. My only passing thought was, "Hey, that's something I would do..." He threw it back into the bushes. No one would ever notice it was there. Not sure how that's "disrespecting" the course. I suppose you could always go down to Georgia and ask the bushes at Augusta National if their feelings were hurt. 😜
  2. That was such a good finale that even my wife got interested the last few holes! She's never paid attention to a tournament in the last 20 years! Now, just think if Tiger can get in touch with his putting again... 😯
  3. Crazy how something like that could have taken him out for the tournament. Kinda hard to fault that guy, though. He was trying to keep people away from Tiger but hit that slick grass/mud and went down himself, hitting Tiger's ankle it appeared. What I noticed even more was the great shot out of the trees to the green! There are some things I don't care for about Tiger and his past, but I can't help but root for the guy and hope he can stage a comeback for one epic season.
  4. It's not as though our personalities change as soon as we hit a golf course. We are who we are, and golfers span the spectrum of personalities just like any other walk of life. Neither the silent nor the chatty bother me at all. I tend toward the social, but not at all in the extreme. The key is simply striving to be polite.
  5. I worked at a local gun range for a while. Every shooter visiting our range for the first time HAD to watch a 10 minute safety/introduction video. Now this was mostly for safety reasons, but I can't think of any reason that it wouldn't work for a local club as well. Produce a short (5 min) video that explains some essentials of golf etiquette: Pace. Looking for lost balls. OB. Talking. Private property surrounding the course, etc. No one should be showing up right at tee time anyway, so when people call in to set up a tee time, a simple question asking if they'd played the course before will give the opportunity to let them know ahead of time that they will be required to watch the video prior to playing and to plan accordingly. Then any warning ON the course comes with the knowledge that they've already watched the info PRIOR to being on the course. This could even be required for every one prior to their first round each season (or for those places that play year round, starting at a particular date each year).
  6. Indy-Archer

    Mercy rule?

    Thank you!!! A game between friends is a game between friends, money or not. You're not playing at PGA level; there's nothing that mandates USGA rules. Remember when we were kids playing baseball and we had ghost-runners? I'm pretty sure that MLB doesn't use or allow those. We were having fun and making the most of a situation. 👍 I'm all for precision in holding to the rules when people are really competing, but if they like having the guy there, then let him play (as long as he isn't holding other groups up; that's another issue not brought into the OP).
  7. I'm thinking a 10. Six Actual strokes and 2 two-stroke penalties.
  8. Indy-Archer


  9. Cobra irons, driver and FW woods. Ping Hybrids. Odyssey putter.
  10. Vice Pro Plus. Good price. Quality ball. Good flight. Great wedge spin & stopping power.
  11. Yes & yes, but not for the normal reasons. Last year at this time, I was playing my first round in 10 years. Really didn't play for the last 12 due to family dynamics (kids activities, working in our central American orphanage, etc.). Youngest child is now in college so opportunity has opened back up a bit. 12 Years ago I was about a 12 handicap. Last spring my first round found me over 100. Finished averaging mid-90's. Got a limited membership this year at a decent course close to work. Golfing a league and planning two weekday practice sessions/week focusing on swing. After just a few weeks of indoor and outdoor practice, I'm clearly striking the ball more cleanly and with greater consistency than last year, though my chip/pitch/trap shots need a lot of work. I'll be disappointed if I can't get my handicap below 18 this summer. Definitely having fun getting back into the 'swing' of things! 👍
  12. Been a 'cord cutter' since before cord cutting was cool. 😛 Seriously, we dropped Cable more than a decade ago and installed an long-range HD antenna for OTA and have experimented with different streaming services. Unfortunately, there's still no one out there offering true cafe-style service where you can pick just one service at a time. We've tried almost every service out there, including DirecTV Now, Hulu Live, YouTube, Sling, and most recently Playstation Vue. My personal experience is that DTV Now is the worst service. Far too many glitches, things disappearing from the DVR, price hikes, etc. Now I've been on board with DTV Now literally since day #1, so I've got a great package with still a fairly low price (Started out at $35, bumped to $40 last year and is jumping to $50/mo. the next billing cycle in mid-April). Hulu was fine, but nothing exceptional. Same with Sling for me. My favorite is PS Vue. Not a huge fan of the guide layout, but it's not a deal breaker for me. The cloud DVR stores recordings up to 28 days before automatically deleting them. We've been running Vue for about 60 days since we discovered that DTV Now would be taking another price hike. So far there have been very few glitches when using with an Apple TV or watching through a web browser. Then as already mentioned, you can supplement with a $50 annual subscription to PGA Live if you want to just catch some tournament action. I really don't think there's an "ideal" out there yet, but I think if you take advantage of the free trials, you can find one you like, and using a device that you like (Apple TV, Roku, etc) can help.
  13. I ordered a bunch of logo Pro Plus balls from Vice last year for an event. Have a few dozen left, so I'll play those through this year most likely. I like the feel and they seem to perform better for me than I do for myself, so no reason to change this year.
  14. Man, $2.4 Million seems crazy high to me. Even if you could get an average of $20/rd and had absolutely no overhead for maintenance, salaries, etc., it would take 120,000 rounds until you broke EVEN. If you averaged 60 rounds/day, 365 days/year, it would still take you over 5 years to even reach that #. Again, that's with absolutely no other overhead. Assuming that you could even clear 50% of your income as profit, you're looking @ 240,000 rounds at that price. Now I don't know what it costs to play a round on a 9 hole course out there, but here in the non-peak times I can walk several nice 18 hole courses for about $20. I'm guessing the high cost is due to the location being in an area zoned commercial. I'm all about seeing people pursue their passions in life, but this just seems like a losing proposition to me. Best wishes as you work this out, though.
  15. I guess I would see it entirely differently. When you are paid by sponsors who expect you to be following the rules for the gobs of cash you get for doing something that many would kill for, then if you get busted for violating standards, I think you owe it to your sponsors to get out ahead of things. When you play in a league or association like the NFL, NBA, PGA, etc., the fact is you don't just represent yourself. Your conduct also reflects on a company. Part of your obligation and loyalty for your sponsor, IMO, would be maintaining a reputation that is helpful to the sponsor rather than harmful. Sure, many people don't have a problem with smoking dope, but many do. NOT doing drugs is never going to hurt your reputation, but getting caught with them in your system will definitely do damage with some element of the fan base.
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