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  1. If there is any doubt, sign up anyways. You wont regret it. First class golf trip. The tournament aspect of it is for fun, but the main part is just hanging out with people you are golf nuts like you from all over the country. I have been fortunate to play some nice places with some TST members throughout the country when traveling for work. TST also members come down to Florida in the winter and I drive all over just to play with like minded people. Again, if you're lucky enough to get selected, its a very fair cost and for the amount of golf you get and the people you get to play with make it all worth it.
  2. Were you fitted for your gamer? Once I was fit for my Edel, I knew it was the last putter I'd ever buy. Ill send it in to be refinished in a few years, but as far as the specs and feel, I'm done changing putters. Wedges last 18-24 months, drivers are a lot alike if you hit the sweet spot. My irons are usually every 5 years.
  3. The wages for jobs are different in every country. Even from public golf caddies to exclusive private clubs its way different. I hate the argument that Kuch tried to take advantage of his caddie because he wasn't an American. So what, they guy could've not worked and plenty others would have lined up for what he was paid. I think the guy publishing this story has some sort of grudge with Kuch, which is hard to believe, because he seems like one of the nicest guys on tour. We just need a Bubba blow up, or Sergio murdering a bunker, or something Partick Reed related to get the golf world back in order 🙂
  4. I would love to play if I get my index back into single digits. Think of me as a last chance fill a spot kind of guy as I’d love to see others get a chance to play in the event.
  5. They have an incredible discount for military. A friend of mine redid his entire bag excluding putter for about 3k, which is similar to if he went with a Titleist or Ping.
  6. I don’t know the caddie but I know Dull’s 4 ball partner very well. Highly doubt a caddie sucker punched a competitor during a rain delay. Especially at as big of a stage as the Mid Am. I actually saw a Snapchat of Dull and a few other guys playing horse on a basketball hoop during the rain delay, so who knows. Dull can beat almost anyone with just a hybrid and will bet you he can, so I’m sure the guy was mad he wasn’t playing well or whatever. Having poor etiquette isn’t in the rules, so he probably wasn’t mentally strong enough to beat Dull regardless. I dont see the comment as advice.
  7. Yeah that one is going to hurt. Was traveling with work and so focused on NHL playoffs I completely forgot. Going to need a few big time lineups the rest of the season to get back into contention.
  8. I wish my real golf game was on fire like my fantasy picks.
  9. The longest set of irons I’ve owned is 5 years and the faces were very worn. They worked still, but the occasional flier and minimal check backspin on the green had me upgrade. It’s quicker with forged vs cast irons but it happens. Everything wears out at some point.
  10. Why pay 30k for a car when there are used cars for 2k? Why pay for a Rolex when you can have a timex? Why pay for first class tickets when you can ride on the same plane for 1/2 as much? Life is all about what you want. You don’t want to pay more than $85 for golf. Cool, I will play any golf course no matter the cost. But I don’t do it all the time. Typical rounds are 50-75 when I don’t play at the country club but even still I don’t flinch at a $200 round of golf because the quality/experience is typically much better. When it comes to golf courses “typically” you get what you pay for.
  11. I have been picking some good ones the last few weeks. Playing against my buddies in a 3 man fantasy pool and I’ve won a bit of money off of them.
  12. I noticed this a while ago. It used to be easier to see all of them in a ranking but now you have to go the player profile.
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