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  1. I found an old King Cobra putter among my old sets of irons and I'm just curious about a few things regarding the putter. Would anyone have any information?
  2. Today I was gifted a set of irons; Ping S57's. This set of irons is in great shape. If someone ever hit a golf ball with any of these irons I am unable to tell. Usually it King Cobra or Mizuno irons for me. So I'm unsure what to do with this Ping set. If anyone has ever used these Ping S57s before, I'm interested in what you think of them?
  3. When you say "performs worse " are you referring to the feel or.... ?
  4. Still leaning toward the Scotty Cameron tour only putter.
  5. For a few years I was playing with mizuno mx-17 irons. For no reason other than I just wanted to try something different, I swapped them out for a set of cobra fp irons, I actually purchased the cobra irons new on sale and just never thought about trying them. This has been over 2 years ago. Now I'll probably keep playing with the cobra irons until another good deal on a set of irons comes along.
  6. I have been doing some research into the fitting process for a putter. Getting fit for a Scotty Cameron is believe it or not a little ridiculous. Minimum 2 hours at $350 per hour! But these Edel putters have a nice look to them also. The price is reasonable, the closest place for fitting is 2-3 hours from me but it isnt completely out of the question! Any suggestions regarding Bettinardi putters? I have been on the Scotty Cameron bandwagon and need to open my mind to other brands.
  7. Timeless 2 is the putter that I have pictured. The main differences between the Scotty Cameron putter's other than the style of the head is the type of metal. Still not exactly sure. But those SC Tour Only putters look nice.
  8. I agree that I am hung up on the Scotty Cameron mainly for the name. Considering the price of the SC , I would be able to buy a putter in every different brand and have a putter collection before covering the SC cost. I'm still undecided but I'll keep reading posts and asking questions. I have a few day of vacation this week and not much going on so it's a good time for educating myself more about putters.
  9. I have been looking at these Edel putters. They have a nice look. Now I'm going to try to find a golf shop that may carry them. Still leaning toward the Scotty Cameron tho....
  10. As of now I'm a Scotty Cameron fan. My Newport 2 Studio Select has been in my bag going on 10 years and I'm considering a new putter but not exactly sure what I will go with. The Timeless design has my eye!
  11. You are the 4th person who has recommended getting fit for the putter. That's something I have yet to do, but upon my purchase I'll be getting fitted for this putter regardless of the brand. So Edel.... I'm going to be researching this putting stick. I have never heard or seen this brand before so I'm interested. These Tour Only Scotty Cameron putters look very nice and would look even better in my bag. $4000 is what has kept me from already buying my new putter. So I'm going to look up this Edel putter everyone is suggesting.
  12. Well I do appreciate you advice and I have to agree with you about paying for the name. No doubt! I'm actually looking into to tour only Scotty Cameron's and I am still looking into the other different, I guess you can say high end putters. You're 100% correct about $150 ping or odyssey. This weekend I was using a putter a friend wanted me to, (cleaveland) and I have to say that I did put well. But it just didn't feel as good as my 12 year old Scotty Cameron. I'm looking to spend to get a nice putter and have it fitted. Hopefully. I may end up just sticking with my old trusty!
  13. Well I'm figuring out how to navigate this forum and so far w/ the few things I have done and the response received, I'm impressed. Everyone is helpful and I'm looking to gain some information and have a spot to communicate with other golfer. So far so good!
  14. I agree! A putter is my most important club in my bag. When someone asks me what I paid for the Scotty Cameron putter I currently use, their reactions are hilarious to me. Most of them have a brand new set of $1200 irons or new drivers and 3 woods! I laugh cause the putter most of them use is not something I would even consider to use. Spending the money on irons and drives, why not have a nice putter!
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