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  1. I played a round over the weekend at Monarch Beach Golf Links and tried to record it. Although I specifically selected Monarch Beach from the drop down menu, when the round was over I was presented with an unfinished round of 74 strokes on the first hole of nearby El Niguel Country Club. Hmm. Well I was able to make today's round at Westchester work. Similar stuff to the previous week's round. Made 17 nGirs but it's a very easy course . Took four strokes to get down from just off the green on two holes . Game Golf counted shots from the rough and 15 yards off the green as putts if I use my putter. I usually didn't tag tap ins until after I hit them. Maybe that's why Game Golf counted them all as 3-15 foot putts. I've been using the putting tag as a ball marker because it doesn't fit into my putter. Not the best system . Consequently it thinks I need to work on my putting. It's saying my GG handicap is 5.9 even though my two rounds' differentials were both double digits.
  2. For most of my early golf life I regularly felt some wrist and elbow inflammation. I always rested a couple weeks till it went away but it would eventually return. I switched to graphite shafted irons and later added oversized spongy Winn grips. Also I curtailed hitting off hard range matts and perhaps improved my swing some. With these changes the pain has never returned in over a year now.
  3. My first game golf round that worked. Sort of. I tagged about 80% of my shots and did some editing. It was difficult to remember if I ever found myself in trouble and trying to figure out how to play it. I was amazed that it accurately captured the direction and yardage on some of the shots I forgot to tag. It actually got some of the clubs wrong when it did that, so I wonder what kind method it uses. It was a very slow day and we chipped around the tee boxes while we were waiting and it didn't count any of those shots. Very interesting. Just a small muni near where I stay in L.A. Not a bad round. Several thin and toey shots that didn't hurt me much. It was just a fun round with my girlfriend but I have to remember how bad it is to flare a left driver on 18. You need a super high shot over the bunker to hold the green and it will bounce OB if you go just a bit to far. I screwed that shot up twice then took two to get out of the footprint filled bunker. Surrender, I'm finally convinced to play an iron way right.
  4. Voted breaking 80 for me. It's as simple as I almost never get up and down, but almost always get up and 2-putt. It's a great question. I'd bet typical 7-8 handicappers have about the same number of 70s and no DB rounds.
  5. I would offer the following scoring suggestions: Not everyone really needs this part but I assume OP does. I wouldn't award points to 1-3 because they are all various degrees of bad. - Fist pumps good shot: 1pt - Laughs at bad shot: 1 pt - Swears: -1 pt - Throws club: -3 pts Again, too many points for doing poorly imo. - Aim well away from or well long or short of bunkers: 1pt - Aim well away from or well long or short of water: 2pts - Aim well away from Ob or hit shorter and straighter club: 3pts Sounds pretty good. I might move the "incurring penalty" part up to zero pts. If we're talking inside 30 yards or so then the fringe is not a 3 pointer. I would combine a couple of the above. terrible contact/useless shot: 0 Bad/mediocre contact but gets the ball closer: 1 Good contact, bad distance: 2 great shot: 3 One, two, three, or four are good or bad depending where you started from (well 4 is always bad). Outside 20 ft: - inside 10% original distance: 2pts - inside 15% original distance: 1pts 4 - 10 feet: - make: 3 pts - zero to two ft past the hole: 1pt 2 - 4 ft: - make: 1pt
  6. Just bought a Game Golf Live using some of my Golfsmith gift cards I won from the Golf Channel Tour. I looked forward to using it for the first time on my trip to their event at Chambers Bay. The first day I managed to tag my first drive then forgot the rest of the way. The second day I made it all the way to the second green before I couldn't remember to tag any more. It was great fun but I guess my rounds are forever lost for posterity. (I won the even btw.)
  7. As far as I understand their marketing, their irons are meant to appear blade like but equal the forgiveness of game improvement irons. If that's what you want, and no cheaper set does it better, then they may be worth it to you. It doesn't meant your scores will go down though. Personally, I'm interested in them for my next set. I'm currently averaging about 8 years per set so it's not all that much amortized. And I'd like something really cool for the next 8 years.
  8. Well, even if it causes the ball to move 1 outta 100 times its worth it if it helps their putting enough to otherwise gain more than 1 stroke per 100 putts.
  9. They shouldn't review it after the round. They should review it NOW and only say something if they decide it's a penalty. It ridiculous to make him have that in the back of his mind the rest of the round.
  10. The best tip I ever got from a non pro was to "just work on your short game and putting. Forget about all that other stuff." It isn't good advice but all the other tips I've gotten were even worse.
  11. I stopped carrying my 3-wood and play 13 clubs. My 19* hybrid has enough extra accuracy that the 3-wood is just always a worse choice. The times I am somewhere awful more than detract from the extra 10-20 yards I might get. I could probably also take out my second hybrid with seeing a scoring change. From over 200 yards I'm just trying to get the ball somewhere in the vague vicinity and I often mishit longer clubs a bit so it shouldn't matter much. On the other end I use a 54 and a 60 and those options help me at least a tiny bit. However, the 60 is pretty much a just specialty club for downhill lies around the green or if the pin is very close to the front while I'm closer than full swing range. For all other times I could replace them both with a 56 and be fine. Even for the above situations it would probably only cost a fraction of a stroke per round.
  12. So are you getting all three lofts then, to replace 3-wood, hybrid, and 3 iron? That would be a fun bag -- all irons.
  13. Although I am on the bandwagon thinking Day is the best golfer out there right now he's not my pick by a long shot. Rory already has 3 more majors at the same age and I can't believe he's even close to three majors better than Rory. So the only match is between Rory and Jordan since Jordan still has 5 years to win just 2 and even the score. I'm still going with Rory and his 2 major lead because a major is just hard to win and who know what the future will bring. Also I feel Rory's length gives him a long term edge. Jordan is more likely to mess up his swing chasing more distance than Rory is likely to mess up his putting stroke trying to improve that.
  14. I am not familiar with it but I'm sure it's fine. All putters work and you won't really know specifically what style you want as a beginner. To expand on my earlier post I've used the R7s and tour Burner driver for years, albeit with the upgraded shafts, even though I have the budget for new clubs if I wanted them. I even use Cleveland wedges, although mine are the recent models so not exactly the same. All great clubs and if I switch it won't be for performance reasons, just shiny new toy reasons. Also, there is a good chance there is a gap between the 9 iron and the wedges. It will hardly matter as a beginner but keep in mind that as you progress you may want to add some kind of pitching wedge.
  15. Imo #6 is excellent. Used good stuff is always better than new cheap stuff.