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  1. They just made it a state law: Beginning Nov. 24: Negative COVID-19 test result required prior to departure to avoid 14-day quarantine in Hawaii. Tests ONLY accepted from TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS HAWAII'S PRE-TRAVEL TESTING PROGRAM The state of Hawaii will ONLY accept Nucleic Acid... But like @Vinsk said, it is a joke. How difficult is it to just stay home?
  2. @Ole Duffer If having a negative covid19 test is the way to go, they really should refuse boarding to those who don’t have one, instead of checking when they land. Alot can happen during the flight(s) to the islands if you put confirmed negatives with everyone else. We have pretty strict travel restrictions in NM (14-day quarantine for all out of state travelers), but no one is enforcing it and people don’t care. I know my club got plenty of golfers from TX and AZ in the last few months, no quarantine/masks/distancing at all. It is pretty bad here now and if I were a visitor, I’d be more worried about catching the virus here than brining it in. Ski season is around the corner and I doubt people from out of state would follow the restrictions either. Our state is shutdown until 11/30 but I don’t think 2 weeks is enough to turn things around. I wouldn’t be surprised if our SIP order is extended until the end of the year to cover Christmas/New Year too.
  3. I actually know a few people who are going to Hawaii because the deals are too good to pass up. They said it is safe there. SMH. And we wonder why we are where we are today...
  4. Not a collector and I hope I won’t become one...I have 2 SC that I play with and 1 hanging on my wall.
  5. I don’t know anything about these drivers but I went from a XR16 to a TM M5 tour 9* to the SIM Max 9*. I am very happy with what I have now.
  6. Using your same simple logic - if you cannot afford to pay for golf, then don’t play. Plain and simple. We all have to make sacrifices once in a while. Why expect golf courses (or anyone) to give you a handout so you can do something that you cannot afford to do? Why should they? Finish school, get a job and when you are that 40-something, you can afford to pay for your own rounds like everyone else. I am that 40-something. I play golf because I can afford it with time and money. My housekeeper doesn’t play golf because she cannot afford either. That’s life. The last time I heard someone said “this is not fair” was when my 12 yo nephew didn’t get to have chocolate ice-cream because all we had was vanilla. I told him to grow up and buy his own icecream.
  7. Oh my...sorry to hear that. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  8. It is heavy duty. Been using it outside since March and after thousands of balls/hits, it still looks and feels new.
  9. I have this one from Costco. Mine is 5x5. https://www.costco.com/country-club-elite-golf-mats.product.100034931.html
  10. I know I know, there is an excel spreadsheet but I like to write things down on paper...I joined this new club in June and have been keeping track of all my pars and birdies. My goal was to par every hole at least once, which I completed already. My season ends at the end of November (weather permitting) so there is not much time left to finish the birdie challenge. I think I will eventually birdie #3,7,10 if I have more time, but doubt #20,21,23 will ever happen. My home course is Paako Ridge and it has 27 holes. Depending on the combination of 9s, here’s the yardage/rating/slope that I play (from the forward tees): Course 1&2 5755/72.6/139 Course 2&3 5886/72.9/141 Course 1&3 5937/73.3/140 I am really happy with what I have accomplished in the last 5 months!
  11. Come to think of it, there are a few members at my new club who never wear a mask either. I generally keep my distance if possible. And I also try to limit talking even with a mask on...I wish more people can be vigilant about it. Times are weird now but this shall pass. My goal is to delay contracting covid until there is a vaccine/treatment/cure.
  12. Golf is a safe activity until irresponsible golfers get in the equation. My current club caters to visitors, mostly from out of state. The parking lot is full of out of state plates every day. There is supposed to be a 14-day quarantine/travel restrictions but I doubt any of them are following the order. My club is not enforcing it either. From what I have seen in the last few months, many people came as a group in the same car. No masks. They shared carts and sat next to each other at the bar/patio to hangout. They pulled out the flag and they spit. Eventhough masks are required in the proshop, I have witnessed many who didn’t wear one because they were just going in “for a second”. At my old club, masks and social distancing does not exist. People do whatever they want because they say it is a private club. Large groups congregate at the tee boxes and they hangout on the patio afterwards. Many times I couldn’t even walk thru the patio because there were so many people (and I didn’t want to either). There has been multiple positive cases at my old club, I am surprised there aren’t more sick people there yet. My husband works at a hospital and he treats covid patients. So far, they have zero cases in the department staff because everyone takes covid seriously. Unlike the idiots who think just because they are outdoor playing golf, they don’t have to follow safety protocols. We cannot have nice things because of a few bad apples.
  13. That was stupid and not funny at all. NEVER TOUCH SOMEONE ELSE’s ball. PERIOD.
  14. It’s time for you to introduce him to the rules and etiquette of golf before this becomes a habit. The sooner the better. Sure, no big deal if he is only planning to be a casual golfer, but if his intention is to eventually make it on the team, he needs to be honest about his scores and start practicing telling the truth now.
  15. @Mr22putt Currently a SC Newport. Better get back on topic - I don’t want to continue to hijack this thread! Send me a PM and we can chat there. By the way, Callaway balls at Costco were on sale/markdown last week. $20 for 2 dozens!
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