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  1. LOL If you do end up trying, let me know if it was successful! There really isn’t any way to get on the course at ACC without the proshop or cart barn people seeing you. One way in, one way out at that club. Tanoan is so spread out and there are many options to walk on. I am thinking maybe I can walk down to Acoma...
  2. @iacas Yes, March was paid in Feb, but they did not bill April yet since the club closed. They just sent April’s bill and want people to mail in a check to their office in CA. I don’t use checks and am not going out just to buy a stamp to mail this in. The club has laid off everyone except one person to maintain the course. Re: congregating - it is both members and non-members. Seems like some members are inviting their friends from other courses to play, and the usual groups (mostly younger players) are still playing as a group as if things are normal. A friend lives by a tee box and she said last weekend was so busy, there were groups back to back from 8am to 7pm. She could tell many were not from our club. She saw people playing barefoot, a teenager playing naked, some goofing around, some beating the life out of the tee boxes, etc. The bathrooms are closed so people were just using whatever bushes they saw fit. She played yesterday alone on a par5 and a ball flew in her direction out of nowhere. A few minutes later a few guys, in flip flops, came in sight holding just a few clubs and a 6-pack. Turned out they were playing the hole backwards and didn’t think that would be an issue... I agree that it is not possible to police the course and prevent members from playing (many live in the golf community). But to open the door for anybody to come in is a different story. @NM Golf Yes anyone can play Tanoan if you have a member bring you in. But it’s not like you can just walk in, pay and play. And they limit the same guest to only 3 or 6 games/year, at least for the last 3 years I was there. But of course, anyone who can get into Tanoan can just walk on, but we rarely see that. Perhaps you can come by and see if you can get in to play! @Mr22putt Thanks, I am bored but doing well. I have been in home isolation because my husband works at a hospital and I don’t know what he is going to bring home, so I don’t want to risk spreading anything if I go out. And I certainly don’t want to pick up anything and pass it on to him. He cannot afford to be sick. I have been practicing in my backyard but have lost my swing/feel. I keep hitting the ball outside my yard and I fear someone may get hurt from my errant shots... I hope you are doing well yourself! I have no problem paying parts of my dues if they are maintaining the course. But they let everyone go except one maintenance guy. It is not possible for one person to maintain a 27-hole course. I can quit my club and play elsewhere, but there isn’t even a person to contact since everyone is gone. @SteveH At least your club is still maintaining/improving the course. I wouldn’t mind paying my dues if that’s what my club is doing! They even want to charge the F&B minimum when the clubhouse is closed. I just looked at my bill - they are tagging on a trail fee too.
  3. For those who belongs to a private club, what is your club doing with your monthly dues? My club is owned by American Golf and has been closed since 3/13. I just got an email from them saying they will charge full dues for March and April, then 80% dues from May and on. People are not happy but we don’t know if there is anything we can do. I have been in home isolation for a few weeks, so I have not played golf. But just found out our GM, on his last day, had instructed security to let anyone through to play golf/tennis at my club. Somehow the word traveled and people from all over the area came to play. It is becoming a problem because the course is inside a gated community and they are seeing increased traffic on the course and in the community, and people are still congregating in large groups (groups of 12,15 players playing together and people are playing six-somes, etc.). It is frustrating to find that members are still paying full dues and random Joe’s are reaping the benefits...
  4. I actually did practice chipping on my way back☺️ The bunkers at my club has dirt just like the ones behind my house anyway...
  5. I accidentally hit a ball out of my yard today and found it on the hiking trail behind my house. I doubt anyone would know what to do if they hear “fore” while hiking, but I yelled “fore” anyway...luckily no one was around.
  6. I learned how to cut my husband’s hair so he won’t have to pay someone else to do it anymore. We are now more careful with food and enjoy every last bit of it. I finally had time to organize the mess in my garage so we could move our extra car inside. My husband and I both lost 3lbs since the beginning of this month...
  7. @NM Golf Are your courses still open? I got an email from Sandia Golf yesterday saying they will continue to stay open. I wonder if that will change.
  8. My golf club just announced they are closing, effective immediately. I wonder if other courses in town will follow. There was just an article about an increase in business at the local golf courses here and I was just thinking more people will come out thinking it is safe. I have not played recently and wasn’t planning to anyway so this is not a surprise. I will be setting up my net today in my backyard to continue swinging. Stay safe out there!
  9. Nothing is free in this country so we/someone will be paying for it eventually. I don’t remember getting anything in 2008 - can anyone remember how much it was?
  10. My ski season was cut short due to a knee injury and covid-19. After 6 weeks of rehab, I finally got my first round of golf in today and shot a 79 with 10 pars + 1 birdie! @iacas I just remembered my home course has 27 holes and which 18 I play on a given day is random. How should I enter my score?
  11. It has cut my ski season short by a month (on top of a MCL injury) to avoid Spring break crowds. I am just about to start my golf season - got a few golf trips planned for the next 4 months to AZ, CA and HI and will likely cancel them because I don’t really want to travel until we know more about the virus. Local Costco/Target are out of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. We don’t have any confirmed cases in NM yet but it will just be a matter of time. I don’t think it will affect my golf game unless I get sick. But since I am not sharing my clubs and I have my own golf cart, I will likely just avoid crowds at the clubhouse. At this point, I am more worried about my MCL injury than Covid-19 affecting my game.
  12. GHIN sends me a monthly newsletter/email along with my handicap - if you have that and didn’t delete immediately as junk mail, you can try searching your email history?
  13. Well, happy belated birthday and 59 is not old. Pretty sure nursing homes do not want you...........yet! I read the post again. It is there.
  14. I still see the “I drive it 260 yard on average” on his post...
  15. I played a round with my instructor a few years ago. Absolutely no way to beat him or be as good as he is in the game of golf, but I did “beat” him because I shot a hole in one and he has none...
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