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  1. I'm not sure about my most ever but this weekend I had 10 pars, all 2-putts either from the green or fringe. At least half the birdie putts were pretty makable but I made sure to miss them so I could post to this thread. It was one of my best playing worse scoring rounds in awhile. The other 8 holes averaged double bogey.
  2. Thanks, worked great. I recovered the round I mentioned above and played the next one without using the phone app and it came out just fine on the upload. My other mild complaint, and this is obviously a question for Game Golf's customer feedback rather than a Sand Trap thread, is why oh why does it automatically change the location of your shot to the edge of the green if you use putter? It looks like it may remember the actual location of your shot because it moves a bit when you click "off green"... but it may not. It's not really clear.
  3. Are you trying to aim directly between the two tall grasses at each side of the fairway on the first video? To me it looks like your club face is aimed there and your feet and shoulders are aimed way left. The experts will hopefully chime in to give you actual swing advice, but you might want to check your alignment. Wouldn't it be nice if it were as simple as that?
  4. Me too. I didn't even know you could connect it to your computer. The instructions that came with the device and the website imply you are supposed to use it with the app. Do you need special software? I'd like to try it this way because the app just seems to suck. It only correctly displays about half my rounds and the other times it outputs garbage. i.e. 70 strokes on the first hole of a neighboring course. Today I checked it on hole 3 and it had only recorded one shot -- the tee shot on the first hole with a G-tec driver. I don't even have a G-tec driver nor did I list it as one of my clubs. Is there some way to recover a round if you've tagged it the whole way through and the app doesn't work?
  5. Driver: who knows 3 wood: God knows hybrids 3, 4: meh 6 iron: often less than above 7 iron: 164 yards
  6. You mention you've taken some lessons. I assume your instructors gave you something to work on. If that's true, then a net will be excellent even if you can't see where the ball goes. Just hit balls into the net while working on improving whatever it is he wanted you to improve. For example he may have given you drills that will help you swing more from the inside. Once you incorporate those into your swing, you will "fade" (ahem slice?) less. You don't have to see the flight on any individual swing. You'll definately want to use a video camera to see if your making the changes correctly. Also, if you use a high frame rate and learn the ball flight laws, you can see which way the ball would have gone anyway.
  7. Ok, trying to get back to what I was working on before. I might have drifted a little. Here I'm just trying to start the downswing by ignoring my hands and moving my left elbow lower and forward. On the takeaway I'm trying to just move everything straight back down the target line and forget about anything else. Also I'm trying to keep the left palm feeling it's pointed left on the downswing cuz that seems to help. I managed to make a real swing almost, but not entirely unlike my practice swings. And lo and behold, a golf shot. I hit several more like that before putting away the camera. Unfortunately at that point I wasn't able to keep it going. I started hitting massively high lefts and low rights. Next time I want to try and get those on camera and see if I just stopped doing it the same way or what.
  8. I wouldn't mind trying it. I agree that it has nothing to do with speeding up play in general, it would have to be a completely seperate event. To those who ask what's the point -- what's the point of regular golf? Get a small ball into an even smaller hole using instruments particularly unsuited to the task (paraphrasing Churchill I believe)? It's just another challenge. Well you're no Kim Jong-Il.
  9. I walked 9 the other day wearing Birkenstocks and no socks. Wasn't half bad. I also got a couple knickers outfits for Christmas which I've worn a few times. It's hard to make the bottoms stay up properly. (I also can't keep my shirt tucked in wearing normal attire so it might be just me.)
  10. Yes, but we're comparing gross scores not scores relative to par. 58 may be easier to shoot on a par 70 than 59 on a par 72. Could be around the same though if the two missing par fives would have had a 4.5 scoring average and the par 4s they were replaced with have 4.0 scoring averages. Sometimes U.S. Opens with par 70s are actually par 72 courses and they just take two short par fives and call them par fours. I don't think that's the case at River Highlands though. It's a legitimate par 70. What kind of courses were other 59s shot at? Mostly par 70s I assume.
  11. My iron shots sometimes sail 10-20 yards farther out of light rough. Not usually the fairway. 16 sounds like a tough hole.
  12. I think golf is low on the list of games and sports that can also be described as artistic. It mostly requires skill and precision. Not so much creativity.
  13. It sounds like you just had a couple of flyer lies and that you normally hit your 8 iron 160 - 170. That's how far many of the best players in the world hit it so I would not call that a bad thing. I may be wrong, but I believe there are many great players that mostly swing away with all their clubs and only make partial shots if they are inside of some wedge range. On that par 5 you just flat out chose the wrong club. You already hit your 8 185 earlier and you've got a flier lie. You should try and lay up 30-40 yards back from a water hazard, not get as close as possible without going in.
  14. I could only remember the most recent one. I originally had double the strokes lost putting as short game for that round. After editing, those two were reversed and driving and approach shots stayed about the same, as expected.
  15. Ah great, thanks.