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  1. Allowing the traitor in the White House to wrap himself in the masters glory. In doing that, he became a tool and is dead to me. Maybe not to you, but to me. There was no one of the millions who hoped and rooted for him who did so harder than this sucker.
  2. Tiger has made himself a tool. He is dead to me.
  3. You a lefty? 7 might work for a righty’s fade. A par 5, it’s the second hardest hole on the side. 8 is a par 4 and the number 1 hole.
  4. When they cut down trees at my course in the north, they do it to speed play and dumb down the course. I don’t like that. I feel the same way about making bunkers easier. They are supposed to be penal. If you make them no more difficult than -say- a regular chip, you ought to call the USGA and have them reevaluate for slope.
  5. Almost all of the bunkers in our courses have been treated so that they can be putt of. I do not know if it was done purposely or just incidentally because of the issue with the buried lies. I will Post what response I get from the our greens committee.
  6. Well I have a 10 handicap and I generally do well ok of the bunkers though I do from time to time leave one in there. But with the bunkers dressed the way they are I, have guys in my group who have 20 handicap to do just as well as me with the putter. I believe bunker play is a skill that should be embraced and not avoided.
  7. I am writing to the greens committee to express my unhappiness. I was hoping that I could prepare myself with knowledge about bunkers before I finished and sent my letter. I am certain I have played courses that I had bunkers that did not eat golf balls and yet have lips that discourage putting from them. They seem to have compacted to sand more. It could be as simple as that. If one tried to putt out of the bunker that was going to give you a buried lie, it probably would not easily make it to the top.
  8. At my club the bunkers around the green have been treated so that it is easy to putt out of them onto the green. I am told that they have been treated in this way because members have complained that they were getting buried lies In the faces of the traps. The sand is now made pretty compact and the lips have pretty much been smoothed. So it seems that treating them to avoid buried or sometimes almost disappearing balls has resulted in the dumbing down of the greenside areas. Has anyone experience with this?
  9. Daslamminman


  10. From the blue tees, it’s about 200 yards to comfortably carry the fairway. It’s about 300 yards to the crook in your drawing. It is our number one hole. Most of us play from the whites and the carry for a straight shot is only about 160 yards. What is not apparent is that after you carry the water off the tee the fairway and rough on the right slopes to the right and will happily dump your ball into that water. You can see that small circle just after the carry near the cart path. That is the drop zone. From there the green is protected by those trees between it and the drop zone. Also, from the whites you have to hit the ball 200 yards to be able to see around those same trees to it to the green.
  11. Heritage Palms golf and country club. Fort Myers, Florida. It’s the Sabal Course hole number eight. 26°34'48"N 81°50'11"W · 13.3 ft
  12. We can’t play balls from the property of homeowners. So I imagine this is stroke and distance territory. However on the third point where the ball is hit out over the trees to the right and we have no idea where it landed. The ball obviously crossed the line we really have no idea how much land or swamp belongs to the golf course or if there is somebody else’s property out there somewhere. I imagine that that ball would be considered penalty area and a drop is in order. There are a crazy amount of rounds at our golf courses. I am quite sure that the drop areas are there for pace of play. This question came up on men’s league play. There is a lot of disagreement here. One of our group has actually written to the USGA. He’s received a reply that they are swamped with questions about the new rules changes and will get back to him when they can.
  13. One of our holes in our resort golf course has a wide water area on the left and trees and swamp on the right. Both sides have been designated as red marked penalty areas. Balls hit into either penalty area are allowed a drop area which is in front of all the tees and on the fairway. On the left, the water stretches the entire hole and it is 30 - 40 yards wide. Across the water are houses. Should a golfer who hits his tee shot into the penalty area and further into the houses is he allowed the drop area or must he re-tee. As a follow up if the answer to the above is re-tee, How certain must that Golf be that the ball did not completely cross the hazard as line of sight is sometimes blocked by shrubbery. Another interesting point made by the head pro was what happens on that hole if a ball is sliced to the right across the red line and way up over the trees and swampy area. No one knows whether it came down on the golf course or on land not owned by the golf course.
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