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  1. "Putter Stinger" All kinds of Awesome!

    Idk if putters are put together well enough to withstand more than a couple swings like that. Not saying they will fall apart, but would be interesting to see at what point it bent.
  2. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    Jacked and gaining muscle mass are two different things, though. I can attest to benching 405 and deadlifting 600 in college. I dabbled with the juice once. It’s incredible. It’s banned for a reason. Literally everyday wake up and bench 405 no recovery period needed. Even a scrape on your elbow heals faster because of it. Regarding the announcers talking about linebacker builds, nobody on the PGA tour looks like a linebacker. It’s blown out of perspective but gets viewers and internet forms buzzing about how jacked Rory is. On the topic of speed and hitting it far, I have a buddy who weighs 110lbs less than I do and he can outdrive me with a 3 wood. Speed is a god given talent you’re born with. Some guys train their whole lives and never achieve the speed another guy is just naturally born with. You can increase your numbers, but it’s not as easy as going to the gym and stretching. For reference, I’m 6’3 270 lbs at the moment. Per what @saevel25 said, I’ve been 270lbs with a 40” waist and a 36” waist, completely different looks.
  3. My Swing (kpaulhus)

    Yes, waiting for my return video right now on evolvr. I can see how the hip turn in the backswing would help shallow me out. I am steep in the back swing and then feel like I drop the club into the slot in th downswing. Problem is I’m handsy and that clubface can come in really closed for the hooks
  4. How long is your golf commute?

    I walk out of my back fence onto the 8th tee. Its pretty nice.
  5. My Swing (kpaulhus)

    Bumping this thread as the game is slipping again. My swing has changed a bit in the last 6 months and Im trying to get my fundamentals back in shape. Just looking at these swings my left arm is very bent at impact. Its become a handsy timing kind of swing which is why my big miss right now is a nasty toe hook. Cant really make a GIR or birdies when Im constantly reloading off the tee. I look like I'm jumping into the ball and sliding again instead of turning my hips.
  6. Tasty One Top

    As much as I cook, I feel like I could use one. Its pretty cool.
  7. Reviews - Frogger Golf Accessories

    Ratings (out of 5): Latch-It System Quality: 4 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 4 Innovation: 5 The Gear (Towel, Brush, Phone Holder, and Gear Holder) Quality: 5 Value: 3.5 Effectiveness: 4 My Review: As if the cool tee package from the Newport Cup couldn’t get any better, we all were given some great stuff from Frogger Golf. In the package was a club/groove brush, a cell phone holder, a players towel, and a rangefinder/laser holder. Frogger Golf has a new attachment device called Latch-It. The Latch-It system is pretty unique and uses strong magnets when it comes to sticking to your bag or the golf cart (see below). The Towel is pretty standard when it comes to golf towels, however, it has a ring in the corner where it won’t tear from excessive use, and with the Latch-It functionality, it is easy to pull off when walking to a green or the range. I know some guys like to carry a towel to the green in the mornings to wipe the dew off their ball or rest a wedge. The Frogger Golf players towel is easy to pull off the Latch-It system, then when you walk back to the cart you can almost toss it at your bag and it will latch itself back on. No need to worry about your towel falling off the bag when you’re driving away, and with it only attaching in one corner, it actually lets it wave in the wind so it stays pretty dry all round. I found the Frogger Golf players towel to be the coolest and most used of the Frogger accessories that we received. The second best and most used product Frogger Golf provided us was the laser/rangefinder clip. There is a trend of new innovation where you strap magnets onto your rangefinder with a beer coozie type material and it sticks to the metal rails on the golf cart. With the Latch-It system provided from Frogger Golf, you don’t need a metal rail for it to stick. I alternate between walking and using a push cart, and a normal golf cart. It's easy to move the Frogger Golf range finder holder from one to the next in seconds. The Latch-It system uses strong Velcro straps so it is not going to fall off whether it's on a bumpy cart or me swinging my golf bag onto my shoulder. I will say that the very bumpy transition from cart path to fairway or even crossing a residential road in the golf cart would shake everything quite a bit. The Frogger Golf Latch-It has yet to come loose or fall off. I don’t even use the special locking mechanism. You can spin the attachment so the Latch-It system will not come off no matter how hard you pull on it. I haven’t felt the need to use it yet since the regular magnetic connection works so well. The Frogger Golf brush is nothing new to me. I’ve used several of them in the past and they work great or a golf season and a half, then its time to replace. The one we received has a replacement brush so this one will last at least 2 golf seasons. The flip out groove cleaner works well. Latch-It technology is used again which is nice because usually, you have to bend over awkwardly to scrape off your club, the old zip cord type system could fail, and you don’t want to brush grass and dirt onto your golf bag. It comes off easy, quick brushing, right back on with no trouble. There is nothing flimsy about all of the Frogger Golf equipment. Even when putting your bag on the back of a cart, sometimes bag tags or towel rings get ripped off from your riding partners bag, but you don’t have to worry about that with these accessories. The connections are “plastic”, however, it is pretty sturdy stuff and would hold against most except maybe a cart on cart collision. Lastly, the Frogger Golf cell phone holder. I really thought this was going to be a pretty cool feature to be able to park a cart at the end of the range or on the course and video my swing with my cell phone, however, my iPhone 7+ with a thin case doesn’t fit. It fits without the case off, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of taking it on and off. I typically like to keep my phone in my bag or on the sides of the cart where you put your car keys. That’s my only gripe about all of the Frogger Golf accessories, even though it says right on the packaging “fits most phones with thin cases” mine was just a little too big. Im sure by now you can tell that I really like all the Frogger Golf accessories and the innovative Latch-It technology they created. It was something that I have lived without up until this point, but it is very nice to have. It's simpler where I don’t have to worry about losing stuff from my golf bag, and very useful when I know exactly where my rangefinder is when I’m pulling up to hit a shot.
  8. Reviews - TRUE Linkswear Elements Pro

    Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Comfort: 5 Durability: 3 My Review I really like what True Linkswear has done with this shoe and the progress the company has made recently. I had a pair from the last Newport Cup in 2015 and they started to leak within 3 months and basically wore away. I don't see that happening to the Elements. I ordered a size 12, same as my running shoes and Footjoys, and they fit like a glove. They have plenty of grip with the spikes and I walk 36 holes without sore feet. They look sharp, however, my next pair I wouldn't go with white. They do show sweat marks and mud very easy. Kind of hard to clean since they're so good at being waterproof. I stepped in some mud looking for a tee shot and it's been hard to try to get them white again. Either way, still an awesome golf shoe. Mud stain below:
  9. Reviews - Mission Canvas Belts

    Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 My Review: I’m a huge fan of Mission Belts. Not only do they donate some proceeds to charity, they put out quality, affordable, innovative belts. The new Red & Gray canvas belts I received at this year’s Newport Cup where my 5th and 6th belt. I have bought a few on my own and have one from the 2015 Newport Cup. Below you can see that the buckles standard finishes hold up well. The gold and silver ones do show wear, but I’ve had these for over 3-4 years and wear them daily. Not too many sub $40 belts can do what these have done. I love that if I have a big weekend and am a bit full I can wear the belt no problem. Same goes for when I diet for months and lose 10-15lbs. Same belt no matter what. It always fits! The new canvas material is really cool. It doesn’t scratch like leather and feels pretty nice as well. I recommend these belts to all my friends and anyone who is reading this. You won’t be disappointed.
  10. Talamore & Mid-South Golf & Lodging Ratings (out of 5): Lodging Quality: 4.5 Value: 5 Location: 5 Talamore Golf Course Quality: 3.5 (see below) Value: 4 Conditioning: 3.5 Layout: 4 Setting: 4 Mid-South Golf Course Quality: 5 Value: 4 Conditioning: 5 Layout: 5 Setting: 5 Talamore Villa’s My Review I really enjoyed the Talamore & Mid-South golf course and lodging. First, the lodging was great. It didn’t have a Pebble Beach view and the food wasn’t knock out of the park but it was perfect for a great golf trip. Nobody on the trip was a big-time golf snob, so no complaints (other than the eggs at breakfast). The rental unit had 3 bedrooms with 2 beds each, and a living room with a couch. We had 3 bathrooms so never had to wait to do our morning routine. Breakfast was provided to us each day. Kind of your standard Residence Inn hot breakfast. We ate lunch at both resorts and while the food was better at Mid-South, it took over an hour for some guys to get lunch. Make sure you stop by the halfway house instead. Talamore Golf Course – Interesting layout. Cool options where you could play the same par 3 from a completely different tee once day to the next. I think having played the course twice now I would enjoy it more than I did. You have to know where to hit the ball and can cut off a lot of the doglegs, but again, have to know where to hit it. The greens were still newer and while in pretty good shape they were a bit firmer than I was ready for. Should’ve expected it, but going from firm to soft from morning to afternoon can mess with any player. Mid-South was my favorite of the two. More of a straight forward “Pinehurst area” kind of course. Lots of pine needles, soft bunkers, and great conditions. The greens were pretty quick, but you could really score if you kept the ball in the short grass. With that said, you could still find your way around the course even in the trees every so often. It made me use every club in my bag off the tee with some long par 4’s and some short. I could play Mid-South everyday as a member if I lived in the area. The issue with the lunch speed of delivery would really be the biggest blemish on the whole facility.
