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  1. allenc

    Cameron Champ (Web.com Tour) Driving Distance

    Interesting. So you’re saying that Web.com players simply play more aggressively because their goal is to finish near the top for the season to get their PGA tour card. Conversely, on the PGA tour they are trying to avoid finishing near the bottom and lose their tour card, hence more conservative play. I’m talking new or middling PGA tour players of course.
  2. allenc

    Breaking 80 Thread

    I broke 80 for the first time in a Golf Channel Amateur event, shooting a 77. I’ve played about 10-12 rounds per year for the last three years. I went in with some swing thoughts that had been really helping but I kicked the day off with one of my worse range warm up session ever. I simply had the shanks. Heel slices with the driver. Awful. At the first tee I decided I had to do something. Even though I never practice this, I decided to grip down about 2-3 inches on my driver and just bunt it out there. After all, what I had been practicing wasn’t working. Worked perfectly, right down the middle and maybe 20 yards short of my best drives. I continued this and somehow went on to play just fine. Not brilliant. My scoring came from never really getting in trouble and putting slightly above average. It’s funny, I had maybe 10 putts from 5-15 feet, half for par and half for birdie. I made all of the pars and missed all of the birdies. The round was basically a par train. As the round went on and I gained confidence I started to grip higher and higher on my driver till I was back to normal on the back nine and hit a few nice bombs. Of course there were some holes where things went a little wrong. Hole 5 par 3 had water front and right. For some reason I felt like I had to grip my 5 iron slightly open because I had been using another set where I had to do this to avoid hooks. Not with this set. I hit a push fade that bounced off the cart path to a neighboring tee. My provisional I set up square and blasted a perfect shot straight over the green. Wrong club all along I guess. Anyway, I hit my blind original long into a front bunker and made double. Hole 9 was the longest par 4 into the wind. I hit my 2 hybrid approach shot pretty much the best ever with that club and ended 40 feet past the hole. It was a putt that didn’t seem very downhill but the slope starts increasing a lot around the hole which I didn’t notice. So I hit it well past and 3 putt bogied. Great shot wasted. The back nine went smoothly until short par 4 15 where I had an 85 yard approach. Shank! Oh yeah, now I remember my range session. Bogey. On par 5 16 I had another lob wedge in out of the rough and I was sweating it from the last hole. Stood a bit farther, made some practice swings, but still was probably too stiff with worry and bladed it. Bogey. Bogied par 3 17 unable to get up and down from next to the green. Not a big deal because that was not a common occurrence for this round. Finally the Pete Dye 18 with water left, danger right, and water and bunker guarding the green. I hit a straight drive that didn’t have much pop. 140 to a front flag. I was into the wind but the wind didn’t seem to have much effect all day. This time I thought it might and used 8 iron — one extra club. Felt awful, thin heel I think but it flew nice and gave me a 20 foot putt from just off the front. Jarred for my only birdie of the day and nice redemption for the previous three holes.
  3. allenc

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    Oh I agree with that. I just thought we were talking about whether she was actually trying to get an unfair advantage or just had a brain fart.
  4. allenc

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    I agree. We’ll never really know why she did it. Perhaps she went to instinctually mark it, then thought to herself, “Why am I marking this? It’s a 1 footer. Just put it back down and tap it in.” It could also be fatigue that caused her to do than then misplace it. But that’s still weird. She’s had thousands of short putts in tournaments. She must have a regular routine for them. Ha. I was just wondering if there is any footage of her hitting short putts before the incident. I looked up at the TV and she’s on there and just missed a putt, leaving just over a foot. I’m hoping they show what happens next and they do: she walks up, marks it and walks away instantly. She might have been standing in someone’s line or something so that hardly means anything. But, you know, serendipity.
  5. allenc

    Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    And @Golfingdad There are a couple points in her defense to the last couple posts. 1. I sometimes lift the ball a couple inches, spin it, and put it back down to check if there is anything on the ball that needs to be cleaned off. So that move isn’t too unusual. 2. I just rewatched a video of the incident that was very close up with good resolution. For the life of me I couldn’t see a thing wrong with the green in front of her. It looked like a pool table. Was it her first or second putt? If it was her first it would give more credibility to seeing if the ball needed to be cleaned — but not really taking much time with that since it was such a short putt.
  6. allenc

    San Diego Fitting

  7. allenc

    “Ernie, not again!”

    I found an actual article so you can read rather than listen if you want. http://www.golfwrx.com/521108/confirmed-ernie-els-did-beat-the-crap-out-of-steve-marino-aboard-a-private-jet/
  8. allenc

    “Ernie, not again!”

    Anyone hear about this? Podcast Fast forward to about 51:20 for the story of Ernie Els flying Steve Marino on his private jet. paraphrased snippet: Ernie says, “Are you having a good time Steve? Yes? So now we fight!” And Ernie proceeded to head butt him, hard. Then he started throwing Steve around the cabin until the copilot ran out screaming at him. ... the copilot may or may not have said “not again Ernie!” The Big Easy. Until he starts pounding beers.
  9. I’m a 10 index but I’ve never broken 80. That seems to be kind of unusual.
  10. You will definitely make it. And you will make 100% of your 30 footers as well in just a couple minutes. That’s the main reason this is easy.
  11. allenc

    Golf glove or no glove???

    I made some practice swings in the back room the other day without a glove. The club went flying out of my hands and straight through the glass door. Worse yet, I damaged my new 4 iron crossover. Lesson learned.
  12. allenc

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    I prefer tough courses by a large margin. The caveat is that it’s a beatutiful well manicured course that’s tough because of fast greens, lots of hazards and tight fairways. I don’t want a course that’s tough because it’s in such disrepair that you can’t find a good lie, smooth putt, or your ball because there are too many leaves.
  13. allenc

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Driver. I’m around a 10 index but if Corey Pavin hit all my drives for me I think I’d be a 2. I often hit them crooked. Then, when it gets too much in my head how crooked I’m hitting them I start to get tight and not swing aggressively enough and just start hitting them really bad. The other day I hit 6 tops — only on holes with a forced water carry, water left, and danger right. There were three holes like that.
  14. allenc

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Didn’t he blow them away on the first two rounds because of his putting?
  15. allenc

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    It could be back to back majors for Reed. Or back to back U.S. opens for Koepka. Or back to back tournaments for DJ. Pretty cool.

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