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  1. allenc

    Funny Ads on The Sand Trap

    Obviously the add algorithm know I’m interested in sand traps. From this very page: https://imgur.com/gallery/rfd84Gu
  2. I find Cobra drivers come down in price faster than other brands. You only have to go one or two generations back to find one in excellent condition for around $100. Ping and Titleist come down the slowest. I’m using a Cobra driver right now and it’s just as good as anything else I’ve ever hit. If you’re shopping for used drivers, I’d put Cobra near the top.
  3. allenc

    My Swing (ncates00)

    Have you ever tried standing closer to the ball? You are much farther away than most. For me, standing closer promotes more fade and standing farther promotes more draw, so there is a chance that will help.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the bold. There are not many tricks you can do to shoot a much lower score or break 100 or whatever. You just need to play better! But if you have a terrible weakness you might shoot lower by playing around it. Constant OB drives: use a shorter club. Blading chips: putt from off the green. Etc. (I know you said you're finished Rec Golfer, I'm just speaking to the thread while using your last post.)
  5. allenc

    Golfing Tomorrow!!

    Sorry not to comment more than this but I'm just chiming in to say that the title of your post makes me happy.
  6. I mean, it is good advice to a specific player if he's said he can't hit his driver worth a damn. There are many 100 shooters who's driver is their best club, they just can't hit an iron without chunking or blading it. But for those who are about the same with all their clubs, the driver usually helps when you hit it well more than it hurts when you hit it bad.
  7. 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, 52, 58, putter, driver, 21* hybrid. That lowers my wedge count by one and takes out a lot of clubs I don’t usually hit the green with anyway.
  8. Very few mid handicappers can do something “magic” with any of their clubs. But if they can take their lob wedge and do exactly the same move as they might do with their sand wedge, then the ball will go higher and shorter, which is what they want. Also a 58 and a 60 are pretty close to the same thing.
  9. Excellent advice! That will give most people a great chance of breaking 100 and will be a lot more fun as well. Terrible advice! Someone who can already shoot 90 might still be able to break 100 this way, but not someone who can't break 100. They are going to sometimes hit their 130 yard club 50 yards. Even if they play well (for them) on a hole they might be on the green in 4 then 3 putt on a par 4. If they play the hole poorly it will be far worse. They'll never have a chance at a par. Those, and bogies, compensate for a lot of the big numbers. Distance just counts for so much. Again, this might be good advice for a 9 handicap to break 100 if his life depended on it, but not for a "breaking bad" player.
  10. allenc

    Players irons vs game improvement irons

    When you get them post pics and a video of you knocking down a flag with one of them.
  11. allenc

    People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    That's exactly me too. My GF will also fall asleep with a book in her hands. I have to specifically bring by reading or TV show to a conclusion before I can go to sleep. I watch to actually watch something specific, not just to have it on. And I'll worry about it being on all night if I don't turn it off.
  12. I'm not an expert at hitting it out of the sand or anything but I make a half decent hit a nice majority of the time. Sometimes pro style contact, sometimes a "chunk and run," sometimes a little thin to the back of the green. And I find hitting out of green side rough MUCH easier. Not even close on average. In my opinion you'd have to be a tour pro with a great bunker lie to think otherwise.
  13. allenc

    Paying for handicap scam

    I understand being put off at having to pay to have an official handicap, but how on earth do you think your handicap can be tracked without telling anybody your scores?
  14. allenc

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    DJ is a great putter. Tiger, on the other hand, is one of the worst putters I’ve ever seen.
  15. allenc

    Do I really need a rescue 3 H?

    You certainly don’t need it, but it would properly fill out your set.

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