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  1. Thank you for feedback! Turns out I waited too long and the 200s I was looking at are gone lol. That is good to hear though and confirms what I was thinking so will keep that in mind when the next deal comes around. Thanks again!
  2. Curious what thoughts people have on used sets of Ping i200 vs i210s. I wasn't necessarily in the market for irons but hit some i210s at a pga superstore a few weeks back and fell in love with them. I have not hit the 200s...but from what I've read and seen they look very similar. I typically buy used sets...cost is not necessarily a concern its more of a peace of mind thing and i200 fall more in line with what I'm comfortable spending. I have no problem spending more money though if the i210s are worth it. Everything I've read or watched has basically sounded like this: "If you're in the market for an iron set and choosing between the two buy the i210 as they're preferred and are some improvements over the i200. But if you already own the i200 its really not worth it as they're very similar." Several videos I've watched where you tubers were testing the two and the stats side by side confirmed the same thing. My other dilemma is per Ping's color charts I fall into the red color code, and there's not as much used inventory on those out there as say a black. So when I find a good deal on either which I think I have (i200) I really want to jump on it...but part of me thinks I won't be happy unless I get the i210. Given what I'd be upgrading from, I'm sure I'd be happy with either. So just curious...anyone else battled with something like this lol? Or have guidance/input on which way to go? I have never been fitted and doubt I will go that route...so just putting that out there too. Thanks! JB
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