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  1. I feel it is really a personal preference. My irons are graphite, so are my LW, SW, PW. I have arthritis in my fingers so it takes extra effort to hold/swing anything heavy. I can get a better feel with graphite. My instructor always tells me “Don’t change anything if it is working” and that applies to both my swing and my clubs.
  2. I am a terrible tournament player - my mental game is weak. Our women club champion has been the same 2 players in the last 15+ years. The 2 of them and another 3 single handicappers play together every day, so when they play tournaments, they play each other like a regular game. I kinda enjoy flying under the radar...
  3. I demo the SIM (not max or max d) and find it hit similar to my M5tour in terms of distance/carry/launch/spin. It felt more bulky to me, but that’s a personal preference since I like the smaller 435cc head over 460.
  4. The writer of this article is actually English (as in from England) - he has a BA in English and another degree in Journalism. Looks like he started writing professionally in 2009...
  5. I prefer riding because I am lazy! I used to walk the first 2 seasons and it is really not too bad but I have developed ankle issues that affected my skiing, so we decided I should ride. In the summer, I try to finish before 10am, it is not so much the heat but the sun. It really burns because we are in higher elevation. I rarely play in the afternoon even with a cart. As for my cart, it runs off 72V and has a 35-mile range at full charge. But because of the elevation change at the course and I have to drive uphill to go home, I usually only have about 30% charge left at the end of the day.
  6. I have a 7W and it is one of the club that I use most often. I mainly use it for my 150-160yd approach (on raised greens at my club). I have very high launch angles so the balls don’t roll much once it gets on the green. Sometimes I use it to bump out of the rough when there are trees nearby. I love my 7W so much that I have a backup in case this one breaks!
  7. Had we known we’d pick up golf, we’d likely purchase a home in the club community. Three miles is doable, not exactly safe to cross a major road but cart fees can add up very quickly when I play 4-5 times a week. I have only seen one other golf cart in my community and a handful of people driving to the club from surrounding neighborhoods.
  8. Yes, additional $120 a month trail fee. No storage available so I drive my cart there. I am about 3 miles away.
  9. This is my friend’s cart and my club is full of carts like this - it’s about who got the biggest tires! I have a street legal golf cart, not sure what type of tire it has but there is a “street” and “turf” mode and is quite powerful.
  10. Idiot#1: One of my first few games as a newbie so I didn’t know much (but enough to know this guy was an idiot). He’d swear, threw down his club and hit a provisional on every single tee shot. He called mulligan at least once on each hole. Now I was too busy with my own game that I didn’t keep track of his shots, but at the end of every hole, he’d announce “I call par on this hole”. Right. Idiot#2: Guy I played with at a resort course downed 6 beers within the first 3 holes, then started having to relieve himself every few strokes. I thought it was rude of him to do that and was about to walk off because I didn’t want to play with a drunk. A marshall came up right at that moment to remove the guy - turned out the guy flashed the group behind us when he relieved himself out in the open. He didn’t even care to find a tree/bush. Idiot#3: Ran into someone I know at the club but haven’t seen in a long time. We chatted about our golf game and what we have accomplished. After telling him I got a hole in one a few weeks earlier, he proceeded to give me a bear hug. One so big that I felt my back popped. My back was feeling odd for a few days afterwards and I ended having to see my doctor, who then sent me to a chiropractor. That’s when I found out a couple of ribs were off alignment. I was out for 10 days because of this. Boy was I pissed! I think this might be more an a$$hole than an idiot. Idiot#4: Random guy behind me came by in the middle of the round and handed me a sleeve of balls. I told him it is not mine, he said just keep it. I don’t play Nike balls so I gave it away to the guys infront of me at the turn. At the end of the round, I ran into the guys infront at the proshop and one of them said “I called but you didn’t answer”. I was like “Huh?” It turned out the guy who gave me the balls had his number slipped into the box and the guys infront thought I did that. I don’t know who the idiot is in this case...
  11. My home course is only 5 mins away. I am willing to drive up to 30 mins away for a regular game. Anything more takes too much work/time.
  12. Other resort courses in my area will also try their best NOT to pair people up unless necessary. Only city courses will fill to capacity at all times. I have never played the other 2 private clubs so I don’t know how they run things. It is definitely different at my club.
  13. My husband thinks it is the culture of the club. Most have their own group already and don’t want to play with anyone else. What’s weird is that there are 4 people (current coach, 2 ex-coach, 1 club pro) who knows my handicap and that I have been working on improving my driver specifically. All of them, at one point or another, told me that if I hit any further with my driver, no one will want to play with me! Huh?!
  14. I just looked at our women’s association directory, of the 126 members, only 3 are Asians. I personally know at least 5 other women who play as singles regularly. My club has 3 9-hole course and I can almost always find a spot to play alone, except on Saturday/Sunday mornings. It is very common to see multiple singles back to back on the tee sheet midweek/weekend afternoon, and they all go out as singles. It’s really not that busy. I don’t think anyone knows my handicap unless they know who I am and purposely look it up. The regulars who see me out there all the time are usually at capacity (5) already. We book our tee times online and if I see a threesome I want to join, I am supposed to ask the members or have the proshop ask if they want to play with me. I cannot just add myself or show up to fill that spot. I was told that’s how it works at my club.
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