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  1. These are getting really good! Glad I got mine out there because I think they're only going to get better.
  2. If he wants to play from 200 yards every hole who cares. If it makes him a better golfer and enjoy the game more good for him. I wouldn't golf with someone that does this, but to each his own.
  3. I have one autograph. Phil on my TPC Sawgrass flag. He was in the parking lot before his practice round and me and two buddies where the only one there. It was very easy to say, good luck, can I have your autograph and he did it. Never would imagine trying to push through people to get an autograph. Its just dumb. If you buy something with someones autograph on it and pay more than sticker price, that too, is dumb IMO.
  4. I dont know where Ill be in 6 months, so my video applies to both captains. I should know before April, however. I had fun filming and editing this video with my wife. Still wanted to post it for fun and to give some other guys some good production ideas. Shoe 12 in FootJoy Pant Size 38 Shit size XL
  5. Yeah I kinda screwed myself with DJ on the bench this week
  6. I am filming my video after work today. Will try to post it tonight.
  7. It was 30 this morning but with highs in the 70's the next 10 days things are looking up! Been a very light winter other than some blistering cold days. Only one day were we got a very light dusting of snow.
  8. We dont celebrate Valentines. We're cooking dinner at home and watching a movie.
  9. I think as your swing and form improves by doing the slow work, your swing will develop a pattern that allows you to swing hard or easy and still maintain the right form. There are times when you can benefit by hitting a huge drive and carrying a hazard or bunker. If your swing is good, it should still hold pretty true when you swing harder. I wouldn't recommend it every swing, but a few times a round.
  10. This is going to be fun. Ill try to make my video over the next week since the weather is going to be good
  11. I bought my first brand new car last year. I am 35% based on what I paid/salary. The nice part, however, is my car allowance covers the payment and wear and tear, so technically I dont have a car payment. (my company does have pretty strict requirements for cars)
  12. Thats true. I think making all singles matches 4pts vs standard 3 would impact the total weight of scoring in the right way. I mean in the WGC they dont play a Nassau, so maybe we go Nassau for all team rounds and singles is strictly a 4pt match.
  13. I like this. Based on 2015, though, there were not many running the table. I agree on no half points for singles. If you are tied after 9 holes, then the back 9 is worth it all.
  14. 1. I was surprised at how well we all got along right from the start. The swag from Ping and Linksoul were icing on the cake for sure. That really took the Newport Cup over the top....last thing that surprised me was how patient @mchepp was with me during our team match. I did some dumb stuff that round. I would say chipping out of the woods into a lake was probably the "Not top 10" play of the week. 2. I liked all the formats. I would say the first day out in foursomes was a bit nerve racking because I didnt want to let the team down and lose my match. I liked singles. @GolfLug and I had a great match. 3. I would say @DaveP043 would be the toughest opponent in my opinion. Dave has a super steady tempo and you know when he turns his hips that drive is going right down the middle. The best part about Dave is maybe the unintentional head games haha. You'd hit one bad shot and knew Dave was going to make par and win the hole, and he would say something to the tune of "you'll get it next hole" 4. The handicapping was very fair. I think I had to give 1 shot in my matches, and it was a tie most of the time. I didnt witness any huge blow out matches. 5. I am going to take the honor of fastest player. @mvmac even had to tell me to take my time, maybe a practice swing or two. I've always been one to turn a nice 9 hole round into a 40 min race. 6. Longest drivers of the trip were probably @SavvySwede or @saevel25. If we each had 3 drives I think I could "keep up" with them, but Matt and Vince are much longer on a more consistent basis. Shortest drive stats was probably @Club Rat, but he never hit it long and OB. He was in most holes throughout the week. 7. This is a tough one. I have no problem downing a 6pk on the front 9 and still shooting around 3 or 4 over. I think if you put myself and @DaveP043 in a bar and the drink of choice was those heavier beers he likes, he would crush me. If we went whiskey and diet I could put a ton down. Either way, not sure if that's an accomplishment but I can handle a lot of booze and still play relatively close to my handicap.