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  1. No need to compromise on lofts. All companies will give you any lofts you want. So go with 49, 54, 59. 5 degree gaps all the way.
  2. I sometimes get bored at work like Brooks does. But at my hobbies such as golf? No, not for a second. That’s crazy talk.
  3. They are all pretty much tied... for last. I’d say the same for hamburgers if my choices were McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Carl’s Jr. (/snobbery)
  4. I agree, she not nearly as good as the men. It’s just a solid performance from a woman in a men’s event. The format definately helped. https://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/2018/12/08/lexi-thompson-outdrives-charley-hoffman/ This story implies they did play from the same tees, at least in the scramble and modified alternate shot (in the alternate shot they scrambled their drives). I don’t know if they let her play closer tees during the best ball but that would be pretty strange, don’t you think?
  5. I as well may be wrong, but this is how I see it. When you are hitting your 8 iron up a 5 degree slope, the loft of your club relative to the horizon (or gravity) indeed does increase 5 degrees. But it’s loft relative to the direction the club is traveling is still at 8 iron loft — because it is traveling upward 5 degrees. That means it should launch at the angle of a 9 iron but have the spin and ball speed of an 8 iron. You know how if you swing the driver with an upward angle of attack you get a higher launch and lower spin? It isn’t the same as just using a 15 degree driver. I bel
  6. I wonder what the effect on distance really is. I doubt it’s as simple as turning a 7 iron into an 8 iron on a 4* uphill slope. The main reason the lower lifted clubs go farther is not because they launch lower, but because they deliver a less glancing blow and therefor give you more ball speed. If you are swinging level with the uphill slope you would still retain the extra ball speed from the lower loft. But it will go higher — which in some cases seems like it might even make the ball go farther. I wonder if the real reason to club up on an uphill lie is that the lie makes it hard
  7. I didn’t see much discussion about this on the internet in genreral. The consensus has always been if a lady plays in a men’s event it’s just a publicity stunt. The men are so much better that even the number 1 woman would struggle to finish anywhere but near the bottom. In this even Lexi obviously had a male partner (Tony Finau), but she still had to play plenty of shots that counted and the team seemed very much in contention the whole way. Yes they slipped to 7 strokes off the lead by the end, but that was still near the middle of the pack — and ahead of several world class players.
  8. I think if you got that much out of your fittings, you did pretty well. IMO fittings are never going to be that precise, especially for a non expert golfer. Both clubs probably work fine for you. I would go back to club champion and see if they will let you test them both one more time, then pick the one you like best for whatever reason, tangible or not. Maybe try switching back and forth every shot.
  9. Not all good players feel this way. https://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/gear/gear-news/lee-westwood-whats-in-the-bag-2018-150418
  10. I play it and my experience is more in line with what @BushwoodCC says. $125 for a course with a $65 green fee. And yes, $1800 in prizes for 60 players. For nicer courses you sometimes actually get a good deal. I’ve signed up for Pelican Hill next month for $220. The normal green fees there are, wait for it, $220.
  11. I’ll either lower it by the flag or drop it from fairly high and catch it with my foot.
  12. Just chiming in that blades are not necessarily what low handicappers use. They are just what people who prefer blades use. Blade users are in the minority even on the PGA Tour. So don’t make your decision based on that conception.
  13. @nevets88 Exactly. There is a machine that can beat every human at most sports. Certainly simple ones like running, powerlifting, swimming. Interestingly, although computers can beat any human at chess, they are not the best chess players and don't "know" everything. What I'm getting at is a strong chess player with the help of a chess engine, if he is adept at using it, can easily beat another stand alone chess engine. This is true even if the stand alone chess engine is thought to be a more powerful one. So it's interesting that humans and computers actually have different
  14. You are supposed to position it ahead of the ball, at a 45 degree angle back toward you. So in that photo, to the left of the ball holder, and rotated one quarter turn counter clockwise.
  15. I’ve done a fitting session at both Club Champion and Cool Clubs. I came away unimpressed with both and did not buy clubs. I think fitting is a lot like teaching — The reputation of the company is irrelevant, it’s all about the individual who is conducting the fitting,
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