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  1. I dunno. I assume the 100 meter dash is a sport since it's in the olympics. But is it a game?
  2. What a smart idea! I hope the person who called this in was near a sports book to get in a bet against Lexi for the final round. I'll be watching the Masters like a hawk from Vegas just in case something like this happens again.
  3. Not to bury the headline, I voted A thanks to events transpired since the Hero. It's not surprising how many people are choosing B. It's a very tempting choice -- it doesn't look like he's recovering from his injuries so well but he obviously still has an interest in playing and has teed it up a couple times. However I think B is the least likely option. Ask yourself, what would keep him from doing something other than option A? Either his health doesn't allow him to swing freely enough to complete a tournament or he has to wait so long between tourneys to recover that the rust will keep him out of contention. The only way to even achieve B would be to overcome that and remain healthy enough to play. But if he DOES become healthy enough to play, and play many events per year, what would stop him from doing C or better? He is Tiger freaking Woods. What, do you still think he has the chipping yips? No, if he becomes healthy enough to play 4 majors per year and several events in between then he will be in contention many times. But again, I don't think that will happen.
  4. Absolutely agree. Everything that happened in reality point to the AP2s. I.e. You liked them better, the numbers were the same, the fitter was leaning that way. The only thing pointing to the AP1s is in your head: maybe they will be more forgiving... but you haven't experienced that.
  5. I enjoy dead bugs over planks. They're really one of the best core exercises around. Just remember to keep your entire back touching the ground.
  6. Legendary gambler Titanic Thompson used to bet that he could drive a golf ball 500 yards with a hickory shafted club. He would win by hitting his ball onto a frozen lake for never ending roll. I assume he didn't actually stand on the lake though.
  7. Skiing is like riding a bike. It's not intuitive right off the bat, but with some simple instruction and practice most people can learn to get from here to there pretty easily. Of course there are tricks, racing, difficult slopes/bmw courses but if you can move around fluently you can be said to have mastered it. And that take a couple weeks. On the other hand hitting a golf ball is hard as hell and pretty much nobody can do it no matter how many years they practice (slight exaggeration).
  8. Your milage may vary but a 26* fairway wood would be in the ballpark of a 5 iron.
  9. I like "can't win with par you need a birdie, you need to putt it!" I always think it's nuts when someone, on TV or in my group, decides to chip because they're "trying to make it."
  10. And the difference is, many (most?) of them have little or no training in actual teaching. Hopefully they are intimate with the golf swing and can play a little but that isn't enough. I would want an instructor to have spend as much time learning how to teach and how people learn as they've spent on mastering golf technique.
  11. No need to lose any sleep at all, we're just talking about it. I spent a couple adult years playing chess tournaments and the chess rating system is similar to the golf handicap system. You can use it to calculate the odds of your beating another opponent of any particular rating. But that's only works ok when it's been static awhile. What both systems have in common is they only know what you've done up till this point. But you might practice a lot and be improving. You might fall out of practice. Your biorhythms might start to sync up (I have no idea what that means). Like the mutual fund disclaimer, past performance dose not guarantee future results. Buts it's all there is to go on so that's what we use, however flawed.
  12. Taking this in another direction, the bolded leads me to believe you're interpreting the answer wrong. The answer says nothing about how hard it it to improve, but the likelihood of shooting various scores assuming your handicap is correct and you haven't improved. You could conceivably practice a lot and be 10 strokes better before you play your next round. If that happens then your handicap temporarily does not reflect your skill and the analysis in your quote doesn't apply.
  13. Nice bridge shot. Nowhere to take relief?
  14. Yep, with those yardages I'd think your 54 should be about 10 yards short of your 50. If you have a cut/slice kind swing your more lifted clubs tend to go more "up" than "out". Maybe that's your problem. Or more loft may make you want to swing differently. When I look down i'd say about 7 or 8 iron loft gives me the most confidence I'll make good contact. The lofted clubs look kind of bladey. Have you tried just using your 50 with a 3/4 swing to take off 10 yards? That might be the ticket for you.