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  1. Yes, yes, yes. The hotel is worth $300 a night alone.
  2. Looks like a mid size staff bag or cart bag. If you wanted a price, I would pay $250 for something like that, but eBay is your friend. $600 is too much unless it's a tour full size staff bag
  3. I would look at the Titleist CBs, or Mizuno JPX900tour for more recent irons. Offset, while not the most appealing to look at, offers more forgiveness.
  4. How much golf have you played in the last decade that you have the same wedges? Vokeys are forged and therefore wear. I get a new set of wedges every other year and I play close to 200 rounds a year. Groove tools work for about 3 rounds tops. Wedges are not like putters. I don't hit into the ground aggressively with my putter like I do a wedge approach shot.
  5. This thread kind of gets me questioning if what I am doing is making me better or not. Last year this time I was a 2.7 index signing up for the Mid-Am, this year, I am hovering around a 6 index, but I wonder if it was just a really hot streak of golf last summer. For example, I only hit 3 fairways and 5 greens in regulation today, but instead of making a bunch of doubles I managed to save bogey all but once shooting an 81. I did have 2 birdies. I think mentally I am in a much better place on the golf course now versus last year, but mechanically I am a bit off as far as my swing goes. I can say if I stay around a 5-6 index, or better, until December, then this will be my best year of golf ever. We will see how things go as the tournament schedule ahead gets closer.
  6. Well, it cost him $140 to walk my course, and he won $150, so he got a free round and a beer on the 3 of us that bet him.
  7. I was just hoping to prove the math wrong for once.
  8. 212, 227, 200, 165 (hit a 6 iron I think), 235
  9. 74.4 142. He had a 12 on a par 4 and a 10 on a par 5. Other than that he was 50-60 yards shorter off the tee and played for double bogey at worst. Took 4 hours and 20 mins. Hit driver on every par 3 and somehow got them to stop on the green. He laid up from 130 on 18 just to be an asshole about it then 3 putted for an 8.
  10. 20 index ended up shooting 59-51 for a 110. He made quite a few bogies on the back on some pretty tough holes.
  11. Best I have ever done is birdies on the first 4 holes, par, then bogey the last 4 holes for an even side. I did make 2 more birdies on the back to shoot 3 over, but it was a pretty up and down day.
  12. I've used the Vice Pro balls and love them. I found a Snell ball and used it for one hole before I lost it, so I ccan'tgive an honest review. They do have great reviews, however.
  13. Buy that right now!
  14. $646 for a Large Egg is a great deal. All you really need is a stand and the plate setter, so if you can be out the door under $900 that is a huge deal. I got mine with a bunch of eggsessories for $1100 and paid cash so they cut uncle sam out of the deal.