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  1. Pro Shop Hat Sales

    My club is 50/50 on logo vs brand. I typically wear visors and they carry the standard white and black titleist visor then I asked them to order 3 color variants of the club logo on Imperial visors. Everyone wears those now.
  2. I would prefer they be 30' back, even if they're "on the same line". If I'm putting and can see their feet it behind me doesn't per say bother me, but it's noticeable.
  3. Hype. I agree Taylormade has been doing this for a while. When I first saw the new irons I thought, hmm, they look a lot like the PXG irons but upon further research, it is the opposite.
  4. Hurricane IRMA

    It is a Cat 5 now, which is really bad. It's been a long time since Florida was hit by a Cat 5 storm. Usually, Cat 1-2 is just a few days off work and a lot of rain and wind, but nothing too bad. A Cat 5 can level entire cities. As @David in FL states, these things can turn crazy in a matter of hours, so by Thursday, there will be a better idea as to where it's going to hit. Best case scenario for Florida it spins off into the Atlantic or heads south to Mexico (still not great for Mexicans). Ive already seen a lot of friends posting pictures of grocery stores being wiped out of water and other supplies.
  5. Is your Summer slipping away?

    I play a ton but it did kind of dawn on me last week as the after work 18 rounds are getting tougher to finish.
  6. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

    I'm surprised they are in business. Sound doesn't move through bones like it does through the ear drums.
  7. Refinishing an Edel Putter

    How do you feel about black putter shafts? I know you're not a fan of changing the color of the head unless you were fitted in that color, but does the shaft play a role in alignment?
  8. Refinishing an Edel Putter

    That's not bad at all.
  9. Question for everyone with an Edel. Has anyone sent theirs back in to be refinished? Mine has 150ish rounds on it and the silver color has worn off on the bottom and edges of the toe from the headcover and use. A few very minor scratches and dings but just wanted to see if anyone has had their putter redone?
  10. Being Fit for an Edel Putter

    @RFKFREAK Sorry to hear the fitting didn't go as planned. Erik and I had a time getting everything right for my fitting but ultimately I knew I was going to get the best and the last putter I'll ever need....(That's what I told my wife lol). It took us a bit to get the laser to work right, but I didn't care if it took 30 mins or 3 hours but I had a flexible day. I agree I wouldn't use that fitter. I have a Golf Galaxy 2 hours away that does the fittings, but I flew to Buffalo for a work trip and was able to get over to Golf Evolution and get fitted by Erik because I knew I would be in good hands.
  11. Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    They'll wear out at some point. Thats the only reason why I change irons. I play 150x a year so for me its 4-5 years and I get a new set. At $200-250 a year spend thats not bad IMO.
  12. TaylorMade Fitting Experience

    A lot of guys at my club play both the Epic and M family. I hit them the same distance and got almost exact numbers but the muted sound of the M is what steered me to the Epic. Ask a lot of questions and just let the fitter guide you a bit. It will be a fun experience and amazing when you can pair numbers to a swing and see how the newer technology can help your game.
  13. Bethpage Black Bad Experience

    I've played it twice just walking up in the morning. Both times it was very nice and to @jamo's point I didn't have much interaction with the staff. Now I can see how easily a New Yorker can do a 180 on you and make life suck, but it just sounds like you had some pretty extreme circumstances. That sucks, but as busy as that place gets they tend to probably not give a crap if you enjoyed it or not.
  14. Do You Have Concealed Carry Permit...

    I have mine. I'm not sure you can carry in the casinos, can you? My dad and I always had a guard walk us out if someone has a big night. I usually leave mine in the car when we play cards in Tampa.
  15. I think the black originals are going to make their way into my locker.