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  1. I don’t have steady enough hands to use a laser rangefinder but I have a GPS that tells me the distance with a push of a button. I ride a cart so as I approach my ball, I usually have already scouted out the strategy for my next shot, before I get a reading. I also pay attention to the yardage markings on the fairway to get a rough estimate. Once I get to my ball, I do a reading, pick a club and hit it according to plan. You can save time by thinking of your strategy as you are driving to the ball, have rangefinder in hand, don’t spend time putting it away, and think of your next move befor
  2. I have noticed quite a few ladies wearing yoga pants/tanks or super short shorts/skirts to play golf. I personally think that is inappropriate. My club sent out a newsletter last week to remind members of the dress code but I am not sure if they will really enforce it. I also think some guys are wearing pants that are waaayyyyyy too tight, they cannot even walk right...pleated slacks are a bit baggy but it is better than tight imo...
  3. It is actually a good thing that you want to get skis that fits your needs right now, than to get too much skis (for your ability level) and try to “grow into” them. Learning is difficult enough and you want your equipment to help make it easier, otherwise you may never progress. I think 155-160cm should be a good place to start and I will look for something that’s softer or without metal plates. I personally would pick camber skis between 78mm and low 80mm underfoot. You don’t want to go too skinny. You should do a full ski tune and have a binding release check at a ski shop before taking t
  4. Longest I have played is Twin Warriors GC: 6131yds@74.1/133. I usually play Paako Ridge: 5900yds@73.3/140.
  5. What region do you ski in? PNW(wet and heavy), Rocky/SW (dry and light) or Midwest/Mid-Atlantic/East (ice)? What do you plan on skiing? Groomed only? Moguls? Trees? Powder? The skis you picked all have narrow waist and are front-side skis, likely best for groomed runs and will not do well in powder (wet or dry). Elan Amphibio 12’s (2019) 160cm/78mm waist/13.3m turn radius, Rocker skis, titanium (stiff) Elan Explore eRise (2017) 150cm/76mm/12.5m, Rocker, fiberglass (soft/light) Fischer XTR PRO (2018) 155cm/71mm/13m, Camber+rocker tips, no metal (soft) Rossi Bandit (2010) 14
  6. I take off December-March of every year and move to the mountain so I can ski full time. I haven’t had the time yet to look up the skis you are looking at, but the 150cm are way too short for you at 5’7”. I am 5’3” and my quiver ranges from 154cm to 164cm. One thing about Elan skis - you have a left ski and a right ski, and if you mix them up, you are screwed. Most other skis are left/right interchangeable.
  7. Got my 1st Pfizer shot yesterday. Ten minutes after the shot, I started feeling some fuzziness from my neck to my face. It lasted about 30 mins. Injection site started getting sore about 10 hours afterwards. Still sore after 24hrs. I have also developed a rash since last night and they are not going away. Otherwise no other reaction/side effects.
  8. My husband got his first dose Pfizer back in mid-Dec and he had no reactions/side effects other than a sore arm for 2 days. He had his 2nd shot 2 weeks ago and he is doing fine. He did not develop any reactions until 12 hours after the shot - fatigue, bodyaches, nauseousness and chills. He said it felt like he was coming down with the flu. It lasted about 24 hours and then he was back to normal. My state, NM, is doing pretty well in administering the vaccine. We have finished with Group 1A and have moved on to 1B (75+ or 16+ with health risks) over a week ago. According to the governor, we
  9. My husband is a Radiation Oncologist. Normally he’d not be in close/direct contact with covid patients, but due to the recent surge in cases, his hospital reassigned all doctors to the covid surge team to cover the ICU. That bumped him up to tier 1 to get the vaccine. He got it last week and is doing fine. No allergic reaction or side effects so far. His staff in the cancer center are tier 2 and will not get the vaccine for another few weeks. I don’t think all doctors of any specialty will automatically get it right away unless the hospital has enough doses after all frontline workers are v
  10. Wouldn’t that be great!!! He hasn’t golfed in months and his ski season is canceled because of his work obligation. I am not even living at home right now because he worries about putting me at risk. I cannot wait for him to have his life back.
  11. My husband was among the 400 frontline healthcare workers at his hospital to get the vaccine yesterday. So far, no reported side effects/allergic reactions yet.
  12. My husband and I learned golf together and we both love it. We play together every weekend during April-November. For the winter months, we ski every weekend together. There’s no time for anything else. Vacations we take are almost all golf/ski related. My husband has a very demanding job so he only has time on weekends. But I golf/ski during the week on my own/with friends. There were a few times he couldn’t play or ski due to injuries but he’d still ride the rounds with me or take me to the mountain and wait at the lodge. I don’t watch sports on tv with him because I usually have other
  13. I bought that same cart last year from Costco for $1500. I like that I can control it from 20-30yds away so it can get to my ball before I do, or it can start moving to the next hole while I am getting off the green. What I didn’t like is if I want to walk under the umbrella - I cannot find the right speed. It’s either too slow or too fast for my pace to walk alongside it. I also think the uphill balancing wheel is too small and if I forgot to extend it, the cart will tip over since my course is at the foothills and there are lots of slopes to climb. A few weeks after buying it, the price went
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