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  1. As a pastor who very much enjoys golf, who has counseled many couples over the years dealing with difficulties, and is married to someone who has ZERO interest in the game, and who has, admittedly, complained of being a ‘golf-widow’ on occasion, I can offer a couple of pieces of advice. First of all, not that the topic shouldn’t be raised here, but it certainly won’t be solved here: does your husband want the marriage to work? If so, find a neutral third party who doesn’t have a vested interest in one of you over the other. You both need to hear the truth and know that it is as objective as possible. Secondly, don’t bring up any of your struggles on social media. If there’s any chance that he could happen across a post somewhere where he could feel that you’re airing dirty laundry in front of others, it can do great harm to an already fractured relationship. Thirdly, the next time you bring this up with him, I would suggest it not be when you are experiencing the first relaxing leisure time together. If you’re having a good conversation, ask if you can set up a time to talk about your marriage together. It’s easy to take a good experience and ruin it by putting someone on the spot. At that point, you’ve only made one more not-so-good experience together. Fourthly, how are the other aspects of your relationship? I don’t expect (or want!) you to answer this here, but you do need to answer it honestly to yourself. I’ve yet to see a broken relationship that is solely the responsibility of one person. How is your physical relationship? How much do you share each other’s interests? Golf is something many folks enjoy thoroughly, but I’ve also seen people dive into hobbies because it becomes a mask for other issues. Was everything great before golf? If not, then you both need to back things up and see where they actually started to go south. Unfortunately, no one here is going to come up with a quick-fix for you. It’s going to take time and honesty—both with each other and yourselves, but if you’re both committed, then it can definitely be salvaged!
  2. What about obesity? Is there a difference between becoming addicted via legitimately prescribed medication vs social experimentation and/or partying? There's any number of 'physical' or 'medical' hardships people face. It's disappointing that because of our "do not judge" culture we're no longer able to practice legitimate, practical discrimination.
  3. Every once in a while I'll eat if I start feeling the hunger pangs, but if I do, it's typically something salty with good protein. My goto is either a small bag of cashews or even a small snack size bag of bacon that I throw in my golf bag. I'm not looking for a meal, just something to keep me going. Staying hydrated is a must.
  4. We'll see how much rain we get over the next few days. I played Autumn Ridge this evening and it's amazing how much drier it is today than it was just a couple of days ago. Of course we've got more rain coming in so who knows what it will be like in 8-10 more days. Hopefully things will be in good shape for you.
  5. Many people are average because they don't persevere. I don't think the OP is talking about not continuing with the team, but quitting half way through a round because they weren't doing as well as they wanted.
  6. Northern Indiana's the same. Courses are swamps. Water splashes off the shoes walking across the fairways. Even worse, on the few days it hasn't rained, it's still largely been cloudy and cool, so the course conditions don't improve much. But the only option is to not play. I wear old shoes and slacks and just realize that I'm not going to score as well. It's still fun as long as I don't let it get to me.
  7. It's the most over-played card in the deck. Many people claim racism or are called racist for absolutely no reason than they dislike a person who happens to don a different skin color. Yes, many people dislike Tiger. I have friends who don't like Tiger. I don't know a single person who dislikes him because of his skin color, and to throw in the word 'racist' without ANY additional indicator from a person is beyond the pale. Personally, I think Tiger is the most intriguing figure in golf-both positively and negatively. Can't say I like him or dislike him. I've never met him. There are clearly some things in his past that bother me, but I also like what I've seen lately. Bottom line for me is that his personality and skills create some type of mysterious charisma that's almost undefinable and, IMO, inescapable. I love to watch him play, even though he makes me cringe at times.
  8. Actually, it caught my attention simply b/c the camera was on him. My only passing thought was, "Hey, that's something I would do..." He threw it back into the bushes. No one would ever notice it was there. Not sure how that's "disrespecting" the course. I suppose you could always go down to Georgia and ask the bushes at Augusta National if their feelings were hurt. 😜
  9. That was such a good finale that even my wife got interested the last few holes! She's never paid attention to a tournament in the last 20 years! Now, just think if Tiger can get in touch with his putting again... 😯
  10. Crazy how something like that could have taken him out for the tournament. Kinda hard to fault that guy, though. He was trying to keep people away from Tiger but hit that slick grass/mud and went down himself, hitting Tiger's ankle it appeared. What I noticed even more was the great shot out of the trees to the green! There are some things I don't care for about Tiger and his past, but I can't help but root for the guy and hope he can stage a comeback for one epic season.
  11. It's not as though our personalities change as soon as we hit a golf course. We are who we are, and golfers span the spectrum of personalities just like any other walk of life. Neither the silent nor the chatty bother me at all. I tend toward the social, but not at all in the extreme. The key is simply striving to be polite.
  12. I worked at a local gun range for a while. Every shooter visiting our range for the first time HAD to watch a 10 minute safety/introduction video. Now this was mostly for safety reasons, but I can't think of any reason that it wouldn't work for a local club as well. Produce a short (5 min) video that explains some essentials of golf etiquette: Pace. Looking for lost balls. OB. Talking. Private property surrounding the course, etc. No one should be showing up right at tee time anyway, so when people call in to set up a tee time, a simple question asking if they'd played the course before will give the opportunity to let them know ahead of time that they will be required to watch the video prior to playing and to plan accordingly. Then any warning ON the course comes with the knowledge that they've already watched the info PRIOR to being on the course. This could even be required for every one prior to their first round each season (or for those places that play year round, starting at a particular date each year).
  13. Indy-Archer

    Mercy Rule?

    Thank you!!! A game between friends is a game between friends, money or not. You're not playing at PGA level; there's nothing that mandates USGA rules. Remember when we were kids playing baseball and we had ghost-runners? I'm pretty sure that MLB doesn't use or allow those. We were having fun and making the most of a situation. 👍 I'm all for precision in holding to the rules when people are really competing, but if they like having the guy there, then let him play (as long as he isn't holding other groups up; that's another issue not brought into the OP).
  14. I'm thinking a 10. Six Actual strokes and 2 two-stroke penalties.
  15. Indy-Archer


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