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  1. It’s just me and my husband on the weekend rounds. I played a few times with friends and we just waved goodbyes. No one is touching anything or getting within 6 feet of each other.
  2. It must be a cultural thing to make fun of new golfers🙄 I could have easily given up golf and missed out on the fun! I am actually still at my old club for July. All members are getting club credits equivalent to dues paid in April, May and June but I have to be an active member in July to receive/use the credits... My handicap dropped a tiny bit...pretty sure it will go up and down as I start playing more golf!
  3. I wasn’t sure how but the first few times I tried golf, I kept hitting the balls behind me. I did not give up because my father-in-law (played his whole life and was once a scratch golfer) commented that I was hopeless🙄 So I wanted to prove him wrong...and I did. I enjoy playing now because of the solitude. Also because it is an individual sport that I am only responsible for my own game.
  4. Not sure if I follow any rules of thumb but when the lie is uphill, I keep more weight in the front (uphill leg), same club length and aim at target.
  5. I actually really like @NM Golf‘s course! It was the first course I played and the one I frequent before joining Tanoan. I do agree there are way too many members at Tanoan and they are not capping membership and keep offering great deals, therefore the tee time issues. American Golf has been trying to sell Tanoan for years but no success at their asking price. @NM Golf I checked out Canyon before but I fall into their regular membership making it very expensive. They do have a great deal for those under 35. And ACC is expensive! Current deal has a 2-year commitment or you pay an initiation fee. I had no idea hotdog days are a madhouse! I have always wanted to do it but could never get a tee time! I guess that’s a good thing. For now, I am really enjoying Paako. No drama, no crowds. I played yesterday and only saw 5 cars in the parking lot. Not sure where they were because I saw absolutely nobody on the course. I will continue to enjoy as much as I can before they turn it into a private club. @Mr22putt We have played 27 rounds in the last month already so we should be able to bring down the per round cost in a month or two. Playing 18 is enough for me, 36 never crossed my mind! My husband has no time for drama/stress and wants to enjoy 18 holes on the weekends with no crowds - so far he thinks Paako is worth every penny and he is very happy. Happy husband, happy wife☺️
  6. We rarely see anyone at Paako so drama is not exactly possible there! Nothing at my old course either since I only play there twice a week now. They are still extremely busy on the weekends and still not possible to get morning tee times. I watch the lottery just for fun and to remind myself how lucky I am to not have to deal with it anymore. No, not $16k. $8000 for a couples membership. Their normal season is March-October but we joined in May so we got less time to play. I love golf but not that much to pay a premium. We still think it is expensive but worth every penny to not have to fight for a tee time. The drive is not bad. I am from California so anything under 1 hr is really not bad, well, ok maybe 30mins since I have been spoiled the last few years. We play 18 on the weekends and 9 on Mondays/Tuesdays. Once my membership ends at the old club, I will likely add another day at Paako. Scottsdale course is Desert Highlands. You have to pay $75k at closing whether you golf or not. At the rate I am spending money, my husband will not be able to retire anytime soon...or at all LOL
  7. It really depends on where you are in the US. I am in Albuquerque NM. The private club I am at cost between $300-$500/month depending on your age. I just became a member at a public course that cost $8000 for 6 months of play, or you can pay by the round for $200 each. I only play at these two courses so I am not sure of the cost at other courses, but I know local muni used to have $30/round with cart and hotdog days! The golf community in Scottsdale, AZ that my husband and I are looking to purchase a home at has a $75k buy-in and a monthly fee of $1400.
  8. There are snakes at Paako but I have not seen one yet. I don’t go looking for balls on purpose but if I see them and they are within reach, I will pick them up. The AVX works well for me as I have too much spin. I just wish they cost less since they are not too popular...
  9. The hardest part of the golf game is between the ears and I am terrible at it! There is no drama at my new club yet and I have been playing well. I am waiting for them to reactivate my GHIN so I can update my hcp. It is nice to learn/play a new course after spending 4 seasons at the same course. I am also having lots of fun finding golf balls all over! Every weekend I come home with 40+ balls, mostly new ProV1/x, TP5/x and Callaway. I am not sure why people don’t retrieve their balls unless they never saw where they hit their balls...I recently switched to AVX and was very happy to find two lost AVXs!!! I cannot stand slow players either. We used to play with 2 guys on weekends who’d take multiple practice swings before chunking their balls. Their actual swings were never like their practice swings...glad to not have to play with anyone now and finish in 3:30!
  10. Shot an 80 today at my new course (72.9/141) with 10 pars. I spent the last year focusing on improving just my driver and I am seeing great results now. Time to work on my short game. I also only played ONE ball today (and found 26 lost balls) - trying out the Titleist AVX and love it.
  11. I don’t do practice swings anymore unless I am on an uneven lie. When I used to do practice swings, they were always perfect but I could never reproduce the same swing when the ball is in the way. So I have decided not to waste my good swings anymore.
  12. Paako Ridge, NM - Hole 23 477yd/par 5/forward tee. Not the longest hole but darn all the sand traps. I just joined this club a few weeks ago and am still trying to learn the course. I have par this twice. Doubt I will ever birdie it.
  13. I use the same tee (4 yards more/yellow) for both fades and draws with my driver. I control it with my grip position, not by tee height.
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