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  1. I play the forward tee at my club at 5900yd/73.3/140. My husband usually plays the regular tees at 6900yd/72.2/142. He played the forward tees a few times and he did not find it any easier nor did he magically shave off strokes to break 80 (he is normally in the mid/high 80s). He was disappointed because he expected a shorter course to be easier but it required him to use clubs that he normally wouldn’t use and he got into hazards that normally weren’t in play. Eventhough he was playing the same course, teeing forward was a completely different game for him. I have played at my previous club a few times - forward tee was 5100yd/68.4/127. I expected to play better but didn’t for the same reasons as my husband.
  2. I started playing with AVX early this summer and love it. I also find at least one AVX at my course every weekend so I don’t think this ball works for everyone...
  3. I don’t have a warm up routine. I don’t usually hit balls at the range before a round, maybe putt a few minutes but that’s it. I do swing my driver maybe 5 times and crack all my knuckles at the first tee before starting my round.
  4. I hope so! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  5. I have not thought about it yet since it depends on whether there is a ski season. If ski season is a go, then I move up to the mountains to ski from Dec-April and I’d only be putting in my living room and just swinging my driver around like I did last year. If there is no ski season, then I’d be playing golf and likely take a few lessons. I only need to keep my driver going and I will be able to start next season right after skiing ends.
  6. Woohoo! Congrats!!!!
  7. I have 2 friends who are going thru swing changes now, both have been playing for decades, both decent golfers and both have the same coach at Golftec. One of them is really struggling, to a point that it is dangerous to play with him because of his errant shots. If he could connect, they are great but 90% of the time he couldn’t. The problem is he only sees his coach once a month and doesn’t get to play/practice much. It’s been over a year (could be two) and he is still struggling... My other friend is also struggling but she sees the coach every week and practices/plays every day so the coach can catch her mistakes rather quickly. But I honestly don’t see much difference in her game with a swing change but she feels it is better if she can get it to work. I have a different coach at Golftec who doesn’t believe in completely changing one’s swing unless something is really wrong...so we work with what I have and got great results. I don’t think I will ever have the patience to change anything about my swing!
  8. Good is low 80s, great is high 70s. The difference for me is normally 6 strokes. Great is also when there are no double bogeys or 3 putts.
  9. I have arthritis in both my knees too and the only exercise I can do is Pilates on a Reformer.
  10. My hcp hasn’t changed much this season, not exactly working on getting better but thankful that it is not worse. Paako has bunkers EVERYWHERE!! There is at least one bunker by every green and I spent alot of time in them during my first month so I had plenty of chances to practice🤣 I still get in them but I am pretty good at getting out now! Or at least I am no longer afraid of them...
  11. I once played 18 with my instructor and he downed a 6-pack before we turned! He sure was relaxed...
  12. A shorter course does not automatically mean an easier course - at least not for me. I play ~160 rounds a season at a course that’s 5300yd@69.3/124. I have had quite a few good days in my 3 years there and the best I have ever shot was a 77, worse 90. Shot par in the front/back 9, sure, but never in a round of 18. I now play a different course that’s 5900yd@73.3/140 and my best score is 79, worse 89. When I go back to the 5300yd course, I still shoot high 70s on my best days and was never close to shooting par, eventhough the course is shorter and easier. I have moved back one tee a handful of times @6400yd 76.1/146. Did I struggle? Hell yeah - but I still broke 90. I don’t want to know what has to go really wrong for me to not break 100... A few guys I know have always refused to tee it forward because it’d be “too easy” they say. When they finally tried it out, they still cannot improve their scores drastically because they’d still run into trouble but just with different clubs. Anyway, the most challenging part about golf is between the ears. If the OP has the ability to shoot par, then his issue is not in the swing. How did you think differently on the day you shot par? Different routine? Different thought process? How was it different from the days you barely break 100? If it is simply the feeling of calm and relax, maybe a sip (or 2) of beer will do the trick!
  13. I find myself more tense if I am paying attention to my score. On days that I casually write down my scores, I usually play well. As soon as I look at how I am doing, especially when I am playing well, I screw up immediately. I also don’t total up my score until the game is over.
  14. Eagle first for me. I have 2 eagles with my 2 Aces. I had 3 bunker hole outs for birdies last month so I don’t feel they are that rare.
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