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  1. I’m a 10 index and I’ve never broken 80 on a par 72 from middle tees. On a recent tournament round I shot 80 by doubling the par 5 18th after making two excellent long game shots . I have broken it several times when you apply ESC though.
  2. Wilson Unveils C300 Product Line

    I like the look of the game improvement irons. They look a lot like the AP1s. The forged irons look fine, but I prefer the forged cavity backs made by Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Mizuno, and Srixon. They would have to be under $1000 for a set of 8 to compete for me.
  3. Do You Play the Correct Tees?

    I've always agreed with @Groucho Valentine and @lastings. How far you hit it isn't the most important factor in deciding what tees to play from. Your skill is much more important. For example, on a 75 rated, 7000 yard course a scratch golfer playing to his handicap should shoot 75. That's true whether he hits it 240 or 300. So the shorter hitter isn't taking any more strokes or holding anyone up more than the longer hitter. Maybe at certain distances that analysis breaks down and your handicap doesn't describe your game perfectly. But in general I think ability is more important than length. One related point regarding less skilled golfers is that they pretty much all average way less distance than their good drives. Even if a hypothetical player is right that he can hit it 250, when you count all of the miss hits he actually averages 220. Such a player should play from the 220 yards tees even though he would probably look at the chart above and choose the 250 yard tees.
  4. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    I had a look at his career on Wikipedia. In 2013 he made 16 cuts in 16 starts, had 5 wins, and was the #1 player in the world. That was 3 years after his infidelities came to light and his subsequent divorce.
  5. I’ve played a few courses that have added one set of tees around the beginning of the fairway but not this complete system. I like it. I like the idea of mowing some teeing grounds in the rough so as not to get in the way on the fairway and to feel more official.
  6. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Maybe I went overboard. I was thinking back to when I was skinny in college and could do 15 reps of 135 after only a couple weeks of just beginning. I might not have been doing them right though. My main point is that I think Bubba is a pretty strong guy in general and could out muscle most who share his dimensions.
  7. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Wow. What do guys in this thread have against Bubba? I would bet any amount he could do 20-50 reps at that weight rather than 2-5 reps (ok, closer to 20 than 50). If he literally doesn’t bench at all in his current workout routines he might need a couple weeks to get used to it but sheesh. 145 isn’t that much and he’s not a string bean, he’s a tall, well proportioned professional athlete.
  8. Play Fade or Fix Path?

    I certainly join you in making that distinction. A closed club face that goes low with a pull hook is very different than a high shot that starts straight or with a push then curves a lot. Where I don’t join you is with the terminology. I hit a fair amount of what you call an “overdraw” but I like to call that a hook more so than the low running shot. For me if it moves enough to get you in trouble then it’s a hook, otherwise it’s a draw. I even call it a hook if it’s a good shot that starts way left (left handed) and ends up on target. A draw just moves a few yards. The other shot I call a low-crappy-running-pull-hook-heading-straight-for-the-water. Although I may intentionally make that shot when behind trees. Your way is probably better.
  9. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    So many in this thread essentially are saying “you’ll pry that third wedge from my cold dead hands!” It’s easy to play two wedges in addition to your set PW but rereading the op that isn’t the question. My 9 iron is 40degrees and I thought I would make varying lengths of backswings with it to cover about 140 - 110. Then the 52 is a nice approach wedge for a couple distances. The 58 with the right grind is versatile around the greens and good for partial shots from about 90 yards in. A pretty good blend of my current sand and lob wedges. However writing all that, I might bump the 52 down to about 49 to share more responsibilities with my 9 iron and have even gaps. It might be more difficult to use from bunkers though.
  10. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    I would carry a 52 and 58. That would mean I’d have to buy two new wedges though so I’m not doing that.
  11. Unless you have a very fast swing speed there will be a point of diminishing returns as iron lofts decrease. The wise choice is to use a hybrid at that point. As for the bolded, most of the time you will need a higher loft hybrid to replace an iron. The shafts are longer, the faces hotter, the center of gravity lower and farther back, so they will go higher and farther. You should experiment with hybrids from 24 to 26 degrees to replace your 5 iron.
  12. Whatever happened to.........?

    It would just be more fulfilling to me. Being close to the best at something and performing it on the biggest stage is a blessing most of us never get to experience. Being rich and and filling your time with hobbies isn’t nearly as interesting to me. Yes he can still golf. That’s not exactly the same as playing on the pga tour and probably many majors.
  13. Poll: Blue Woods?

    Your poll has a very anti-blue bias. Where is the option for “I prefer blue”? My Cobra has a glossy white which I like. If their blue was available at the time I would have thought about getting it instead. I definitely like the Mizuno blue wedges.
  14. Are you a brand snob?

    What kind of brand snobbery is it to not play TM putters and Ping irons? The current world #1 and a recent previous #1 (Jason Day) used TaylorMade putters. Ping irons are some of the most famous in the world and also used by top players.
  15. Are you a brand snob?

    First, Wilson Staff is a premium golf company and the clubs you bought are first rate. I don’t know what your partner is talking about. Second, I don’t have any alligance to any particular brand but would usually buy a name brand because they usually look the best and I get the confidence that they will perform the best. I do think it’s a bit cooler to not play the most highly marketed brands though — like Wilson Staff.

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