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  1. 😂😂😂 Yelling won’t work. I am pretty sure they are hard of hearing and have bad eyesight since they never hear carts pulling up behind them, nor see that the group in front is 4+ holes ahead...
  2. I played with this lady at my course once, very very nice and a great golfer, but she is slow, as if she is in slow motion. Everything was just a second too slow, even the way she talks. She is in the medical field and I found some online reviews of her and everyone said the same thing: she is SLOW... There is this group of senior men at my club who plays every single day. They are known to be slow and never lets people play though. I got caught a few times behind them and instead of asking me to play through, they said I am playing too fast. Uh no, I am not fast but you guys are really slow. The problem is they don’t think they are slow... About getting ready at the car, I have seen a few guys who’d turn up the music and take their sweet time getting ready (changing, putting shoes on, sunblock, comb hair, fix hat/visor, chitchat, listens to more music). I could finish hitting 100 balls at the range and they are still at their car getting ready.
  3. Yes, better to be safe than sorry. Don’t forget to reapply every 90 mins.
  4. Don’t forget to put sunblock in your ears. My husband has plenty of patients with skin cancer who are/were golfers and they wear sunscreen everywhere but their ears. Also on their head (those with visors) and on the shin (those who wore shorts).
  5. Sorry to hear that but I am glad it is the club that broke and not your wrist! I don’t ever risk hitting balls close to tree trunks/roots...just not worth it!
  6. Haha I sure did have witnesses 😊 Since that day, I keep my eyes on the balls until they stop...forget about the tees! Btw, I have my 2nd hole in one 9 months later and I watched the ball took off, landed, rolled and dropped 😉
  7. I don’t like losing my 4 yards more tees because I actually paid for them. I was too busy looking for my damn tee that I missed my own hole in one...
  8. My husband started using his 3w instead of driver too, but he still carries it. I love using my driver. It is the club I hit the straightest and can control draw/fade easily. But my husband always likes to point out it is not the same because I am a woman and only hit my driver 220yds...yeah whatever.
  9. I use both. 4 Yards More (blue) for driver and wood for everything else. But I have to use natural color tees, somehow colored ones are distracting. Good thing my club has them for free. I practice with my driver almost every day and these tees can only last so many drives, so it is getting a little expensive having to buy them often.
  10. Did the pro who fitted you last year explain why he took 1” off your clubs? I’d get fitted again before adding back that inch to your new purchase. My irons are 1” short, 3 degrees flat and my driver is 1/2” short from my fitting 2 years ago. I just had another fitting a few weeks ago and I kept missing the sweet spots when I add that 1”(or 1/2”) back. So it may not seem to be much in length but it made a huge difference in contact for me.
  11. Back when I first started golf, I took lessons at a resort course and they had trash bins full of lost balls. I took hundreds of them over the year that I practiced there - assorted brands/model but all in like new condition - mostly Titleist, Callaway and TM. I have been playing with those balls since the beginning and my handicap has dropped steadily from 20+ to single digit in 3 years. I don’t think the balls were the reason for my improvements and I have yet to spend a $1 on a new ball (and I still have enough to last at least another season). That said, I think golf is also a mental game and if the ball makes you feel good about your game, then it makes a difference.
  12. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear of a treatment/recovery plan. Take care!
  13. What are you getting out of your current driver? Why do you think it is the problem? I personally think a 13hcp is pretty good for a weekend golfer, and getting a new driver may not magically improve your game/turn you into a scratch golfer/help you drive 300+/etc. My husband insisted on getting me the Epic Flash earlier this year to replace my XR16, said new technology could help me. I tried it out at Golfmart and for some odd reason, I couldn’t hit that driver and was consistently 15yds shorter than my old driver! I walked away not getting a new driver, but used that money on some golf lessons and a fitting session. My swing have improved, handicap dropped, and I gained 20yds just by changing my driver shaft. So, new technology may not always help and it all depends on what you are trying to get out of it.
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