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  1. Thanks for all the responses! There actually was no line drawn to signify penalty area. But I did see red/yellow stakes around other parts of that same body of water. But yea, there was no line there to signify where the hazard actually started. So I assume it starts at the water, which would make it impossible to drop no closer to the hole because you'd be dropping on rocks. Does that sound right?
  2. My friend and I were finishing off our round on the 18th hole, which is an island green Par 3. He bladed a pitching wedge from the tee and his ball hit the green before rolling off the back side of the green into the water hazard (the "X" in the picture is where his ball crossed out). Before dropping in the drop zone, he asked me if he was allowed to drop where his ball crossed rather than the drop zone, and I honestly didn't know the answer. He ended up dropping where his ball crossed out... Note: this green isn't quite like TPC Sawgrass hole 17 where it goes straight from green to water... This one has fringe, then some rough, then rocks. So he was able to drop in the rough right beside the fringe. We didn't think too much about it as I was up 7 strokes on him anyways 😈 ... But he is curious as well what he should have done there. So... was it okay for him to drop where his ball crossed out, given that it hit the green before going into the water? Or should he have went to the drop zone? Thanks!
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