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  1. Thanks for sharing! Not sure what I'm gonna do yet, but I like to know what everyone else thinks! After looking where it would fit in my bag (I'm at the PGA Superstore hitting it right now), I'm thinking the same thing...I think I'm trying to make myself fall in love with it because of the numbers lol! I was thinking the same thing...of course, if I get a new (longer, not necessarily straighter) driver, the M6 3 wood...then I have to gap up tp replace the 5 and 7 woods somehow, too. All while spending probably north of a thousand bucks to get some yards and (maybe, maybe not) be in the fairway. Decisions decisions....I think I may stick with my current set up for now, and kep poking around for a driver I can hit longer and at least as straight as my Callaway Mini before I consider any changes. Thanks for helping out!
  2. Great timing! I just went back to hit that club again at the bay (I'm here right now), and here's that club again. Spin rate down (trying to swing flatter today), but that doesn't explain the increase in launch angle. I'm not a physicist though lol.
  3. Here's my bag and carry distances: Driver: Callaway 1.5 Mini 14* (Turned down to 13*) 43" KuroKage R Flex shaft. Carry: 236 3 wood: Taylormade 2008 Burner 15* carry 205 5 wood: Taylormade 2008 Burner 18* carry 196 7 wood: Taylormade 2008 Burner 21* carry 185 Cobra King One Length 22* hybrid carry 172 Cobra King One Length 25* hybrid carry 164 6I - SW, Wishon Sterling Single Lengths Irons and my Edel putter makes 14 clubs. Dispersion was pretty equal between the old Burner and the M6 I am thinking about. Looking at it now, I don't even see why I would replace the old 3 wood, as it keeps that 205-225 gap filled pretty nicely; but I'm here to hear what you folks here think, as I love new ideas that I may not have considered. I wasn't able to change shafts, they were all stock demos. I will let you know how the Tour Edge demo works out!
  4. Good point, and I neglected to mention these were all stiff tip manufacturer shafts, using a Pro V1XAll the settings were neutral, from-the-factory settings.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, and yes, it's pretty cool to be able to compare the technology these days!
  6. TxGolfDude


  7. Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond! I got into one of the demo bays at the PGA superstore and. The numbers were quite astounding. I put my 2008 Taylormade Burner, which I hit very well, up against the following and here were the averages after 5 good shots with each, from worst performing to best, all at neutral settings where adjustable: 2008 Taylormade Burner 15 deg: Launch angle: 14.6 Ball speed: 126 Carry: 205 Total: 219 Spin: 3412 (WOW) Titelist TS3 set at 15 deg: Launch Angle: 15.1 Ball Speed: 129 Carry: 211 Total: 229 Spin: 2837 (I hit this the worst in my opinion, didn't like it at all) Callaway Epic Flash set at 15 deg: Launch angle: 14.9 Ball Speed: 129 Carry: 216 Total: 233 Spin 2684 (I like this one & actually thought this would be the winner before he gave me the numbers) THE WINNER: Taylormade M6 15 deg: Launch angle: 14.8 Ball Speed: 131 Carry: 222 Total: 239 Spin: 2782 I still can't hardly believe it. I never thought there could be that much of a difference between my old burner and the new stuff, as I know *most* of the manufacturers are all about the hype. I'm no scientist, so make of it what you will. I hit about 35 shots total to get those 20 numbers, because I wanted good hits for the data. The guy at the PGA Superstore was supercool about it when I explained what I wanted to do, and would instantly erase a bad hit to preclude it from the data (toe, pull, etc). All of these shots were within 8 yds of the centerline on the foreflight, all hit from the mat. For me, this was a lot of fun as I hadn't really been much of a 'numbers' guy before this. My thoughts on getting a new fairway wood? Tough call, believe it or not. First off, even though I hit it the best, I absolutely *hate* what that Taylormade M6 looks like at address....a head that looks like a bubble with a matte finish and an orange line around it...but how do you turn down 17 yards of carry, right?!? Also, I have the Burner 5 & 7 woods that fill yardage gaps nicely when I replaced my long irons...if I go with the M6, I lose my 200-220 yard club, which is a big deal since I just got kicked up to A flight by the national office in the GolfWeek Amateur tour (8.6 handicap now), which mean blue tees for the foreseeable future. That means longer shots into the long par fours. I can now see how easy it is to go down the rabbit hole on this stuff. Lastly, there's the $299 price tag...ouch! So...rather than asking you what you think *I* should do, I'd like to hear what *you* would do! Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! P.S. I am going to demo the Tour Edge clubs next...from some of the stuff I've been reading, they may just give me an excuse to drop $1,500 and replace all of my woods lol.
  8. So here I am, 49 years old, still gaming a 2008 Taylor made burner 15 degree Threewood with the stock stiff shaft. I hit that thing *really* well, but only game about 215 yards with it. My question is, has anything come out In the fairway wood department that, by the numbers, it is longer than that club? What I mean is, is there anyway to compare data between a club like that and something else that is come out that would make it worthwhile switching? It is almost impossible for me to miss a fairway with the club, so I am just wondering if any of the new stuff has technology that is that much better. I am not looking to gain another 20 yards with it, but I also don't wanna leave anything on the table if that makes sense. I suppose I could take my Threewood down to the PGA superstore near me, get in the bay with it, and look at the numbers compared to the newer stuff, I was just curious about everyone else's thoughts on it. Thanks!
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