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  1. I'm never outta there after 50 balls... because I just buy a 35 ball bucket. There is a case that what you do is the opposite of what you should. Why stick around and "practice" hitting them badly? When you're hitting them well then buy a second bucket to get more experience with the good swing feeling. OTOH perhaps you want to practice figuring out whats wrong and righting the ship for when that happens in a round. Who knows what's best?
  2. The right arm in the swing

    Sometimes I exaggerate what I want my trail arm to do more so than my lead arm. I don't think most of us feel problems with our lead arm because what can it really do? It stays straight and can pretty much only go straight at the ball. Your trail elbow on the other hand can bend and point in a myriad of different ways. Still, I feel like my best swing occurs when I am muscling both arms equally all the way through the swing.
  3. What is more likely to happen?

    Spieth, Mcilroy, DJ, etc were all amateurs at one point, and they were awesome then as well. None of them were ever club pros. Those are the type of amateurs who are competing in the U.S. open. Some of them will be at the top of the PGA Tour in a few years. Is that true for any club pro?
  4. +1. Players vs game improvement is an old dichotomy. Both blended together is where it’s at these days. Some other examples are TaylorMade P790, Cobra King Forged tec, maybe Srizon z565. Personally I like the look of the Ap3, almost exactly the size of the Ap2 but with a bit more offset.
  5. My opinion is if you hit it really high then the Power Spec option might be right for you. Do you have a way to contact your fitter and ask him about it?
  6. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    One thing many courses could easily do which might help is change the colors of their tees. Red tees are associated with ladies in many minds so it might remove the stigma for at least some players. One course I play sometimes, Tierra Rejada, does a good job with that. It has 5 well named tees and encourages the use of your proper tee. From back to front they are colored Black, Blue, Burgundy, White, and Gold. Their names are Professional, Championship, Tournament, Players, and Forward. The names remind me of Starbucks drinks where even the smallest is called "Tall." Who would feel embarrassed about playing the "Player's" tees? I still think "Forward"might have a small stigma and should be renamed to something like "Casual".
  7. Whatever happened to.........?

    If I thought I was good enough to make 1 million per year for the next 10 years on the pga Tour, with a small chance I make a breakthrough and do much better, I would take that 6 days a week and twice on Sunday rather than get $35 million to sit on my ass.
  8. which club is more difficult for you?

    Another +1 here. My exception is the driver which I’d say is about the same difficulty as 6 iron. That puts 3 wood as the #1 handicap.
  9. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    5i, and strangely I had a bad round the other month because I had been practicing this shot and started hitting it better. For the longest time I would alway catch it a bit thin and I would hit it about 5-7 feet off the ground. During the round in question I had 2 opportunities to punch out but I flushed them both which, as it turns out, elevates it to about 12 feet. Both times I hit a branch and it ricocheted somewhere terrible the first time and OB the second. Since I got yet another try after the OB I finally took delofting it more seriously and hit an excellent shot about 7’ off the ground.
  10. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I just finished a round today and had no sixes on any par fours. And no double bogies till 17. Actually no doubles at all, 17 was a par 3 triple ☹️. Not exactly the challenge, but it’s a start.
  11. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    The difference between #1 and #2 golfer in the world might be 100% mental. Just like the difference between an 18 handicap and an 18.1 handicap might be 100% mental. But it’s not saying much to say the mental game is worth 0.1 shots per round.
  12. Greenside bunker question

    You can also try putting it out if the lip allows. A couple times I’ve used a hybrid instead to get a little more pop. Often with success, but not on this one shot I had the other week: I was in a bunker about 30 yards from the green on a par 5. That is a pretty tough bunker length, probably 40 yards from the pin, and I saw that the lip was smoothe at right about the correct line to the hole. Now I didn’t necessarily think this was the best idea and I’ve never practice it, but I thought it would be possible and really fun to roll the ball super fast and let it take the jump off the lip like Evel Knievel and hopeful land on the green. I decided to use my 3 hybrid rather than my putter since I really needed some speed. Unfortunately the ball got way more airborne than I expected and hit the wall of the bunker hard so it didn’t roll much. It did still end up trickling out so I was able to chip on and 2-putt for bogey . So the lesson is... next time I think I’ll try using driver to get it rolling sooner.
  13. Greenside bunker question

    You think that little? I aim about 1 inch behind which is less than the 2 inches that I often see in golf literature. Perhaps you should first touch sand about an inch back but the club only enters the sand 1/2 inch back?
  14. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Well of course I’ve had 3 eagles and a birdie, but who hasn’t?
  15. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I don’t think there are any game planning or mental tricks for me to avoid a six. I’ll just keep playing and if the 1/1000 chance comes in (or I improve a lot) then it might happen. It’s not like I go around aiming near ob or trying to carry 200+ yard water hazards. Don’t know if I’ve ever even parred 4 par 5s in my life.