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  1. On the other hand, it's possible that many players on the web.com and other tours are good enough for and would do fine on the pga tour. There are only so many spots available so you just have to be lucky enough to make it through the bottleneck, have the right rounds at the right time, etc. The top ten or twenty in world however, I imagine are going to be there no matter what.
  2. I'd say probably buy more wedges. Maybe a 46 - 48* specialty pitching wedge in addition to the one that comes in your set.
  3. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    I play less than I'd like because of physical limitations. I've had some back problems recently which are doing much better lately. But if I do more than about one round and one range session per week I start to feel it again. So unfortunately I'm limiting it to that.
  4. Gottcha. He really did just thread the needle on two of those grass tufts didn't he.
  5. I found an article with some betting lines on Steph available at a betting website. wrxarticle Most look like pretty decent lines at a glance. Despite the huge spread on making the cut, I think that's the one good bet. I've got to think he makes the cut way less than 1 out of 25 times. Probably pretty close to never. Most folks aren't too keen on betting $25 to win $1 though.
  6. Ya think? That look like a pretty tough, sandy lie that he might fluff into the bunker if he used a wedge. I would think the most likely outcome with a putter is that you hit it too hard and roll it to the back of the green. The percentage may favor that if he's not too confident in a wedge there. On the other hand, those tufts of grass around the lip look a little dangerous to roll through.
  7. Breaking 80 Thread

    Just finished a 2 day tournament at Paiute in Las Vegas. Saturday I shot 39 on the front, Sunday I shot 38 on the back.
  8. Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    Well, op hits his driver like shite and claims to hit his 3 hybrid 230-250, nutted every time. I hit my 3 hybrid about 210 and for awhile I was hitting my driver about 110 more often than not. It's not all that odd we would want to keep our drivers in the bag.
  9. 7 Iron has lost its lustre

    I wasn't sure whether this thread was going to be about lost infatuation with the 7 iron above all others or asking for a recommendation for golf club polish.
  10. Charlie Hoffman has my vote as current best weekday player at majors. We Las Vegans have too much partying to do on the weekends anyway.
  11. At first I clicked "agree" because I didn't fully understand the question but revoted for "disagree." I believe we're talking about someone who you try for an hour to get to do this and are unsuccessful. But even if they can't hit it 10 feet without flipping today, I don't believe that means they will never be able to do it. Not unless they actually have some kind of condition or are obviously very clumsy or whatever. I think sometime you just have a mental block, and that you can eventually get over it. The student might have some feeling (call it 'A') he internally believes he needs to do to get the club to the ball. When you say "do something this way" he thinks you can't possibly mean "don't do A", that's inconceivable. So he tries to do it every way he can think of while still doing A. You're standing there wondering why he's contorting himself thus, but if you yourself tried to do the drill while still doing A then you would look like that as well. Of course 'A' is the flip move. It may take him a lot of time and exploration, and more than just words from his instructor to identify that. He'll have to realize he needs an entirely different approach to moving the club at the ball. But I think he can get there.
  12. Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    I don't doubt there are tons of bad instructors out there, but I think the above is too little information to know whether those are example of that. Specifically most people can't fix their slice by seeing an instructor, good or bad. They fix their slice by seeing a good instructor then working their asses off on what he has them practice.
  13. I hit the pxgs 0311 and Ping ie1s side by side in a fitting. To me they were almost identical in both feel and how they looked from address. And they were both excellent in both of those categories, although the pxg does get a tiny edge. I would say they both are more of a small/midsize, semi player's style rather than a true game improvement style though. Anyway, consider the Ping i rather than the pxg if you want to save money.
  14. Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    I skimmed the 200 Proofs the Earth is not a Spinning Ball. I'm ready to kill myself now.