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  1. Cabin Fever and eBay

    First, I’m kinda the same way as well. Second, the other winter I had a set of irons and some other clubs I wanted to sell on eBay. I thought if I list them now I might only have the warm states as my buyers so I decided to wait for spring. I guess that idea didn’t have any merit because the cabin fevor set might have even been more willing to buy them in winter.
  2. What sunscreen do you use?

    Regarding the photo you posted, I’m fairly sure any SPF above 30 does not provide any additional help. But it does feel ickier. So to start with I would just buy an SPF 30. Also, the aerosol kinds are supposed to be dangerous to inhale. Make sure you spray in a ventilated area (outside) and hold you breath.
  3. Games for Groups of Mixed Skill

    Alternate shot match with each guy who never plays paired up with one of the single digits could be funny. The middle handicap can be the ref.
  4. Iron Fitting or Lesson

    If you already have new irons that you want to use then the fitting still won't do much good. The most important parts of the fitting are what shafts you need and what club heads you need, and you already have both. Sure you can see if you need the lies bent, buts that's just one small aspect. You said your previous lie board test was inconsistent. Does that mean just as many were hit toe down as toe up? If that's the case I don't know what recommendation a fitter could give anyway. Lessons. And ask your lesson giver if he thinks the irons you bought are half decent for you.
  5. Iron Fitting or Lesson

    Normally I would be contrarian and entertain going for an iron fitting. From your OP however, I gather you only have $50 to spend so an iron fitting will do you no good whatsoever since you can’t afford to buy the irons. Therefore lessons.
  6. USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    You got me to look at the text more closely... “the hole being played” So that rules out using another fairway. Is the teeing ground considered fairway? Perhaps you could use that for the fairway reference point. You still may have a decent place to hit from nearer to where you lost the ball on the line connecting the two.
  7. USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Since you can’t follow the rule, perhaps this rule isn’t allowed if you haven’t reached the fairway? As a practical matter I think most players who haven’t reached the fairway would choose to hit another driver anyway.
  8. All the major game improvement irons are similarly forgiving and good. Search for “top 10 game improvement irons” or something. They do all have different tech involved for making them sound better/different, feel better, have thinner toplines and other aesthetics to suit particular tastes. So you’ll want to look at and hit several to decide which you like best.
  9. According to Lowest Score Wins putting is overrated, but it’s not that overrated. Nice irons though.
  10. Guy Drains 120 Footer for $100k

    Way more impressive than a half court 3 pointer.
  11. I hear ya, I was just throwing some stuff out there. I’d be surprised if 5-GW wasn’t the typical 8 iron set for the Rogue Xs I mentioned above. And you’d even start at 6 iron if you wanted to use more hybrids. One thought is that often the same number hybrid is a club longer than the iron. In many sets you would want to play both 4i and 4 hybrid for proper gapping. So maybe Callaway was trying to make that work properly for at least one set. Of course that is just one set out of about 8 so that doesn’t explain much. One thing about the M4s, as opposed to the Rogue Xs, is that because they don’t have that extra club it will be pretty hard to use 14 clubs in your set. You might need a chipper, a 64, or two drivers. That is exacerbated by the fact that many who play these irons won’t want to play lower lofted fairway woods, since they may have trouble getting more distance than with higher lofted woods. That implies to me that those really are for casual players and more serious golfers would want to stick to the likes of the G400, Ap1, etc.
  12. I just browsed some of the manufacturer’s sites and there are some curiosities going on. First of all, most GI/SGI irons don’t exhibit this so extremely. 21* is still the most popular 4 iron. The two companies with something funny going on are Callaway and TaylorMade. They each have 2 lines of SGI iron, one with the typical 21* 4 iron and one with an 18-19* 4 iron. And to my way of thinking, it’s the club marketed as MORE SGI that uses the weaker 4 iron. The Big Bertha (which I think of as Callaway’s flagship SGI name) uses a 21* but the Rogue X uses an 18.5*. Similar is Taylor Made’s M CGB (marketed as their SGI) with the weaker 4 iron vs their M4 with the super strong 4 iron. Further comparing the Rogue X vs the M4, there are differences in the way they arrange the set around that strong 4 iron. Rogue flat out seems to just label each iron with a lower number, then add a PW, GW, and an AW with lofts of typical 9i, PW, GW. The M4 on the other hand does not add an addition wedge and just spreads out the lofts down to a slightly strong 54* sand wedge.
  13. Using 8 clubs this year

    I think it's pretty helpful to have consecutive mid and short irons, but the long clubs and wedges can be minimalized. I think I could go Driver, hybrid, 5 - PW, SW with nary a hit to my scoring. But even fewer clubs could be a fun challenge, sure.
  14. Regular or stiff shafts?

    Stiff flex isn't an "upgrade", the appropriate shaft for you swing is. Whenever you are ready to get new irons make sure to do a fitting and you can try shafts with dozen of different weight and flex profiles.
  15. I wouldn’t be concerned with any of that. They are equally reputable companies and there is no reason to think one makes a better iron. Just because the Rogue “technology” is new, if that’s even true, does not mean it will explode in an airplane like an Android phone or something. You tried them, they worked, you liked them better. That’s all there is too it. If you’re concerned try them (and others) again and see if you get the same results.

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