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  1. Graphite shafts are supposed to be easier on your joints than steel. And they have a different feel which some people may like. So that's why.
  2. If we're a foursome and riding it's pretty hard for me to make it through a round without returning from the green to the wrong cart at least once. I'm not really embarrassed by it though.
  3. My point was there is little difference between brands, only between various lines in a brand. And since custom shafts will be available from your fitting, the difference shrinks even further.
  4. Has anyone ever started at 17, got down to an 80s shooter after one year, then gone on to play in a major tour? I don't know but my guess is the answer is no. I'll go out on a limb and say ten years from now there may be at most one player who fits that description on tour. Maybe a 20% chance. Maybe it will be the op. He's got to be the 1 in 3 million of those 18ish year old bogeyish golfers who makes it if the 20% chance comes in. So multiplying probabilities it's 1 in 15 million. Not bad.
  5. I agree that trying a bunch of different clubs can be fun, but I don't think that is necessary for the op. You've got connections with a Ping pro/rep/fitter who can get you a discount. Ping has a small, medium, large, xl iron like everyone else and a good fitting system. Don't make it too complicated. If you want to get new fitted clubs I'd go with that guy. If you want to save 60% get quality used clubs which probably won't be half bad.
  6. To simplify things by not carrying a phone at all. Technology would have to sufficiently advance regarding battery life and fitting all the necessary goodies in there. It certainly wouldn't need all the phone's functionality. A few decent ways of communicating, GPS navigation, and a lot of the stuff it does now.
  7. Wake me up when the watch works without being accompanied by a phone. I want my watch to be my phone and talk into it like Dick Tracy.
  8. If you go to Cobra's website you can select any specs you want for any of their clubs. If you swing the driver that fast I'd think twice about getting 65 gram iron shafts without trying them first. At least try some light and heavy shafts at the store first (assuming you don't want to go through a fitting) then order a set with the weight you like on the website.
  9. Yay picture change. I've been working on similar stuff for about 8 months. I figured out how to practice it correctly in one day. Step 1: out (for as short a time as possible) Step 2: crunch (there is no down)
  10. HaHa, I get the same. I've just been using a big X on each side of the ball because I never learned to sign my name.
  11. Yeah, I don't understand why everyone and their mother uses dots. Why not sign your initials or draw a happy face or something that isn't so easily misidentified?
  12. I'm not sure about my most ever but this weekend I had 10 pars, all 2-putts either from the green or fringe. At least half the birdie putts were pretty makable but I made sure to miss them so I could post to this thread. It was one of my best playing worse scoring rounds in awhile. The other 8 holes averaged double bogey.
  13. Thanks, worked great. I recovered the round I mentioned above and played the next one without using the phone app and it came out just fine on the upload. My other mild complaint, and this is obviously a question for Game Golf's customer feedback rather than a Sand Trap thread, is why oh why does it automatically change the location of your shot to the edge of the green if you use putter? It looks like it may remember the actual location of your shot because it moves a bit when you click "off green"... but it may not. It's not really clear.
  14. Are you trying to aim directly between the two tall grasses at each side of the fairway on the first video? To me it looks like your club face is aimed there and your feet and shoulders are aimed way left. The experts will hopefully chime in to give you actual swing advice, but you might want to check your alignment. Wouldn't it be nice if it were as simple as that?
  15. Me too. I didn't even know you could connect it to your computer. The instructions that came with the device and the website imply you are supposed to use it with the app. Do you need special software? I'd like to try it this way because the app just seems to suck. It only correctly displays about half my rounds and the other times it outputs garbage. i.e. 70 strokes on the first hole of a neighboring course. Today I checked it on hole 3 and it had only recorded one shot -- the tee shot on the first hole with a G-tec driver. I don't even have a G-tec driver nor did I list it as one of my clubs. Is there some way to recover a round if you've tagged it the whole way through and the app doesn't work?