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  1. I love grilling steaks. I've cooked them caveman style right on the charcoal, a grate over my chimney starter, reverse sear, 700* grill, you name it I've done it. I haven't tried the sous vide method yet, but it's similar to a reverse sear in the oven then 30 seconds on a hot grill grate. My favorite cut is a big 3lb cowboy ribeye. I'll eat a filet at a steakhouse, but the ribeye is king when I'm grilling at home.
  2. Just to update you guys, the member guest tournament starts tomorrow and man they got the greens rolling fast. When I get back from my trip in 2 weeks I am going to get this round on the books so we can see what the true test is. Btw, here is a snapshot of my buddies scores. Granted, he hasn't hit a full 20 rounds yet, and he does pick up instead of taking an 8 or whatever he is allowed, so his index probably a bit lower than it should be.
  3. The mob of a gallery following him will make sure of it.
  4. I dont think Youtube will allow a video that long haha
  5. I also just pick up if I hit 2 OB during a casual round. Its a double bogey towards my handicap either way. After talking to @Golfingdad last night I am feeling that I am going to get screwed on this bet. He will be playing in a group with myself and two other decent players playing the same tees. He actually attested my 67 and witnessed my albatross last summer. We had a 14 stroke match play game going in which we tied, while I beat him by 32 strokes.
  6. Yes, but he picks up when he hits a double bogey or 7. I dont know why, because he is only cheating himself. He might be a 23 index, who knows. I have seen him shoot 93 before on a super easy course with no bunkers.
  7. I hit a hybrid onto that green and 3 putted in my Mid Am qualifier. And to your questio, no he would have to hit driver over. It is down hill but 250 is still mostly 250. The course this 20.1 will be playing isn't a run of the mill track. The LPGA hosts a tournament here for a reason.
  8. Summer rough. 250yd par 3...there is no laying up here.
  9. I personally liked Bella Colina and Tranquilo. Orange County is awesome for 36 since they have two different courses. Waldorf is like every other course you've ever played in Florida, but just perfectly manicured.
  10. I appreciate all of the replies. Now, let me preface this by saying I watched this golfer make a 19 on a par 5 because he couldn't reach the fairway, lost his ball in the rough short of the fairway. Re tee OB. Now hitting 5. Barely makes the fairway. Topped shot into a bunker. Chunked out. Pulled into a lake. Drop now hitting 10. Shank into a creek on other side of fairway. Drop now hitting 12. Wedge into greenside bunker, 13 is a chunk out that catches the wrong slope on the green and rolls back to 78 yards, chunked 14 3 ft. 15 finally on the green but 100 ft away. 4 putts later for a 19. There will be no less than 4-5 carts of audience following him on every shot to emulate pressure. My biggest concern is he will not be trying to shoot his best score, but instead have already done the math on how to manage his score to less than 126. He never takes a bet unless it's heavily in his favor. If I were a huge ass I could ask the super to set up some tough pins that day, and our rough is already cut to 2 3/4 inches deep, so maybe pick a Thursday or Sunday where they haven't been able to mow and it will be 3.5-4" deep and wet. Our green run 11-12 most of the summer, but his swing will be in summer form. It's a toss up really. Will be fun to watch
  11. So with the recent threads about the US Open Local qualifying, and my own personal experience in a USGA qualifying round, my group text full of golfers is buzzing every day. Guys with + handicaps are not breaking 80, so for anyone who is sane that just magnifies how hard it really is. I posted about the "pro" who shot 127. My friend who is a 20.1 index says he could break 127 on that course. He is clearly delusional because he doesn't understand how hard these courses are set up. The length is daunting. The rough is literally rough. He thinks he can manage his game to a sub 126 round. Of course all of the trash talk as stemmed into a bet, one foot on the back of the furthest tee box (7000 yards so he still has a 200-400 yard advantage). In June or July when our rough is the thickets. Has to walk. No laser. Its quite funny but he just doesn't understand. What are your thoughts?
  12. Honestly, I just did a trip in Orlando and am from Tampa. This was my 3rd Orlando golf trip Of the 6 rounds we played Waldorf was the most expensive and least thrilling. If you can change your itinerary just let me know and I can steer you in the right direction. Waldorf was $175 a round, and beers were so expensive I vowed to just stay sober.
  13. You and I must know the same guy. 20.7 handicap index...has no clue what a tournament setup is like. Putting greens are lightning fast and the rough is thicker than a south boston accent.
  14. You'll be fine about the letter. I shot 87 last year in the Mid Am qualifier on a par 72 and still haven't received a letter. Tournament golf is a whole different animal. It is amazing how much your emotions come into play. Last year I hit a 255 yd 4 iron off the first tee through the fairway. I was amped up. Huge relief when you walk off that first green and really get to focus.
  15. I shot an 86 with a 13 on my card in the club championship last year. 3 balls OB off the tee, spin a wedge back off the green into the water. 2 putt.