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  1. I’m no rules buff, but wouldn’t you mark the ball, remove the stick, replace the ball and if it goes in it’s an eagle? Ive seen this happen where a ball stays in its pitch mark on a slope of a green. The guy marked, fixed the pitch mark, replaced his ball and picked up the coin before it started rolling.
  2. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Texed Erik, but I screwed it up on my last hole today. Didn't even realize I was that close. Had to take an unplayable lie on a par 5 on my 2nd shot and didn't hit my wedge lose enough to make the par save.
  3. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    I sleepuch better after a drink or two. I know studies have shown that to not be true, but there is a certain point where I can be knocked out for 7-8 hours no problem. No tv in our bedroom since we started dating so the only noise we have is a fan/wind noise maker for white noise in the bedroom. No lights or tv needed
  4. Mixed Bags Making A Comeback?

    Tiger plays what he wants. Every golf company would spend a fortune to have him play their stuff. Other guys play what they’re paid to play.
  5. My Swing (edhalsim)

    @edhalsim you and I are working on similar moves in shallowing the club, so Id love to keep seeing you post in your swing thread and together we can both shoot lower scores more consistently.
  6. Why all the underflex?

    As with 75%+ of new golfers. Go to any fitting day and most golfers do not swing the driver properly, so its very possible for a new golfer with any swing speed to generate 4500 spin with any kind of shaft.
  7. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I started out hot, but with guys like Ted Potter winning and DJ being so expensive this is much more challenging than Yahoo was last year....and I like it. I think missing a week is going to kill me this entire season unless I can start to put together some incredible lineups. I've gotten a separate game running for my local group of guys on the site too.
  8. I would say that no more than 15% of golfers actually get fitted for any of their clubs. By fitted, I mean being measured and using a loft/lie board. Golf companies thrive on the off the rack standard length lie sales. I might pay more, but I have to have a trackman if I get fit for anything these days. Im somewhat obsessive, however.
  9. Why all the underflex?

    Maybe they're beefing them up to help with egos and all the stiff flexes? My swing speed is similar to yours and I use an X Flex. I didn't realize they made a 2X flex unless you got into the long drive stuff.
  10. My Swing (edhalsim)

    I would look into Evolvr.com if you're looking for personalized online instruction at a very good value. It's about changing the picture for you, not so much conforming to the average golf swing.
  11. @kpaulhus open open open open open open open open open Probably mid-March or so? Signing up is just a way to keep apprised of things, it doesn't absolutely commit you to buying.
  12. Public Courses in Jacksonville

    I have not played Eagle Harbor as I didn't get over on the Orange Park side of the river often. I drove by it and it looked nice. I would rank St Johns and South Hampton over Cimmaron. They're about 3 minutes away from each other so it is easy to get 36 in at different courses.
  13. Public Courses in Jacksonville

    South Hampton, Cimmerron, Hyde Park, & St Johns off of Hwy 210 are all great public options.
  14. I will play Pebble. I don’t care what it costs. I’ve spent more chasing women in my younger years and I can tell you, it wasn’t anywhere near as scenic or time enjoyed than Pebble will be haha
  15. Streamsong Blue - A Review

    I had a great time. Next time we will have to play 36 with the Red and Black...when they don’t have those winter scalping rates. Either way the weather was great and our caddie was cool. Hope he sent you a swing video.

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