  11. Ping Golf Clothing Ratings (out of 5): Polos Quality: 5 Value: 5 Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 4 Pants and Shorts Quality: 5 Value: 4 Comfort: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Hat Quality: 5 Value: 4 Comfort: 3 Aesthetic Appeal: 4 My Review I was really excited to get the Ping gear at this year’s Newport Cup. The red team had the cooler of the team uniforms (even if Mike looked like Super Mario). The all red look is great. Out of the 3 Polos, there are 2 that I think I'll wear often and the two-tone probably less. Only reason being you can somewhat feel the line in the material where the two colors were sewn together. The red pants are amazing. I plan on wearing those on the select few cold days in Florida. Since the Newport Cup, I actually have worn the gray pants 3 times in business meetings and received compliments on how they looked and fit. It’s a nice business casual pant that moves with you and you can go straight to the course after work knowing the pants are going to be comfortable. The shorts are like most other top golf companies with a great fit and they include an elastic waistband that helps keep your golf shirt tucked in during the round. (I’m actually wearing them as I type this review) The Ping hat looks great. I really liked the leather stamping on the front. It kind of reminds me of a southern California surfing brand. The only reason I gave it a 3 is because I have a huge head. Not all “one size fits all” fits my head. Can't really knock Ping for that, though.
  12. Pitchfix Repair Tool and Ball Marker Accessories Ratings (out of 5): Hybrid 2.0 Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 4 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 Fusion 2.5 Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 3 Aesthetic Appeal: 3 Hat Clip Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 5 My Review I was pretty impressed with the repair/marking tools from Pitchfix. You always see this kind of ball mark repair tools given away at charity scrambles, and they’re usually crap. They break mid opening, fall apart in your pocket, screws come loose. You know what Im talking about. Well, the Pitchfix brand is top notch. It almost feels like the golf version of a Swiss army knife. Im one of those guys that fights a lot while others are putting and I kept finding myself hitting the button to activate the switchblade-like open feature of the pitchfix. Over the course of 5 rounds, I did this at least 3-4 times on every green. The tool isn’t loose and works the same every time. Very effective in getting the greens back in top shape. I prefer the 2.0 version to the 2.5 version just because the 3 prongs (which are super strong, not flimsy plastic) weren’t as aesthetically appealing to me. In the past, I would usually have a plastic tee, my metal ball mark repair tool, and some sort of coin to mark with. Now I just have the Pitchfix and a tee. The magnetic ball markers given to us had the 2017 Newport Cup logos on them, but if you lose one (like I did during the first round) you can put any normal sized ball marker on there. Pitchfix isn’t going to break the bank and you get a quality golf accessory. Lastly, I’m not a big hat clip guy, however, sometimes you have to toss a ball marker to your dumb buddy who forgot to get one out of his bag. The hat clip is so sleek you don’t even realize its there until you go to adjust the bill of your hat. Strong magnet and the low-profile design has earned the Pitchfix hat clip a spot on one of my regularly worn visors.
  13. Reviews - Snell My Tour Ball

    Snell My Tour Ball Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 4 Durability: 5 Aesthetic Appeal: 2 My Review I might be the only one to write a review like this and I will have to say I just am not a fan of the Snell Ball. No reason why really. I think it’s the logo. The ball performs just as good as most premium balls. It spins, still goes long off the tee, it’s a value versus other golf balls. It’s an all-around great golf ball. The dimple pattern looks like a Callaway and I’ve always been a Titleist or Taylormade guy, so who knows. I can’t say anything bad about the golf ball. Plenty of guys I know like it and I’ll play it if I find one or they’re gifted to me. Maybe it’s a confidence thing when looking at the ball. Who knows.
  14. Mine were only $30 more than a normal wedge. The fitting alone was worth $75.
  15. 5 years after reading into this topic, I finally can say I've got bounce. Unfortunately, Im traveling for work all week and won't be able to use them until Saturday. Im pumped, either way, knowing they're exactly what I need and should be perfect from the very first swing. Not a great picture as my wife sent them to me from unboxing today at home. Zoey, Harper, and Jax are my 3 dogs. Thats one condition my wife had when I was fitted. I think they look great.

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