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  1. Links at Lighthouse sound is the best of the ones I mentioned. Not an easy course but the views are incredible and it’s in immaculate shape. The price tag reflects that though. Man O war and Rum pointe are really nice too and more affordable.
  2. River Run is ok. Nothing to write home about. If you’re in the area check out Rum Pointe, Man O War, or Lighthouse Sound. All better than River Run but also a little pricier.
  3. The pro at my local club just called and said he spoke with Taylormade and they're going to replace the M2 3 wood with a brand new M4! Should be here in a week. Pretty happy with how this all turned out so far.
  4. mr47930


    I took lessons and it was one of the best/worst things i've done for my game. I never "learned" how to play golf, I was a baseball player all my life so swinging at a ball came somewhat natural. Over the years I had many bad habits that were engrained in my swing. I took lessons for an entire winter, every weekend for 6 months, it was a wedding gift from my wife. We made some minor tweaks to my swing that gave me a case of the shanks immediately. The first few lessons had me so screwed up that I thought about quitting and getting my money back. Slowly but surely everything started to cli
  5. Got a golf trip coming up in Ocean City, MD. The courses we're playing are: Rum Pointe, Man O' War, and The Links at Lighthouse Sound. Hoping for a nice streatch of dry weather. I've never played any of these courses but it looks like theres plenty of water around so i'll be sure to bring extra balls.
  6. Hole in 1 Broke 90 (lowest score was 81, so close!) Eagle
  7. I cant answer your question exactly but I went from the 2016 M1 to the M4 and I couldnt be happier. Maybe I had the settings on the M1 messed up but the M4 seems to go further, straighter and has a better sound and feel than the old M1. One thing I'm not so happy about is that I also have an M2 3 wood that cracked across the face. Currently working with Taylormade to get a warranty replacement so we'll see how that goes. The pro at my course said all of the clubmakers are making the faces so thin that its only a matter of time before they blow.
  8. mr47930


  9. Thanks. Hoping for good results. I’ll be pissed if they deny replacing it as I only had it for a year and 5 of those months were winter where it sat in the basement.
  10. I think you’re confusing me with one of the other replies. I had an M2 that I just bought brand new a year ago.
  11. Did you have to go through the same process? I've read of others working the issue themselves directly with TM customer service. I was a little confused as to why I had to take it back to my club pro, maybe its a standard thing who knows. About how long did it take? I'd hate to go on my upcomming golf trip without a 3 wood.
  12. Cracked the face of my 2017 Taylormade M2 3 wood. Called TM customer service and they said I have to take it back to where I bought it and let the club pro deal with the return. I just dropped it off at my local pro shop so we'll see what they say. Anyone ever have TM replace their clubs due to a break? Was hoping for a quick turnaround due to a golf trip coming up in a few weeks.
  13. Did anything ever come of your attempt to get TM to replace your 3W? Just asking because my 2017 M2 3W HL did this same exact thing yesterday. I called TM customer service and they said I had to take it back to where I bought it and let the club pro handle the return. I just dropped it off and am waiting to see what happens.
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