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  1. It looks like you dont have any issue creating power, so thats a plus. As @DaveP043 mentioned a slowed down version with the camera in the proper position and the "my swing thread masters" get you fixed right up with some tips.
  2. Age: 29Height: 6' 3" Where are you from: Tampa, FL How long have you been playing: ~11 years Best Score: 67 (Par 71) The Creeks Golf CourseFavorite club in the bag: Edel PutterGolf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Lowest Score WinsWhere do you play: Pinnacle Country Club - Rogers, ARBest courses you've played so far: TPC Sawgrass, Bay Hill, Bethpage Black, Buffalo Ridge (Branson, MO)Things you enjoy most about golf: I like the trash talking between buddies and gambling on the course (Does your husband play golf?)Goals for 2017: I would like to repeat as a Newport Cup participant, and shoot under par twice this year.
  3. If I willingly move to an island in the middle of the Mississippi River you can bet that salary would rival Trump's lol
  4. Arkansas makes an appearance.
  5. I'm probably a later pick for either side...but hoping to know what that side is in the next few weeks.
  6. Uh, yeah. you pay the $175 and that covers everything except a cart.
  7. You need to check out Evolvr. They're online and can work some magic for a fraction of the cost of a normal coach.
  8. Having grown up in Florida, a 5 hour public isnt too far fetched. 6 hours is miserable. My advice is to find a private or semi private club and while it costs a bit more, everything is included, especially the sub 4 hour rounds. If/when I move home, Ill give 4-5 public courses a chance and I can bet you Ill be joining a private club. It all depends on the location, quality of course, and the group of guys that are currently playing there.
  9. @Divotmaker77 is correct as far as their history of product releases. I bought the 710 CBs a when they came out and they finally wore out and I upgraded to the 716 AP2. Its a solid club but sometimes I miss the sleeker look of the CBs.
  10. I was able to do this on the range last night. A little towards the heel. Might have just been yesterday's range session since swing changes are still happening. Nice push draw shots so not anything really to worry about. Brand new range balls so I felt like a vandal putting a sharpie on them haha
  11. Maybe I can put a shoe insole on the grass and that will keep the swing clean but still able to get a normal descending blow on the ball. Ill play around with it. I want a flight scope and nice indoor hitting bay when I grow up.
  12. Ill have to do this tomorrow on the range.
  13. If I were good enough to work my way on tour, Id try and go the old school way of qualifying for the US Open, so that would be 6 tourneys including my Top 5 favorite (for a rookie) Sanderson Farms, Harbour Town, Phoenix Open, Sony, and the Puerto Rico Open.
  14. I have wondered this too. Maybe he had Callaway build a few to his specs as backups? As often as he plays and uses that club Im surprised it hasn't been worn out.
  15. This is interesting because the LPGA comes to my course and they dont really do anything special to the range. They do move them all the way back and try to inch them forward so they dont rip up the whole range, but I would say 50% of our 75yd long practice tee is beat up. All grows back within a few weeks, but we dont notice because they will move the members up to the fresh grass and keep moving us around until its all healthy.