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  1. As a general rule I'd say don't offer advice if you're ginger. My mate kenny does this all the time and I'm surprised no one's drowned him.
  2. Can anyone sum this up for me I fell asleep early on.
  3. This made me laugh from the LOS ANGELES TIMES: 'In a competition with an overwhelming aroma of nationalism, Europe had defeated the big 'ol, rich USA, which is always special for Europe. European sports fans like that a lot. USA fans, with so many more things to choose from and be loyal to, are less invested.' Classic taste of sour grapes there. I'd be interested to hear what these many more things were, that the poor little Europeans can't choose from and be loyal to. I also wonder how much investment they think would have been invested had team USA achived the extra half point?
  4. It's Rotella for you then my firiend. His major focal points are the fear of putting which effect a lot of golfers. His books have definitely helped with my putting, but you have to commit to what he says and be brave.
  5. This issue has been the major revelation in my game this year so far. Up until February I'd always considered my driver to be my favourite and most reliable club. However, I've recently done some club by club stat analysis and it seems that I've been finding the fairways only 60% of the time with my driver and for the remaining 40% (which consitutes 3-6 shots) I've been getting penalised at least a shot per hole sometimes two. So, recently on holes under 420y I've been taking 5 wood off the tee which is far more forgiving and has become my 'go to' club. I'm hitting fairways with 80-90% acc
  6. I've had Ping Eye 2's for 8 years (up until last year). They're great clubs from 3 - 9 but I stopped using the sand & pitching wedge ages ago. They're useless in my opinion. The sole is far too big, causes too much bounce, they're not a club for a top quality golfer who needs precision around the green, Mickleson probably already knows this.
  7. That's exactly the personality you need to be the best. He's pure German reliability and I couldn't agree more, he's going to be a big star.
  8. Way too early to start up the Ryder Cup fever but not too early to talk about the course itself. I played it a few weeks back and it goes straight in at No.1 as the best UK course I've played (admittedly not the most extensive list). The back nice especially has some of the most wondefully designed risk and reward holes, which is clearly why it's being billed as the consumate matchplay course. If they use a little imagination with the tee box choices on the par 4's it's going to make for a hell of a spectacle, especially for the fourballs. I've played the Brabazon (Belfry) which (in my o
  9. Class - that'll teach him
  10. The bit that winds me up the most is the belittlement of that great moment with Jacklin & Nicklaus. He reckons (as many do) that Nicklaus should have made him putt it, but for me, what big Jack did was transcend the match they were playing and even the Ryder Cup istelf. No one would have remembered 30 years later whether Jacklin had holed it or not, but every golfer has an opinion on the gimmie. For me that shows a mutual respect between highly competitive sportsmen and a jesture that says 'we're taking the trophy home regardless, so a half is the fair result considering what a great match w
  11. I hit a 3 iron over water from 190y into a headwind to 6 foot....... ....and of course i missed the putt
  12. Kenny Perry sure isn't shallow going by that picture - he's got a trophy ex-basket ball player
  13. I'm not sure if this has been covered before but here goes anyway. A colleague of mine who plays off 12 has decided that he will not concede a putt unless it's literally hanging over the hole. The result is a fairly painstaking round where every member of the fourball is required to mark their balls and line up >2 foot putts. His rationale is fair enough but my opinion is that he's completely missing the point of matchplay golf between fellow gentlemen. An exert from a recent e-arguement is below for your reference. I'd be very interested to hear your views on the topic. HIM: At the
  14. match play is the most enjoyable and exciting way to compete in my opinion. The best thing i've found is that you need to ignore what your opponent is doing and just try to get yourself a par. If you start thinking 'oh i may only need a bogey to win this hole' then you get in the wrong mindset and you end up halving or losing the hole. Go for pars on every hole.
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