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  1. I have arthritis in my hands ever since I was in my 20s. Now my finger joints swell/stiff up after every round of golf (but absolutely no pain while playing). I find resting is the best medicine. I also have a finger massager (from Amazon) that I use at night. It looks like a clamp with small rollers. Good luck!
  2. http://www.ghin.com/eclubhouse/uploadedimages/News/1560_16293_WWGL Handicap Index Explained.pdf https://socalgolfer.org/new-to-ghin-how-to-establish-a-handicap-index-in-4-easy-steps/
  3. The things that my instructor wanted me to keep track of as a beginner were the number of: fairway off tee, green in regulation and number of putts. From there, we practiced what I was weak at and eventually the score came down.
  4. The cart guys at my club will not lift a finger unless they see someone walking up to them with cash in hand. I don’t see why I should tip them when the carts are always dirty, cooler filled with water/trash, missing scorecards/tees. I return my carts cleaned and stocked, maybe I should get a tip for doing their job!
  5. Tipping is going out of control in the US. Am I supposed to tip the security guard at my club too so he will lift the gate faster for me to drive thru? I never got tipped for doing my job that I was paid to do.
  6. I have been playing for 4 years, 3 with a GHIN. I play 5 times a week between April-November and I have 2 aces, 2 eagles, enough birdies and have broken 80. I still consider myself a beginner. I also like to be the first one to tee off at the first tee when others are still busy getting their gloves on, finding the ugliest ball (in case they lose it), stretching...I don’t feel all eyes on me - no pressure, no expectations.
  7. A 30-min practice session at Golftec cost $15 with the use of their TrackMan.
  8. Costco Kirkland brand golf balls. I don’t play it but a few people I know do and they swear it is the closest thing to ProV1 without breaking the bank. Costco limits 2 boxes per membership.
  9. 2019 is my 4th season playing golf. My achievements so far: Hole in one #1: Sept 2017 Hole in one #2: June 2018 The 2 hole in ones = 2 Eagles Broke 90: 2017 Broke 80: once in 2018 with a 76 (14 pars hole 1-14, then got too excited and bogeyed the last 4 holes). Damn it...
  10. FlyingAce

    First Time Out

    I was away to ski since Thanksgiving of last year and have not touched a golf club until last weekend when I played my first round of the year. It was not too bad considering how much time I took off. Did not lose much of my swing, distance, or putting accuracy (surprisingly), but definitely lost touch in my chipping. I had alot of 1 chip 1 putt at the end of last season and I have completely forgotten how to do that...
  11. Ricola cough drops. They keep me focused and calm. I do the same for when I am skiing. Not exactly sure how it started but it became a habit.
  12. My retirement has to include skiing during the winter months. Golf was not in my life until a few years ago. My husband and I visit Hawaii every year and we'd stay in resorts with beautiful golf courses. We thought it'd be nice to learn the game and someday, maybe we can play while on vacation. So, I found some cheap lessons from Groupon and started my journey. Fast forward to now. I am hooked and I see myself playing golf in retirement. I play 5 days a week between April-November, and move to the mountains to ski 5 days a week between December-March. Retirement is quite a few years away for my husband. We have no kids or family obligations. I think I am retired, but my husband prefers that I tell people I am "willfully unemployed" until he retires too. Anyway, we were just talking about retirement and here's our plan: We will have a home base in the West with nice weather. During the winter months, we'd get a rental for 4 months to ski, then return to our base for golf the rest of the year. We can either stay in NM or we can move back to CA. We never sold our CA home when we left for MI/NM and rented it out all these years. It is almost paid off so we can always fall back in that home for retirement. The weather is nice in NM but the issue is how difficult it is to travel - there are no direct flights to anywhere we want to go. We have to layover somewhere and it cost us both time and money and we don't want to keep doing that. We also tried out this renting-for-the-winter idea the last 3 seasons. We found a furnished rental and I stayed there almost full time to ski. It worked out pretty well so I think we will continue to do that in the foreseeable future. We originally wanted to buy a ski cabin, but we'd only use it for 4 months out of the year and it's a pain to deal with renters and maintain the place, so we axed that idea. And by renting, we are not limited to one ski resort. We can move around and try different places every year. So we thought we got it all planned out, but we recently went to Scottsdale AZ and FELL IN LOVE with it. So, all of a sudden, we have a new option. I started looking at homes in the area and boy, are they expensive! Not only are homes in Scottsdale expensive, but so is golf! What I then realized is besides deciding on where to live, we have to plan for where to golf too! And include a healthy budget for it. Now in NM, golf is relatively inexpensive. Our golf club membership only cost $350/mth and it will go up to $600/mth once we hit 46, and that's for unlimited golf. While looking in AZ, there are definitely no "unlimited" golf clubs that's close to what we are paying now, and pay per play is not really an option when we plan to play at least 4 times a week. So now, we are looking into homes in golf communities that does not cost a kidney to join and there aren't that many. We will be heading to Scottsdale next month to scout out communities/golf clubs so we can have a better idea of where we can afford to live and play golf regularly. In the end, our plan is to figure out a location for retirement and buy a house now, so by the time we retire, the house will be paid off already.
  13. I currently live in NM too! My husband and I moved from Michigan 7 years ago (originally from CA) and I will NEVER EVER move back to Michigan, even if it's the only place on earth that has golf. And I am a winter person - I ski 4 months out of the year. I love snow and cold weather, but not the Michigan kind. All I could remember about Michigan summer is how humid it is. The thunderstorms, hail, rain, etc. That's why it's so green there. Everything I kept in the basement storage had mold and my joint pain were worse when I lived in Michigan v. now in NM. Fall is nice, but I can live without it... DO NOT MOVE TO MICHIGAN!
  14. FlyingAce


    No way! That is crazy! Did he say what the $2300 includes? I am pretty sure I paid no more than $800 for 15x30-min sessions with a swing analysis. When I put in my request for info online, a golftec rep called me back but he wasn’t specific to my location and gave me a random number. I ended up going in to the actual golftec location and got the rates in person. Perhaps you can try that? There was a $2000+ package but it was for 1 lesson/week for 10 months.
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