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  1. Got you, guess it helps them sell more clubs. I'm not in any rush to upgrade, I've been knocking it about with an old set of blades too. I figure if I can dial my ball striking in on less forgiving clubs , that's only gonna help me in the long run. I'm striking all my irons pretty well really. Persimmon woods, not so much yet
  2. So is my 5iron more like a 6iron then? Is that about right? I know it doesn't really matter, as long as I know how far I hit "my clubs" . Just curious
  3. I have a set of ram accubar irons I think they were made between years 80 and 82. Would these generally be shorter shafted and more lofted than a set of more modern clubs? Like If the same guy , same swing etc used an older 80s 5i then a newer 5i would you generally expect him to hit the new one further? Thanks Sam
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