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  1. My golf season ends a week before Thanksgiving, when my ski season begins. But generally, anything below 40 is too cold for me even with sun and no wind. I played today in the 60’s but no sun and strong wind. I felt cold after 9 holes and quit. It will be 40 degrees tomorrow morning but forecast says sunny and no wind, so we will see!
  2. I am on my 4th season now and my swing did not develop until year 2. What it is today is definitely not anywhere near how I was swinging 4 years ago. My first set of lessons were purchased through Groupon. I wanted to try it out without commitment so the instructor let me use his old clubs. The problem was they were men’s stiff that were way too long and heavy for me. I struggled for months to make contact and almost gave up trying. I decided to buy a set of women’s club through Costco for $500 and that made a difference. I started making contact and improved quickly. I used those for a few months until the 8i snapped. My instructor felt that I had developed a good swing by then, but was not making solid contact, so he gave me a fitting session for free. It turned out I needed clubs that are 3 degrees flat and 1/2” short. By that time, I knew I was going to stick to golf so I went ahead and spent $1500+ on new clubs and I’d have to say that was the best investment I have made. My game improved and my handicap dropped to mid-teens rather quickly (from low 20s). I have been using these clubs for 2 seasons and have replaced the LW twice and 5w once while my hcp dropped to single digit. I just had another fitting to see if I can benefit from newer clubs and it seems like I will benefit from men’s senior flex, so that’s what I am going to buy next. I personally feel that it takes time for one’s swing to develop. There is no reason for a newbie to go for a fitting without a repeatable swing and spend thousands from the get go. You will get so much more out of a fitting session once you know what you are doing, and can feel the difference between different clubs.
  3. I shot a 76 today with 11 pars and 2 birdies. My golf season is winding down with only 7 weeks left before my ski season begins!
  4. I played in a tournament at my club last Halloween and one of the holes had a 12” cup. It was my first time seeing it and I was thinking “Why? What’s the point if everyone is going to hole it?” I missed it...
  5. FlyingAce

    That Guy

    Just reread that you have already asked to not be paired with him. Then you will have to tell him directly not to talk/comment when it is your turn to hit. Sometimes these people does things on purpose to annoy others, sometimes they don’t know what they are doing is annoying because no one had ever stood up to them. Just tell him. Good luck!
  6. FlyingAce

    That Guy

    There is a lady at my club that does the exact same thing! If you enjoy the group otherwise, I’d just stand up to him and tell him to kindly stop doing what he is doing and that you don’t appreciate any of it, or tell the guys that you’d like to not partner with him again. It is very likely that you are not the only one who is annoyed by his behavior. You don’t have to be angry or rude, just tell him kindly to keep it to himself.
  7. Best is to rest until your body is ready again - you wouldn’t be able to use your normal swing anyway and you are delaying recovery if you try to tough it out. I fractured my tail bone once while snowboarding in my 20s. I took a few weeks off and started boarding again and reinjured it. I survived that season but I am still experiencing pain once in a while. Don’t push it. Everytime I thought I got a breakthrough in golf, I will play terribly for at least a week afterwards. I shot 12 pars and 2 birdies last weekend, but played bogey golf all week this week. No idea why but it happens every single time!
  8. My husband does not get to play golf as much as I do and only has time on the weekends. He hits the ball decent enough to get pars and a few birdies here and there, yet he couldn’t break 90 for the longest time because he’d have double/triple/quad blowouts regularly. He was playing from the whites, so I convinced him to try playing from the hybrids and shortly thereafter he broke 90. He did not move back to the whites until he was consistently in the 80s. Moving forward does not always mean it is easier, but it kept him in play more often and lower his chances of blowouts. Once he gets his confidence back, he plays the whites better.
  9. “Beer” and “too early” does not belong in the same sentence..
  10. FlyingAce

    Pace Problem

    This still happens all the time at my private cc. And those who really should be playing the forward tees needs a reality check. We got lots of those who could barely drive past the forward tee box (and still play from the tips) playing every weekend. They are usually the ones who wait for the greens to clear before hitting their 2nd shots from 300yds away...
  11. I was driving all my balls to the right for a period of time this season - it’s like a huge fade but still on the fairway and still playable. My instructor told me to check my grip to make sure my right hand is not open/turned too far out to the right. Once I started paying attention to that, my drives are straight again. It was a very very small adjustment but the difference is huge!
  12. FlyingAce

    Pace Problem

    Yes, worse. Because he is hitting less distance and missing more shots. And taking longer for pre-shot routines. His lessons are not working.
  13. FlyingAce

    Pace Problem

    I am having pace issues with a friend lately. Been playing with him on weekends for the last 2 seasons. He started taking lessons this year and agreed to let the coach completely change his swing. Since then, he’s been struggling - shanking, hooking, etc. We used to play 18 in 3:30, but now the same 3some will take at least 4:30. My husband and I played as a twosome today and finished in 3 hrs without rushing and it was very enjoyable. I don’t know how to get my friend to play a little faster so I don’t have to waste time waiting for him!
  14. Not wildlife but just want to share. Ballon fiesta week so we got hot air ballons in the background
  15. Just ran into this guy. Looked young and lost.
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